How to Acquire a Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria (2022 Guide)

Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria – Are you looking to see how you can get your Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria? The Nigerian law prohibits the arbitrary use of tinted glass in a vehicle.

The law has made provision for a tinted glass permit wherein only two circumstances the permit may be given in Nigeria.

  • Security Reasons.
  • Medical Reasons.

For use of tinted glass in Nigeria, these two reasons must be proven to the satisfaction of the Nigerian police force.

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You could be arrested if you attempt to use a tinted glass vehicle without a permit. There is a law that bans the use of tinted glass cars without permission in Nigeria, which is the Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Act. The provision in Nigerian law bans the use of tinted glass vehicles in Nigeria. The extent of the ban is when it makes the person(s) and components of the car hard to see. This is an excerpt of the law:

“Except with the permission of the appropriate authority designated for the purposes of this Act and for such good cause as may be determined from time to time by the appropriate authority, no person shall cause any glass fitted on a motor vehicle to be tinted; or shaded; or coloured lightly or thickly; or darkened; or treated in any other way, so that the persons or objects in the motor vehicle are rendered obscure or invisible”.

What about those imported vehicles with tinted glass brought into the country? In essence, the law instructs anyone who procures a vehicle with tinted glass abroad to make a change in the next ninety days. 6 months of jail time or a 50,000 Naira fine awaits those who do not obey the law.

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Benefits of Using a Tinted Glass Vehicle in Nigeria

There are many good reasons why you should use a tinted glass vehicle in this part of the world called Nigeria, these are:

  • Maintaining the durability of the car. Tinted glass will protect the interiors of the car from direct sunlight and ease the eyes from fatigue.
  • Tinted cars save the eyes from serious UV rays from the sun, hence preventing skin cancer and other harmful skin diseases.
  • It ensures the privacy of those in the vehicle.

How to Get Your Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria.

To get a Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria, read the instructions below:

  • Fill an application form from the official police website. You will be given an application ID
  • Log in with your email and the application ID.
  • Fill in the biometric and verified details of your car
  • Take the printed form to any police command.

FAQ on Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria

How much does a tinted permit cost in Nigeria?

Initially, the tinted permit should not have been paid for. However, in our country, you may have to pay between N10,000 and N20,000 to get it done.

How can you tell whether your tinted permit is genuine?

The original tint permit has a barcode written on it.

Is it possible to transfer a tinted permit in Nigeria?

Permits for tinted glass are provided to persons rather than vehicles and are hence personal and non-transferable.

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