I remember very well when i saw the act of our youth in the time of election, i was move by the act and i picked my pen to write about neocolonialism and decolonizing the mind. And with this you will now see if Africa is free and what freedom means to us.


It cannot be right that a continent that is so blessed to the extent that Europeans, Portuguese, French, American and all the Western world get jealous of us by trying to siphon our wealth in terms of raw materials and human resources has her young men and women with one greatest ambition, to go to the United States.

It still hasn’t changed, the French introduced The Policy of Assimilation in Senegal, Ivory coast(Cote d’ Ivoire), Dahomey(Benin republic) Niger Republic, Mali, Mauritania, Chad and Togo. According to this policy, African were given the citizenship right of France in terms of voting, but African resources will everly be use to develop the French not Africa. How can African/Nigeria hustle to get the citizenship right of British and American and labour all day in the development of another people’s land then we keep celebrating October 1st in Nigeria.

I want to tell you that the British are still using indirect rule to control Africa/Nigeria. Between 1900 and 1960 Fredrick Lugard developed a machinery through which Africans are controlled by the Europeans by the use of Chiefs and traditional rulers to control the poor Africans and siphon her wealth to Europe. In order to take the fertile land mass of the delta region of West Africa from the French empire in Benin republic and from the Germans in Cameroon he moved down from the northern protectorate and join it with the South in 1914. The imperialism of Africa between 1881 and 1914 makes Africa to be shared among Belgium, British, Portuguese, French, Italy, and Spain and they term it The Scramble for Africa in the Berlin conference of 1884/1885.


Many African/Nigerian failed to read the essence why this people came to Africa.

As I have examined the history of African colonization over the years, the following has emerged. In the attempt to reconstruct Africa history empirical data and historical facts had shown that the emigration of the Europeans to Africa and the domination of the continent economy – trade and capital by Europeans and their local collaborators and partners were designed to further prosecute the European agenda.

This is seen in one of the paper written by Fredrick Lugard title-Dual Mandate, thus:

“… the partitioning of Africa was as we all recognize due primarily to the economic necessity of increasing the supplies of raw materials and food to meet the needs of the industrialized nations of Europe… For two or three generations we can she the negroes what we are,then we shall be asked to leave. Then we shall leave the land to those it belong to, with the feeling that they have a better business friends is us than other whitemen…”

That is what he said. And reading it carefully shows that he was aware that someday indirect rule will evolve into a method whereby Europeans presence are not necessary for their power to be exercise on Africa. This was what kwame Nkrumah, the former president of Ghana between 1960 and 1966 describe in 1963 as NEOCOLONIALISM.


According to encyclopedia, neocolonialism is a continuation of economic model of colonialism after a colonize territory has achieved formal political independent. The idea is that when European powers granted nominal political independent to colonies in Africa, the continue to control the economy of their former colonies.

Remember that I was trying to tell you that European countries are still using indirect rule on Africa/Nigeria.

In the olden days when African traditional rulers and rich chiefs were given milk and alcohol, and they were used to control Africa. The Europeans trained some Nigerian with partial Western education. When nationalist like Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Orilowo, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello had this partial eyes opening, they requested for self governing and on the 1st of October 1960 they were given the power and the prophecy of Fredrick Lugard started to manifest in Nigeria.

since that time European countries are still using rulers (now the political leaders) and rich chiefs (now business people/importers) to control Africa and African economy in the neocolonialism. In the colonialism the presence of the British was necessary but in the neocolonialism their presence is not needed because of the compradores. This was what Prof PLO LUMUMBA said at one forum this year (2018) that the compradores are given flats in Paris and London in stead of milk and alcohol as in the past.

The imperialism of 18th and 19th century make Africa a sphere of influence on which Europeans could build an economic empire with or without a formal control by one government over another country. It was all about creating and maintaining unequal economy between them and Africa. To you how imbalance the economic relationship of Africa and Europe is, over 70 percent of the finish product in African market are made outside Africa and over 60 percent of the raw materials for those products are gotten from Africa, exported at a rate cheaper than the price of the finish products.

If you remember what the former American president, Ronald Reagan(1981-1989) said; “…the United States of America does what is in her best interest”. And that is what they are still doing till today.

It will surprise you to know that Nigeria and other African countries are Still importing petrol, kerosene, diesel and other petroleum products in which the raw materials for this products are abundant in Nigeria. The revenue for this raw materials is enjoy by less than 10 percent of the population being the compradores, who represent foreign intelligent agencies in Nigeria and over 60 percent of her citizen lives bellow #300 per day. Recently some people share mosquito net in rural Nigeria and they said that it is the American that provided the help. I asked myself, did American started doing things that are not in her best interest, is the raw materials for the production of this net gotten from America? Africa/Nigeria are still colonize, the neoclonial project is real, our minds are still colonize, we are not free in Nigeria. The Europeans and Americans will never respect and establish equal economic interest relationship with Africa/Nigeria. If the show us Love, we need to hold our resources strong because that is what they Come for. They can never be soo kind to us.

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