How to Bring Back Missing GOTV Channels, Rescan GOTV Decoder

Rescan GOTV Decoder: How to Bring Back Missing GOTV Channels.

In this blog article, guide on how to solve incomplete or missing GOTV stations and channels will be discussed. This will help provide relief and quick solution to problem of having some gotv stations or channels missing after multiple rescan. However, if you encounter this common gotv fault, just know it is a simple non-technical hitch which can be solved by following simple steps.

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The good news is that steps or procedures on how to recover missing stations or channels on GOTV is very easy and requires no technical input.

If some GOTV stations are not showing or missing in your decoder, it can be resolved in simple way Solutions to incomplete or missing GOTV Channels can be resolved in many ways. Although having incomplete GOTV station or channels can be worrisome for some subscribers. If your GOTV is missing some channels or stations, you can bring back the missing gotv channels by following our steps to troubleshoot gotv decoder showing incomplete channels or stations. The cause of incomplete GOTV channels or stations can be result of poor signal strength or inappropriate gotv scan. All these is what can make some GOTV Channels or stations to go missing.

Rescan GOTV
Rescan GOTV

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So, to recover gotv missing stations or channels, follow the simple steps and methods below. Why Are Some GOTV Channels / Stations Not Showing on my GOTV Decoder There are two major and common reasons why some stations or channels might be missing in your gotv decoder. The reasons are stated below :

  • Weak Signal Strength
  • Poor Decoder Scanning

These are two major causes of missing GOTV Channels / Stations. To recover missing gotv channels, work on the two reasons why stations go missing on gotv decoder.

How To Recover Missing GOTV Channels /Stations

Now the first step towards recovering gotv missing stations is to ascertain the signal strength of the gotv antenna and make sure it is very strong. It is one major way of recovering or bringing back missing stations in gotv. You can achieve this by doing the following:

  • Press Menu Button on GOTV Remote to have menu Display
  • Choose advanced option and press OK
  • Scroll down the remote cursor on signal and press OK

Now, having done this you will have a display of the signal strength of your GOTV antenna. If signal strength colour is red, try turning round the gotv antenna until it get to stable green colour. When the colour of gotv signal is green and stable it shows it is very strong and good to go. Then position the gotv antenna permanently at that location with strong gotv signal strength and you can now perform a rescan of decoder.

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How To Rescan GOTV Decoder to Get Missing Channels / Stations

To rescan gotv decoder and help bring back channels or station missing on your gotv decoder, perform gotv decoder rescan. To ascertain how to rescan gotv decoder, following these steps.

  • Press Menu Button on your GOTV Remote control
  • Scroll down to advanced option and press OK
  • Select Installation and press OK
  • Also scroll down your remote cursor to automatic scan and press OK

Wait and do not interrupt the gotv decoder as it starts rescan of the gotv decoder to recover lost channels or station. After the rescan, all gotv subscribed channels and missing channels will be restored and running.

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