TOTOSCI holdings limited: A Kenyan Company that Produces USB Cable And Charger

As part of the effort toward the development of Africa in the area of innovation, a 28-year old man by the name Muthungu Antony from Kirinyanga county has caused mixed reactions after he started his own manufacturing company, The totosci holdings limited, that manufactures cables and chargers that are used by electronic gadgets such as phones and laptops.

The factory is called TOTOSCI holdings limited which is located in Kiagwaci in Kirinyanga county. Kenyans praised his good work and determination. Kirinyanga women representative purity Ngirici, Nairobi senator Johnson sakaja and scholar PLO Lumumba are among the top leaders who praised Antony’s initiative.

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The company was seen to manufacture high quality and authentic cables and chargers with reference to the picture given. Muthungu Antony also said that they are planning to start mobile phone and earphones production very soon. The young Kenyan man has started supply all over the country which will create more job opportunities for the youth in our country

What you must know about totosci holdings limited

Buying and selling of counterfeit products is one of the major factors contributing to the death of MSMEs especially in the electronics industry.

According to Global Market Statistics, Kenya has 10 million smartphone mobile users. All these users use an USB cable to charge their devices and to transfer data. Because of the big number of the users of the cables, the market has been flooded with fake USB cables that are not up to the standards.

This makes every smartphone user to have 2 or 3 damaged USB cables in their houses. Most of the problems associated with this breakage at the end point due to stress of folding and others breakage of internal wires.
We have created locally produced USB cables that are of high quality and authentic as compared to the cables in the market currently. Their cable is KEBS approved and certified by Brand Kenya as an authentic made in Kenya product