How to get your UBA Visa Dollar Card (Latest update)

Apply for UBA Visa Dollar Card or UBA Master Dollar card, use your card to make payments for purchases online. Have you gat something from Amazon, Walmart or any foreign e-commerce shop online? Simply insert your dollar card pin to make payments. Moreover, chances are still open for you to use your card locally or internationally.

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What card do you need? Do you know, you can travel across 200 destinations on British Airways and enjoy discounts using a UBA debit card, plus that, you can cash between 10% to 15% off flights to more than 200 destinations on British airways.

Meanwhile, use your Visa Dual card which is available to both Naira and domiciliary account holder, your card is valid for 3 years which makes it more strong and valuable

UBA Featured Cards

Now, what kind of card would you want to apply for, mind you we have lot of cards on our portfolio to suit both big and mall, find out which card that best solves your need and apply right away.

  • Debit MasterCard
  • Gold MasterCard Debit Card
  • Gold MasterCard Debit Card for Domiciliary Account
  • Visa Classic Debit Card
  • Visa Dual Currency (DCDC) Debit Card
  • Verve Debit Card
  • UBA World MasterCard
  • UBA Platinum MasterCard.
  • Why Choose Visa Cards
  • Now, before you proceed to apply for visa dollar credit card, am sure you will like to know what our card has gat to offer you:
  • UBA Gold debit card gives you quicker and faster access to your domiciliary account, with the card you can access your money anywhere around the world.
  • Make transactions or simply withdraw money at any of the one million Master card enabled ATMs all over the 210 countries.
  • Our card is highly convenient and safe
  • There is zero card loss liability and it’s globally accepted.

Additional Features

  • Itemized billings
  • it is best for online shopping
  • Dual currency functionality.

How to Apply for UBA Visa Dollar Card

To apply for UBA visa dollar card is very easy, you can choose to apply for card online or offline:

  • Visit any uba bank close to you to request for your visa dollar card form.
  • Fill up the form as directed by the form.
  • Submit to the customer care representative who issued the form to you.
  • Wait for the card to be given you.

UBA Credit Card Application Online

You can apply equally for your credit card or debit card online offline. Ur online platform is pen for those who want to use it or those who cannot gain access to any UBA branch;

  • simply log on to
  • Search for card and select the one you wait
  • Fill u the card application form and submit and then wait for the card to be posted to your address.

How much is UBA Visa Dollar Card?

The new UBA Visa dollar card or master card is sold for $11 which is close to #4000 as at the time this article was written. You can however call our customer care representative online to find out how much uba credit card is.

How Long Does it Take to Get UBA Card?

Online instant cards, the UBA dollar card takes longer time to process. The card takes more than four working days to reach the applicants but a faster means can be used when the card is needed urgently

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