StarTimes Nigeria Guide (2022 Update)

StarTimes Nigeria Guide: This is a post is about Startimes Nigeria. See the Startimes channels list, new Startimes packages & price. How to clear Startimes Errors and Pay for Startimes online. #Startimes 2022 guide

StarTimes is a Chinese electronics and media company with a strong presence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

StarTimes offers digital terrestrial television and satellite television services to consumers and provides technologies to countries and broadcasters that are switching from analog to digital television.

Prospective Startimes Customer?

If you’re considering getting the Startimes Nigeria package, Here is what you need to know to help you make that decision. Startimes now has 5 new subscription plans: Startimes Chinese, Startimes Super, Startimes Smart, Startimes Sport Plus, and Startimes Nova.

The Startimes Chinese cost N6600 per month. The Startimes Super costs N4200 per month. The Startimes Smart costs N2200 per month. The Startimes Sport Plus costs N1200 per month. The Startimes Nova costs N900 per month.

What next? Setting up Startimes

StarTimes Nigeria Guide
StarTimes Nigeria Guide

Now that you know what you’re getting into,

how much does it cost to set up?

  • SD Decoder – N8000 – N10000
  • HD Decoder – N8900 – N11500
  • Combo Decoder: N9900 – N13000

StarTimes Channels List

StarTimes Nigeria Guide: Before you make that buy; It is a good idea to know how much entertainment/politics/sports you will be getting. This part outlines the updated list of StarTimes channels for the bouquets. Yeah, all of them.

StarTimes Chinese – N6600 Per Month – 20 Channels

  1. CCTV 13
  2. CCTV 6
  3. CCTV 5+
  4. CCTV 9
  5. 福建卫视
  6. 浙江卫视
  7. CCTV 娱乐
  9. 东方卫视
  11. 江苏卫视
  12. 北京卫视
  13. 天津卫视
  15. CCTV 4
  16. CTI ASIA
  17. 凤凰CNE
  19. 南方卫视
  20. 中国影视

StarTimes Super – N4200 Per Month – 25 Channels

  4. ESPN 2
  6. MSNBC
  13. BABY TV
  14. FOX
  16. FUEL TV
  18. ID
  20. NGC

StarTimes Smart – N2200 Per Month – 41 Channels

StarTimes Nigeria Guide
StarTimes Nigeria Guide
  1. ST Adepa
  2. Nina TV E
  3. Fine Living
  4. Jimjam
  5. Bbc World News
  6. Star Life
  7. ESPN
  8. ST Africa
  9. DW
  10. Star Plus
  11. ST Novela E
  12. ST Rise
  13. Love Nature
  14. Sky News
  15. Toonami
  16. TNT Africa
  17. Nickelodeon
  18. Area Ten
  19. Nigezie
  20. Zee Cinema
  21. Al Jazeera
  22. Dove TV
  23. AMC Series
  24. France 24 E
  25. Fashion One
  26. ST SA Music
  27. ST Sports Life
  28. ST Sports Arena
  29. ST Sino Drama
  30. E!
  31. Africa News
  32. ST Yoruba
  33. NGW
  34. NDTV 24×7
  35. Isi Mbido
  36. ST Naija
  37. Trace Mziki
  38. ST Kids
  39. EWTN
  40. Arewa 24

StarTimes Sport Plus – N1200 Per Month – 4 Channels

  1. ST Sports Premium
  2. ST Sports Life
  3. ST Sports Arena
  4. ST World Football HD

StarTimes Nova – N900 Per Month – 30 Channels

  1. Nigbati TV
  2. NTA Sports 24
  3. E. TV
  4. ST Dadin Kowa
  5. Channels
  6. Plus TV Africa
  7. E-Stars
  8. Orisun
  9. Farin Wata
  10. TVC News
  11. Iqraa
  12. BTV
  13. WAP TV
  14. AIT
  15. Da Vinci
  16. ST Swahili
  17. ST Sports Focus
  18. ST Zone
  19. AMC Movies
  20. NBS
  21. CGTN Documentary
  22. Mindset Learn
  23. ST Gospel
  24. Channel Ten
  25. CNC World
  26. CCTV 4
  27. ST Kungfu
  28. Emmanuel TV
  29. CGTN F
  30. Border TV

Activate New Startimes Account

To activate your Startimes account, you should contact the Startimes Customer Service helpline.

