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Presented on Sunday 8th November 2020

The distinguish president, members of the executive committee, emeritus presidents and my fellow members of HOSA 2012. It is with great joy that I write to you today on this medium, after a careful analysis and comparison of the past and present. I hereby implore you to know that HOSA 2012 is growing. I am happy today because I now see myself in the association that open her monthly meeting before

4:30pm and close before 5:45pm same day, compare to when meeting started by 6:30pm and mobile phone light was used and the meeting ends by past eight in the night. I am happy because members of the association sat at the refreshment table and two hands never meet each other in the tray, because maturity was instituted among us. I am happy today because the only association that I cherish so much is now an embodiment of handsome men and beautiful women. I am happy because looking into the chat box of the group both online and offline the sense of growth is demonstrated. I am happy to note that the president and his cabinet members are working very hard for the growth of this association and with that effort, we hope to see her take her pride in the conglomerate of organizations. 

Aside from the happiness that is within me, some things worth talking about.

When I look at some of my classmates many questions come to mind. Many times I ask myself, what different are you, the most educated (studying the most important course in the world), from the others you called “none important”, when at the end all will be left behind and none will follow you. What different are they from you that you think you are so inferior and they are so superior. What makes you more bigger that you forsake the gathering of your schoolmates? How big are you? How rich are you? How far are you from the meeting venue? How relevant are you to the association created for you and for you alone, because 100 years from today this association will exist no more and this is the only time she can exist. Why are you frustrating her, why? 

Let me tell you one thing. All the association that you find yourself will survive after you and your children, but HOSA 2012 ends with us. None of our children will continue this association after us, none of them. This association is our belonging and we must cherish it. No one is going to keep the legacy for this association except you and me, no other generation is going to build our monument except us. We are the children that she has, we are the only one that will help her stand, we are the only one that will erect her status so that other generations may come and read about us and know that we existed whereas our skull is decomposing. HOSA 2012 is the young sucker that will grow when the old banana die. Do not criticize, rather when you enter into a dark room light your candle let the other light he’s/her’s. No matter the difference in beam intensity, we will have brightness everywhere. HOSA 2012 depends on us, let support her to stand. We have men and women with different capacities. Our classmates are trained in different fields. Let us learn from piano, how it combine the black and white keys and produce melodious song. Let us combine our diversities and be sufficient in all perspective. Let us use our resources and build a legacy for the association. Oh fellow Nigerian, the academic session that trained you and made you who you are need you. She wants you to build her a monument that will immortalize her in the generation to come. She wants you to show the little one that she trained you well and that she is the bedrock of what you have become. 

Oh you my dear sister and brother reading this I am not antagonizing you, but am fighting the disunity and I have some good news for you. It is the news that tells you that HOSA 2012 is moving in the right direction. Right now the association is not warn for noise in the conglomerate with other association because we are no longer making noise. It is the news that the president and is cabinet are working very hard. It is the news that the association is planning to make a legacy that your children will come and see and read about. It is the news that our names will in the museum of history of the school because of our impact. It is the news that you and I can make these plans. It is the news that HOSA 2012 loves you. It is the news that she is calling on us, it is the news that she is having limited time but when we build her legacy, she shall be remembered forever. HOSA 2012 has good plans for you.

 As I see through your minds as you read this article, with the enthusiasm in it, I remember the words of Vittorio Alfieri(1747-1803), that “often the test of courage is not to die but to live”, therefore let the courage in you now never die. Let it live so that we can impact on the society, Iet it live so that we can be our brother’s keeper, let it live so that 2012 set will always be read about and it is we that will make it live.

Alexander pope said “drink deep the Pierian spring or test not because a little modality is a dangerous thing”. Let us drink deep so that we can harness the benefits within. I want you to know that you belong to the association that is made up of leaders of tomorrow and that you are a leader. Together we can influence each other positively. Now that we are already sons and daughters of HOSA 2012, we need to use the principal according to the last line of W.H. Auden famous poem which says that “we must love one another and die” loving. HOSA 2012 loves you and you must love her too. The most important thing need is unity and love. When we seek unity and love first, the rest will be added to us. This is the time for HOSA 2012 to stop agonizing and start organizing. The education that HOTRICO gave you is the bedrock and mother’s milk of sustainable development. For long HOSA 2012 has punch below her weight, it is time that she stands tall in the community of associations. 

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As I can feel the spirit upon you like in the day of Pentecost. I look forward to the day therefore, when HOTRICO compound will be in jubilation because of our presence. I look forward to the day therefore, when a student with torn uniform will return home to show the parent new uniform given to him or her by HOSA 2012. I look forward to the day therefore, when all the classes in HOTRICO shall be using whiteboard and markers and the staffs and principal shall be using projector and screen given to them by HOSA 2012. I look forward to the day therefore, when PTA of the school will give us the liberty to erect our stature in the school compound because they have seen our impact. I look forward to the day therefore, when all the good prophecies of our teachers will manifest in us. I look forward to the day when all our classmates will recognize that HOSA 2012 must grow and that we are the ones that will make her grow and take her pride of place in the committee of associations. 

Keep your thoughts positive because thoughts become your words, keep your words positive because they become your behaviour, keep your behaviour positive because they become your habits, keep your habits positive because they become your value, keep your value positive because they become your destiny.

Long live HOTRICO

Long live HOSA 2012


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