Uruan Local Government Area: List of Villages in Uruan L.G.A and their District


Uruan Local Government Area  is located in the south of Nigeria and is a Local Government Area of the Akwa Ibom State


Uruan Local Government Area was created in 1988 from the Uyo Local Government Area. It covers an approximate land mass of 449 km2. Its population, according to the 2016 Census is about 164,000

Social Life

The Capital City of Uruan Local Government Area is Idu 

Uruan Local Government Area
Uruan Local Government Area

The area lies in the rain forest belt with extensive arable land and the region abounds with the wildlife, raffia palm and timber. The rich coastal plains support the cultivation of crops such as cassava and maize. Uruan people speak the Uruan language.

Uruan people have maintained a good relationship with their neighbors. Their seven-clan structure is also maintained. This is the structure depicted during the coronation and burial of the Edidem Atakpor, the Nsomm of Uruan, by the presence of seven traditional bow-men, seven spear-men, seven sword-men, and seven royal staff-men each of which represent Essien Uruan.

The principal deity of Uruan people is Atakpor, which was brought from the Southern Cameroons, and believed to be a Great Mother deity that associates with water. The Atakpor was regarded as female deity and as an intermediary through which Uruan people could communicate with Abasi (God). Today Uruan people believe that this Great Mother deity lives in that body of water now known as Akwa Akpa Uruan (The Mighty Sea of Uruan).

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Of original twelve traditional clans, only seven largely unrecognized clans remain today. Others are believed to have settled among the Ibibios such as Ekpene Ukim village in Nsit Ubium and Ikpa village in Eket. To date, these villages still maintain strong bond with their Uruan kindreds.

Villages in Uruan according to District

Uruan Local Government Area is divided into North, South and Central. We will take you to a closer look at the villages in each district

Uruan Central

  1. Akani Obio Uruan
  2. Anakpa
  3. Eman Ikot-Ebo
  4. Esuk Odu
  5. Idu Uruan
  6. Ifia Yong Esuk
  7. Ifiayong Usuk/Nwaniba
  8. Ikot Inyang Esuk
  9. Ikot Otoingie
  10. Mbiakong
  11. Nna Enin
  12. Nnung Oku Uruan
  13. Nturukpum

Southern Uruan

  1. Adadi
  2. Afaha Ikot
  3. Akpa Mfriukim
  4. Edik Ikpa
  5. Ekim Enen
  6. Ekpene Ibio
  7. Ekpene Ukim
  8. Eman Ukpa
  9. Ibeno Isiet
  10. Ibiaku Ikot Ese
  11. Ibiaku Isiet
  12. Ikot Akan
  13. Ikot Akpa Ekang
  14. Isiet Ekim
  15. Isiet Inua Akpa
  16. Ituk Mbang
  17. Ndon Ebom
  18. Ndon Uruan
  19. Nung Ikono Obio
  20. Nung Ikono Ufok
  21. Nung Uruan
  22. Obio Ndobo
  23. Oku Ikot Edung
  24. Ufak Effiong
  25. Use Uruan

Nouthern Uruan

  1. Akpa Utong
  2. Eman Uruan
  3. Ibiaku Uruan
  4. Ibikpe Uruan
  5. Ifiayong Obot
  6. Ikot Oku Uruan
  7. Ikot Udo Uruan
  8. Ikpa Uruan
  9. Ita uruan
  10. Mbiaya Uruan
  11. Osong Uruan
  12. Utiti Uruan