How to download Top 5 VTU mobile app in Nigeria

VTU business is no doubt one of the fastest-growing business in Nigeria Today. In the past, we are used to buying recharge cards from a physical vendor but now everything has moved online. Now we will be looking at the VTU mobile app in Nigeria

As people move to this business, the question now is which platform is trusted?

Here are the list of  top  5 VTU mobile app in Nigeria that have proven themselves legit, which means you can buy Airtime, Data Subscriptions, Electricity, Education, and TV Cables conveniently with ease.

Let Give you an understanding mine of this vtu business in Nigeria

  • Paybills
  • Vtpass
  • 1app
  • IRecharge
  • NowNow


PayBills is one of the best VTU mobile app available on playstore. It has gained the interest of many users with its super-fast transactions. You can buy airtime, data subscriptions, electricity, education (WAEC, NECO pin), TV Cables, etc.

PayBills has 4 different options to fund your wallet which makes life easier for its users, Bank Transfer (Instant), USSD, Card, Fund with Account.

Now click to Download  Paybills App


Another amazing VTU app in Nigeria is VTPASS. This platform has lots of features with mouth-watering commission rates for their agents. You can buy airtime, data subscription, electricity, Education, TV Cables, Bulk SMS, insurance, and lots more on VTpass.

VTpass has thousands of downloads on Google Playstore with nice user reviews which makes it one of the trusted vtu platform

Now click to Download  Vtpass App


1app is another amazing VTU app in Nigeria to buy your day to day services. It has a very clean and nice UI with lots of features. You can transfer money from your wallet to your local bank without any delay

Now click to Download 1app


IRecharge is one of the best VTU apps with lots of VTU services. You can buy airtime, data subscription, electricity, Education, Electricity and TV Cables and also transfer.

You can fund your wallet with card, ussd and bank transfer on IRecharge making life easier for you.

Now click to Download IRecharge App


NowNow is another amazing VTU app in Nigeria. You can buy AL VTU services on this platform. Another cool feature of NowNow is you can scan a QR code to send and receive money which makes transactions faster.

Now click to Download  NowNow App

Advantages of starting a VTU business in Nigeria

Ever considered starting a VTU business? A few years back, the well-known way of loading a phone with airtime or credit is by buying a recharge card. Then loading it on your phone with a USSD code. According to NCC, we have over 165 million active GSM LINES in Nigeria as of September 2018. 

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Nigerians spent 767.23 billion Naira on airtime in three months by a study conducted between November 2018 and January 2019.  With that kind of active customer base, accessibility is usually a major issue. This is why these users are leaning towards a more convenient way of topping up their airtime.

We now have a new innovative and more effective approach to VTU Vending. This has taken care of the demerits of the orthodox way (SIM loaded VTU) of vending Virtual Top Ups. However, with digitization, came the need to evolve the traditional way of Airtime Recharge, Data Bundles, Utility Bills like Electricity bills, and Cable subscriptions. The VTU way involves a vendor digitally crediting the phone directly. There are no hassles over card or USSD code. 

The customer will receive a direct alert telling him his phone has been recharged. Before we delve more into the benefits of a VTU business. Let’s get to know what a VTU is:

What’s a VTU?

VTU is also known as Virtual Top Up. Virtual top-up is a digital way of selling airtime or credit automatically. VTU is different from the traditional way of recharging which involves a recharge card or a USSD code.

Virtual Top Up, therefore, is a digital way of selling airtime credit automatically. It involves providing data bundles, (MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile) recharge cards, TV subscriptions, and others with any amount you have in your bank account. When the transaction is completed you will receive a message that your line has been credited.

VTU mobile app
VTU mobile app

Apart from the fact that VTU offers convenience, it is easy to start. The first step is to have an internet-enabled phone. The phone can be 2 or three depending on the number of services you want to use. Then download the VTU application, where you can credit airtime to a third party.

The materials needed:

  • PC or Smartphone
  • Mobile Banking App or Debit Card (ATM card)
  • Google Drive App
  • And the Virtual Top Up Vending PACK.

Advantages of VTU Business

The VTU business is easy to start which is a huge benefit. Here are some other benefits of starting a VTU Business:

  • The good thing about the VTU business is that you can do the vending business without essentially having any CERTIFICATE, COMPUTER, HUGE CAPITAL, or necessarily having a WEBSITE/BLOG. Yes, it’s that easy. It all can start with just an Internet-enabled smartphone.
  • Starting a VTU business is not capital intensive. Unlike most businesses, VTU mobile application business does not require a very huge capital.   The good thing about starting a VTU business is you can begin with a capital as low as N1,000 – N7,000.
  • VTU business can be done anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. It does not require full operational staff. It can be an independent-owned business managed by you. There is no need for an official residency unless you are looking to expand and take it to the next level. Or if you want to create an impression so you can attract more customers you can rent a shop. If you are looking to have a physical location, ensure you choose an area that enhances the profitability of your business.
  • Also, a VTU business does not require you to have large equipment to effectively do it. It is a very smart way of doing business because you don’t even need to carry paper or recharge cards.  You only need to have a smartphone, where you can conduct your business and credit third parties. You can either possess ei 2-4 phones to put all the SIM cards inside.
  • A VTU is very lucrative. As a VTU Reseller on Mobile Airtime NG`, you get at least a 3% DISCOUNT on your airtime purchase. So, let’s say you only sell just a VTU per day, this means you get 3% in 2 days (how can a vendor sell one airtime daily? this is really the worst case! Airtime recharge is bought daily). You will also earn a daily dividend: You will be earning from the recharge & data subscription of your direct and indirect down lines for life.
  • Since a VTU business does need to have a physical location, you utilize social media. The power of social media cannot be overemphasized. You can leverage social media to promote your business. You can build a very attractive and informative website that will attract customers and also advertise on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


In recent years, the internet has grown tremendously into a bank stream of business opportunities, and many small businesses are run digitally. There is no need for a physical location these days, all you need is to get the app and that is what this VTU mobile app will help you in. Starting up a VTU (Virtual Top Up) business is just one way in which you can easily run a business on the side while still holding up a 9-5 job. It’s not capital intensive or does it require so much time for it to run effectively.

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