NYSC-WAP Foundation: NYSC free LOAN

NYSC free LOAN: What You Need know (NYSC-WAP Foundation)

While trying to break the country’s joblessness issue, the public authority has been searching for various means to utilize the NYSC undertaking to assist graduates with getting position for themselves. One of these is the NYSC-WAP conspire.

WAP in full signifies “Battle Against Poverty.” This is a plan that has existed in NYSC starting around 2009. War Against Poverty WAP) is a plan that offers corps individuals chances to get to intrigue free advances during the help year. It has been coordinated to generally those intrigued by basically agribusiness. It has been supported and upheld by the MDG asset to arrive at the Millennium Development Goal.

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NYSC/MDG War against Poverty Program arranges ability preparing for a select gathering of corps individuals on chose agro endeavors. It engages them monetarily relying upon their strategic agreements to empower them to set up their own agro-business to address the objective of the MDGs.

It additionally agrees corps individuals the chance to secure a few Agro-business abilities and different types of other pioneering preparing to lighten neediness. After the preparation, the credit given ranges between N150,000 to N300,000.

These sans interest credits are to be utilized on the corps individuals’ proposed business, which WAP officials screen occasionally.

The plan proposes to save the Nigerian people and the overflowing adolescents from wandering into the Job market from the agonies and stress of joblessness. Past members in the program have arisen as encouraging signs. This had reduced the awkward circumstance where ex-corps individuals meandered the roads looking for non-existent middle class positions.

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This solitary however clear measure shows that the NYSC the executives is focused on corps individuals’ post-administration life. This helps me to remember a famous maxim that “it is smarter to show a man how to fish than to simply give him fish for a solitary supper.”

It has been a wellspring of gift to some yet has not foreshadowed well with some ex-corp individuals.

How can you get access to this free loan?

How can you make a decision to benefit from the WAP foundation?

Accessing the Loan

To gain access to the loan, you need to fill a form of intent either online or on hard copy. After successfully filling the form, if your name is shortlisted, you will get a letter of invitation from Abuja.

There would be a 10-day training program for corp members who are shortlisted. The training will educate them on various agri-businesses and how to succeed in them.

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After the program, a lawyer would provide certain forms that will qualify one for the loans. Some of the important pre-requisites that the form demand includes

  • Getting a guarantor who must be a level 12 civil servant if in the civil service or a professional in the private sector with a minimum of 10-15yrs in practice and a registered member of a professional body.
  • This guarantor shall submit photocopies of their I.D cards for civil servants and membership certificates for those in the private sector.
  • They must agree to be the recipients of legal actions or bear responsibility should the participant stand for defaults on payment of the loan, irrespective of the reasons.
  • Our NYSC discharge certificates shall be withheld in their custody as collateral for the already guaranteed Loan until when the loan is repaid.


The scheme has had its own challenges. Many claim it has not been free from the clutches of corruption that ingrained our system. They say that the money only gets to them in about 8 months or so.

What would a graduate be doing with a withdrawn NYSC certificate for eight months? The officials likely save this money in the bank to yield interest before giving out the loan to the deserving corp members. That would be the height of cruelty if someone really does that.

According to the agreement signed, some of the participants have been plagued by a failed business that made them debtors or forced to cough out a refund in 3 years. It can be said that every business ventured into would be successful. When you think of it, 10 days of training cannot turn you into an overnight success.

There is no proper monitoring of the program after the training such that some of the beneficiaries use the money for something else apart from agro-business. They may even manage the money wrongly, causing a failure in the business investment.


For those planning to gain this loan, you need to apply wisdom with respect to avoiding regrets and make advances that would be worthwhile. You can consider these questions before applying for the loan:

  • Have I considered all the risks involved in taking this loan?
  • Do I have confidence that the agriculture business I choose would yield in the area where I plan to start it?
  • Have I considered the competition in the area I have planned to market it?
  • Is it your first time? Would you require more help from experienced hands?
  • Am I willing to risk my certificate in case everything fails for just N300,000?
  • Am I willing to wait for about 8 months before getting the loan?

If you didn’t know about WAP LOAN now, I assume you have full knowledge of the scheme and also the challenges. If you have any challenges, you can always ask in the comment box provided below.

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