How To Write NYSC Leave Letter After Orientation Camp

The template for writing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) leave letter to travel home after orientation course in camp 

For one reason or the other, a corps member may wish to travel back home after orientation course in camp; that is where writing NYSC leave letter comes in.

To ‘over sabbi’ Corpers: NYSC leave application letter is not that formal letter you may know how to write very well. There is certain rule to follow when writing NYSC leave letter otherwise your leave application will die in NYSC office.

In this post, I will teach you how to write the NYSC leave letter, and after the tutorial I will give you a written sample for guidence, but if you like you can copy it out and keep somewhere until the time to use it.

Why should I write leave letter?

If you must travel, any time after your orientation course in NYSC camp, then you must write a leave letter to the NYSC State Coordinate; through your Zonal Inspector; through your Local Govt Inspector; and through the Head Officer/employer in your Place of Primary Assignment(PPA.

So, these relevant offices must approve your leave letter before you embark on the jurney to your home. 

There are, however, two types of NYSC leave letter:
1. One-week leave, and
2. Two-week leave

Corps members are entitled to a maximun of two-week leave throught their one-year service during. Now, it’s left for you to decide whether to utilise your 2-week leave at once or twice.

Example: If you apply for 2-week leave, it means that NYSC would not grant you right to travel again until after your service year. But if you apply for a week leave, it means you still have another one-week leave left for you.

So, what are the steps to submit your leave letter?

After the expiry of orientation course in Camp, NYSC through your state coordinator will post you to Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Report to your PPA and to the Office of your LGI for documentations. Then, if your PPA accept you, write a leave letter either for two weeks or one week and submit to your LGI together with acceptance note from your PPA.
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Below is the sample of a well written NYSC leave application letter to travel home after orientation course in NYSC camp.
Note: Your address is to be that of your PPA, not your village address.

Agbo Secondary school     

PMB 101, Isikwuato L.G.A,

Abia State.                          
17th August, 2018.              

The State Coordinator,
NYSC, Abia.


The Zonal Inspector,
NYSC, Ohaofia.


The Local Govt Inspector,


The Principal,
HOTRICO Secondary Sch
Mbiakong, Akwa Ibom State.

Dear Sir,


I, Muhammad Buhari with State code number: AB/18B/036, posted to HOTRICO Secondary School, Uruan Local Government, Akwa Ibom State, hereby write to apply for two-week leave.
The aforementioned leave will enable me to travel home and bring back my luggage and some other important materials needed for effective National Assignment.
If my application is granted, I would leave on August 19th, 2023 and return on Sept 3rd, 2023.
I shall be grateful if my application is favourable considered. Thank you as I anticipate your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully     .

Your Signature       .
      Muhammad Buhari

Note: Insert your personal details in the required place.

If your NYSC Leave Letter is not well written, it will die in your LGI office and you won’t be allowed to travel or you may even be expelled from service depending on how bad it is. Imagine, as a graduate, you write nonsense and submit as a leave letter! So, be properly guided.

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