Peace Mass Transit: See Current Price List and Terminals

Peace Mass Transit: Have you traveled with Peace Mass Transit (PMT)? Do you know that Peace Mass Transit is a peaceful and trustworthy Nigerian transportation company?

It provides outstanding services in courier, travel, intra- and interstate transport services. Also, Peace Mass Transportation is owned by Peace Group Nigeria, the parent organization.

The Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Ltd is a road transport firm that was instituted in the year 1995. The company, which is lower than Peace Group NG, began operations with just 2 buses, but now, it has a fleet of almost 2,000 buses.

The companies headquarter is situated at No 4 Okpara Avenue, Enugu.  The firm makes use of extensive diversity of buses, plus Foton buses and Toyota Hummer buses.

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The transport firm travels to and from these listed locations: Lagos, Akure, Affikpo, Ababakpa. Ibadan, Gariki, Nnewi, Enugu, Nsukka, Yenegoa, PortHarcourt, Abakiliki, Abuja, and others.

The transport firm is controlled by an astute businessman and entrepreneur, Chief Sam Maduka Onyishi. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of the firm and has been in charge of the dealings of the transport firm since its beginning. He is also reputed as a philanthropist and a man of goodwill.

Traveling With Peace Mass Transit 

You can book your ticket with Peace Mass Transit via their two online booking selections. Either book directly via their official website ( or use a third-party bus ticket booking site such as

If perhaps these options are not appropriate for you, tickets can also be a book right at the various Peace Mass Transit terminals situated near you. Peace Mass is one of the inexpensive road transport firms, especially for trips bound to eastern Nigeria.

All Peace Mass Transit buses are roomy and air-conditioned. Some are fitted with tinted windows and drapes to shield from the harsh rays of the sun.

Subtle music is played to relax the passengers on their smooth journey. Peace Mass Transit buses are equipped with a speed limiter to ensure that drivers do not exceed 120km/hour.

1. Peace Mass Transit Rental Services

To book a bus with Peace Mass Transit, please visit or contact any of their terminals closest to you. A comprehensive list of all terminals can be found below

2. Courier Services At Peace Mass Transit

Peace Express Services Ltd  (PESL) is another subsidiary of Peace Group NG, it offers courier services. This subsidiary was established in 2006.

It provides courier services to both passengers and non-passengers of Peace Mass Transit. The courier office of the transport company is located in Enugu.

3. Peace Mass Transit Online Booking Guide

You can book a PMT ticket online or offline. For offline booking, see the PMT terminals in Nigeria down below. For online booking, log on to the official Peace Mass Transit website and follow these steps:

STEP 1. Visit

In the seat reservation, fill in your departure location, the destination location, and departure date, click “Click to find a bus”

Note: Make sure that Enter the Captcha Text (See Image below for detail. The Point mark with “green” in the image is where you will verify the Captcha and the letters/numbers that appear above the writing “Enter Captcha Text” is what you will type in the blank space.

STEP 2. Available trips will pop-up showing pickup points, available buses, departure time, arrival time, trip duration, and prices

Select the seat you want. Seats that are free are colored white while the others are already reserved. According to PMT, if you are traveling long distant trips, you should strictly sit the number on your ticket so please choose your seats carefully.

Click on “Pay for Seat(s)”

STEP 3. Fill in your required booking details and discount information on the next page, and click on “Pay for Booking”

Fill out the form with all your card details and proceed to make your payment. You will be notified if the transaction is successful, and tickets will be mailed to you.

PMT Motors Terminals/Bus Parks Locations in Nigeria

ABIANo 13/14 Asa Road, Aba, Abia0805 509 1828
EBONYINo 25a, Afikpo Road, Abakaliki, Ebonyi0805 509 1816, 0705 579 2620
BWARRI, ABUJA9 Shagari Road, Opposite Market, Bwarri, Abuja, Abuja, Abuja0805 509 1813
UTAKO, ABUJA39 Ajose Adeogun Street, Utako, FCT, Abuja0805 509 1829
ZUBA, ABUJANear Fruit Market, Zuba, Abuja0805 509 1831
KUJE, ABUJAGwagwalada Road, Near Secretariat Junction, Kuje, Abuja.0805 509 1813
KUBWA, ABUJAOpposite Kubwa Market, Kubwa, Abuja0805 509 1830
GWAGWALADA, ABUJAAlong Abuja/ Lokoja Expressway, Opposite Brifina Hotel, Tagiri, Gwagwalada, Abuja.0805 509 1833
AFIKPO, EBONYI No 7 Ngodo Road, Amangballa, Afikpo-North,  Afikpo, Ebonyi0705 579 2620
AKURE, ONDOIfe-Ibadan Expressway Road Block, Along Efe Road Opposite Swan Hotel, Akure, Ondo0805 509 1812

Finding out the cost of travelling isn’t so easy but we have done the homework on your behalf. Check the list below to see the different routes and how much it costs to travel:
Afikpo Terminal
• Afikpo – Enugu: ₦1,350
• Afikpo – Abuja: ₦6,550
• Afikpo – Aba: ₦1,550
• Afikpo – Port Harcourt: ₦2,050
• Afikpo – Abakaliki: ₦950
Ajegunle Terminal
• Ajegunle – Enugu: ₦6,750
• Ajegunle – Abakaliki: ₦6,750
• Ajegunle – Umuahia: ₦6,750
• Ajegunle – Aba: ₦6,750
Ajah Terminal
• Ajah – Port Harcourt: ₦7,750
• Ajah – Enugu: ₦7,750
• Ajah – Owerri: ₦6,750
• Ajah – Onitsha: ₦7,750
Aba Terminal
• Aba – Onitsha: ₦1,450
• Aba – Yenegoa: ₦1,650
• Aba – Calabar: ₦2,150
• Aba – Enugu : ₦1,550
• Aba – Ibadan: ₦5,750
• Aba – Nnewi: ₦1,350
Ejigbo Terminal
• Ejigbo – Onitsha: ₦5,750
• Ejigbo – Obollo Afor: ₦6,750
• Ejigbo – Enugu: ₦6,750
Gwagalada Terminal
• Gwagalada – Nsukka: ₦5,050
• Gwagalada – Enugu: ₦5,450
• Gwagalada – Onitsha: ₦5,950
• Gwagalada – Aba: ₦7,750
• Gwagalada – Lagos : ₦8,250
Ibadan Terminal
• Ibadan – Aba: ₦9,550
• Ibadan – Onitsha: ₦8,550
Ikorodu Terminal
• Ikorodu – Port Harcourt: ₦7,250
Jibowu Terminal
• Jibowu – Kaduna: ₦11,250
• Jibowu – Aba: ₦8,750
• Jibowu – Abuja: ₦10,250
• Jibowu – Enugu: ₦8,250
Maraba Terminal
• Maraba – Lagos: ₦8,750
• Maraba – Enugu: ₦5,950
• Maraba – Nsukka: ₦4,950
• Maraba – Jos: ₦2,550
Ojuelegba Terminal
• Ojuelegba – Owerri: ₦7,050
• Ojuelegba – Kaduna: ₦10,750
• Ojuelegba – Uyo: ₦8,750
Yenegoa Terminal
• Yenegoa – Benin: ₦1,550
• Yenegoa – Lagos: ₦5,150
Note that Peace Mass Transit prices are likely to change depending on several factors. Some of these factors include company policies, seasonal celebrations, demand, and the economic situation of the country. We will update this post with the latest prices once we notice a price change.

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