You should have your serial box number and your smart card number ready because It will be required.

StarTimes Nigeria Guide: How to Subscribe Your StarTimes Decoder

There are various ways to Subscribe to Your Startimes Decoder, we’re going to cover all of them below.

METHOD 1: Subscribe Your StarTimes Via Quick Teller ATM Recharge

  • Visit an ATM close to you.
  • Insert your ATM Card and enter the PIN as you usually do.
  • On the next screen, select the Quick Teller from the options shown to you.
  • Next, Select ‘Pay Bill’
  • Next, Select ‘Other’, A screen will pop up requesting a merchant code.
  • Enter ‘240534’ as the merchant code, A message will pop out that reads ‘Customer Reference’
  • Enter your SmartCard Number and select ‘Proceed’
  • Select the amount you wish to subscribe to and follow the prompts to complete your subscription.

METHOD 2: Subscribe Your StarTimes Via StarTimes Mobile Application

Visit the Play Store (Android Users) or App Store (IOS users) to download the Startimes Mobile Application.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, Open it.
  • Tap on Services.
  • Select SmartCard, add your SmartCard, then Select ‘Recharge’
  • Select Your Payment Option (USSD, Online Payment, Coupon)

METHOD 3: Subscribe Your StarTimes Via PAGA

  • Visit and create a new account or log in if you already have an account.
  • On the menu, click on ‘Pay Bill’
  • Next, Input the amount you wish to recharge and your StarTimes smartcard number.
  • Finally, Click on ‘go’ and complete the transaction.

METHOD 4: Subscribe Your StarTimes Via GTBank

To subscribe using GTBank, *737*37*AMOUNT*SMARTCARDNUMB#

METHOD 5: Subscribe Your StarTimes Via SMS

SMS: CC#SmartCardNumber#PIN and send to 32055.

StarTimes Nigeria Website

StarTimes Nigeria Guide
StarTimes Nigeria Guide

The StarTimes website is Africa’s most popular digital television website. The website, which delivers the best navigational experience anywhere, anytime, has been visited by over 5 million users globally. With this website, you can explore the following features:

  • StarTimes ON is a multimedia platform that aims to provide users with new and accessible entertainment. Live television, films, drama, sporting events, and more are all available with the StarTimes On platform.The following are some of the reasons why you should use StarTimes ON: There are 62 live channels to choose from, access international and domestic video-on-demand content, and 51 channels are available for free. Without a membership, 70% of Streaming content is available for free. Take your favourite TV shows and movies with you everywhere you go with your mobile device. You’ll never have to miss another episode of your favourite show. For die-hard sports fans, a sports-only membership plan is available.
  • The TV Guide is a website feature that analyses television shows and streaming entertainment, supports fans, and assists viewers in deciding what to watch on StarTimes. There’s no one better than Startime’s team of entertainment experts to help you make the most of your time spent watching TV and broadcasting content, with in-depth reviews, expert suggestions, news headlines, discussions, intelligent reviews, and more.
  • StarTimes Product information including StarTimes Digital TV (the FULL HD1080P quality and Dolby sound effects on StarTimes Digital TV will captivate you in thrilling new immersive experiences like you never had before. You’ll be able to view your favourite movies and television series on more than 200 channels, thanks to the built-in decoder.) and  Startime Solar Home System ( also available in Nigeria. The 30W Solar Panel with a 90Wh battery and lights but without TV costs 115,000. )

StarTimes TV Guide

Want to see a schedule of shows to be shown on each of your StarTimes? That’s what the StarTimes TV guide is for. You can access it here –


StarTimes Nigeria Guide: StarTimes Nigeria Customer Care Contact

See StarTimes Nigeria customer care contact details below

StarTimes cc phone094618888
StarTimes NG Instagram
StarTimes NG Twitter handle
StarTimes NG facebook
StarTimes NG website
StarTimes Contact Page
StarTimes Nigeria USSD*322*1#

StarTimes Nigeria Guide: How To Clear Errors On Startimes

Here are some errors and problems you might encounter and how you can solve them.

