NYSC Medical Requirements: Latest Information for PCM

Medically, there are just two important documents that will be required from you as a Prospective corp member (PCM) These two NYSC Medical Requirements are compulsory and you must be provided when the need arises.

Reason for NYSC Medical Requirements

You may decide to request a change of location if the serving current location is not favorable to your health. So on this note, you’ll be required to provide the board leaders with a Medical report which corresponds to your acclaimed reason for seeking a redeployment.

However, the Medical Report is not compulsory to be provided in the NYSC camp, it is only needed if you want to be redeployed.

Anyways, let’s move straight away to what we came here for today. Believe me, we ain’t gonna take much of your time.

NYSC Medical Requirements

As I said earlier before now, there are two things that will be required of you for your NYSC camp registration when it comes to their medical requirements.

This is to make sure tha5 you’re medically fit to partake in the one year service program and that your health status is quite ok. These are;

  1. Medical Certificate of Fitness
  2. Medical Report
  3. Medical Certificate of Fitness

This certificate is compulsory to be provided for your  NYSC Orientation Camp Course. This is a prerequisite.

However, this document is compulsorily needed to ascertain the medical fitness and health status of every PCM for Camping activities.

Relevant test

For the Medical Certificate of Fitness that is compulsorily required, below are the list of tests Nysc prescribed for every prospective corps member to carry out and bring the certificate back to them;

  1. HIV
  2. Genotype
  3. Blood group
  4. HBsaG
  5. PCV
  6. HCV
  7. Urinalysis
  8. ECG
  9. Chest X-ray

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Additionally, according to the Nysc official, it is often expected that the registration number and phone number of the doctor in charge of/or that conducted the test be included in the medical certificate of fitness for proper verification.

On that note, every corps member MUST bring their medical certificate from a government or military hospital which shows their health status before they will be registered and admitted for the Orientation course

This is just to keep you on the safe side. So, it’s advice that you present a real medical certificate and not a forged one.

  • Medical Report
  • Medical Report is a record or statement about your health condition. If you have any illness at all, it will be stated on it.

    How to Get Your Medical Report:

    1. Go to any accredited Hospital close to you
    2. You’ll have to Pay for a file opening if that’s your first time of visiting the hospital
    3. Submit your specimen at the Lab for the necessary tests
    4. Meet the Doctor for other tests
    5. Get your test result from them for submission to the NYSC management

    NOTE: NYSC does not allow Medical Report or Certificate of Medical Fitness that is more than 3-month-old.

    Please don’t risk your life paying for false data or buy fake medical reports.


    The Medical Certificate of fitness is a record generated based on the series of tests carried out on a patient.

    For instance, if you go to carry out HIV test, blood group test, genotype, and other tests, it will be included in your medical certificate of fitness.

    By presenting this, the NYSC board will know your health status because it will be indicated thereon.

    Also, this is compulsorily required before you go to the NYSC camp.

    On the other hand, the medical report is a comprehensive report that covers your clinical history. Normally, this medical report should be completed by a doctor or medical professional who is familiar with your condition and has treated you for a significant period of time.

    In the NYSC requirement for redeployment, the Medical Report will show your inability to stay in a particular state of deployment due to your health status.


    Compulsory prerequisite for registration in campUsed for relocation or for PCM that doesn’t want to camp in a particular location or state.  


    Any corp member who wishes to be redeployed based on medical reasons is advised to go to NYSC orientation camp with both his/her Medical Report and Certificate of Medical Fitness.

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