Steps on How to Start a Cinema in Nigeria (Updated)

How to Start a Cinema

Cinema: Nigeria is a country that has over 180 million people, diverse cultural orientations and experiences. The country has its population to be youthful in the sense that there are more young people that old ones. So now we will be talking about Cinema

However, adults these days also enjoy the benefits of young people such as doing sports, watch TV programs and therefore want to see themselves as young people. The implication of the above concerning Nigeria is that the country has a rich market for most types of businesses. However, there are other factors that determine whether a business will thrive in Nigeria. Among various businesses available to be run in Nigeria, the cinema business is one that has a promising potential and therefore gives the owner an opportunity to serve a part of the available market and make money from it.

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It is true that there are great cinema houses in Nigeria such as the silver bird cinemas, Ozone cinemas and others yet there is still market readily available for others who will want to venture into the cinema ideology.  The reason for such position is that some see the cinemas as expensive, while some see it as been congested. This therefore creates opportunity for cinemas that can run at a low price and yet offer latest movies and shows that will catch the fancy of viewers most especially young people.

Requirements to Start a Cinema in Nigeria

Start a Cinema
Start a Cinema

Starting a cinema in Nigeria just like in every other area will require that certain things are put in place which will give the owner a let off for the project.  Among these include:

Location: The location for the business has to be in a city center or a school where you have a lot of young people who are civilized enough to patronize the services of the cinema. Having the cinema in this kind of location will give the owner an opportunity to cash out eventually.

Business Registration: The business in order to avoid legal issues has to be registered appropriately. The basic registration that will enable the business run is the business name registration which can be done at the corporate affairs office units in any state capital.

Equipment: It should be noted that due to the nature of Nigerian business environment, there is no need for a cinema house to rely on the traditional supply of power because this will fail at unexpected times. It therefore requires that the cinema owner will have to buy a generator to ensure power balance. Projectors and screens will also be needed and as well as sound systems.

Start a Cinema
Start a Cinema

Manpower: The manpower needed for this is usually small which can be two or three persons. The cinema will usually have a manager and two other assistants who will be in charge of technical areas and sitting arrangements respectively.

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Skills Required to start a cinema in Nigeria: Since cinema business requires relationship with viewers, there are certain skills that need to be imbibed by the staff of the cinema house. These skills range from interpersonal skills to technical/operational skills. The interpersonal skills will help the workers to understand how to deal with different classes of viewers depending on their personality differentia. A lack of understanding on how to deal with people will make the business to crash which doesn’t tell a good story eventually. The technical/operational skills will help the workers to be more proactive in managing finances, equipment and accessories in the cinema house.  The skills that are required for the cinema business can be acquired through reading and watching of videos on YouTube that deals with how to relate to people in the management of a business.

Publicity: the cinema business has to be advertised and most times it cost heavily to advertise on television. However the cheapest means of advertising is through social media and referrals. The social media is an avenue to reach a lot of Nigerians most especially young people. The social media channels here include: Instagram, Whatsapp, twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

Partnership with Producers and Marketers

Producers and marketers are a good avenue to obtained movies that will be showcased. Developing a good relationship with them does not only give you an edge to showcase their movies, it gives you an opportunity to ensure that you get their movies on time which gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Snack or Food Stand

A good cinema business will require that there be a stand or unit where viewers can have refreshments either before, during or after the movie show.

Market Demand

Looking at the Cable TV providers in Nigeria such as DSTV and GOTV, you discover that they try their best to provide movies but this can only be enjoyed within the confines of one’s house and most of the movies they show are not latest movies. It therefore shows that there are many Nigerians out there who want to watch latest movies in High definition and will want to do this with loved ones. There are parents who will want to take their children out to see a movie perhaps in the night or on a good afternoon.

Start a Cinema

This is not because they don’t have A TV set at home but because they want to experience a twist to their enjoyment. I must say categorically that the market demand for Cinemas in Nigeria is high. Also the other reason why market demand for Cinema in Nigeria is on the high side is that advertisers and companies use this avenue to showcase products to audiences. Put in another way, the cinema is a way to link the Nigerian community with the international community being that the movies that will be shown will include foreign movies that will show how certain practices and beliefs are appreciated in other cultures.

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