#1 No Signal

Make sure your indoor antenna is well fixed and placed. Adjust it around your TV SET till you get a signal, if the problem persists, you are required to get an outdoor antenna (Yagi Antenna preferably).

If you are using an outdoor Antenna(yagi Antena), and still having No Signal, visit any of our business outlets or call any of our hotline numbers and a service agent will be assigned to you for further assistance.

#2 No Service

Kindly follow the procedures below;
1. Adjust your Antenna till you get a signal.
2. Embark on AUTOMATIC SEARCH >>> Click on the MENU button on your remote control, scroll to SYSTEM SETTINGS, and press OK. In the list displayed, scroll to AUTOMATIC SEARCH and use the right arrow key to navigate to the YES and NO options. Select YES and press OK.
Call any of our hotline numbers and a service agent will be assigned to you for further assistance.

#3 No Access/Not Subscribed

This simply means your subscription has expired. Kindly recharge by using any of the methods we discussed above.

#4 Smart Card Not Paired/ Wrong Pairing

This is when a smartcard is mismatched or wrongly paired with another decoder. Please visit the nearest business hall or call Startimes hotline: 01-4618888 / 09-4618888

#5 Decoder Fails to Power

Please check whether the power plug of the decoder is correctly inserted into the AC 220V power jack –and whether the switch of the decoder switches on.

If well connected and the problem persist, please visit the nearest business hall or call Startimes hotline:01-4618888 / 09-4618888

#6 Auto Rebooting

This is when a decoder continues to come up and go off immediately, mostly caused when a decoder cannot upgrade itself. Please visit the nearest business hall or call StarTimes hotline for assistance:01-4618888 / 09-4618888

Decoder displaying 8888/9999,” C” / “0” on the front panel
Please visit the nearest business hall or call the StarTimes hotline for assistance:01-4618888 / 09-4618888

#7 No Video No Audio

1.Please check whether the antenna is correctly connected to the decoder.
2.Check the audio and video cables of the gateway and TV, it must be video out – video in, audio out – audio in).
3. Ensure that the TV is in AV mode. For TVs with more than one (1) AV setting, please select the right AV setting using the correct port on the machine (TV) and the same selection on the remote control.
4. If (a), (b), and (c) are fine, then suspect the AV cables in use. Try a new set of cables. If the problem persists, please visit the nearest business hall or call StarTimes hotline:01-4618888 / 09-4618888

StarTimes Nigeria Guide FAQ

What are the StarTimes packages?

Let’s take a look at the prices of the various Startimes packages:

  • Classic: N2500.
  • Basic: N1700.
  • Nova: N900.
  • Chinese: N6600.
  • Super: N4200.
  • Smart: N2200.
  • Sport Plus: N1200.

How many channels are included in StarTimes’ basic package?

Basic Bouquet. The monthly cost of this bouquet is 1,700 Naira. It includes 40 StarTimes.

How do I change the bouquet on my StarTimes account?

StarTimes Nigeria Guide
StarTimes Nigeria Guide
  • Dial *858# from your Startimes-registered phone.
  • Then choose “Package Change” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the decoder type, like “Dish” for satellite and “Digital” for a regular terrestrial decoder.
  • Continue by picking the new StarTimes package that best suits your needs.

Will the EPL be broadcast on StarTimes?

All of the English premier league matches are streamed live on StarTimes. This weekend, the Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga all begin with intriguing matches broadcast live on StarTimes from throughout Europe.

Can I change my StarTimes package in Nigeria?

If you want to change your bouquet subscription, feel free to call the customer service line at 0719 077 077 to have it done for you.

What channels are included in the StarTimes Super bouquet?

  • BBC World News.
  • Al Jazeera.
  • France 24 E.
  • MSNBC.
  • Bloomberg TV.
  • CGTN News.
  • Africa News.
  • TVC News.

That’s the end of the article on StarTimes Nigeria Guide, We hope we’ve covered every possible question you had, If not, drop a comment below, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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