Masterpiece Aid Intl Foundation (MAI): How to get enrolled

In a struggling economy like that of Nigeria, Masterpiece AID Intl foundation is offering a three months exceptional skill development training programme with the aim of building the future independent world. In Masterpiece AID Intl foundation you are advised to choose wisely and be successful because education alone will not guarantee a job. Take all prudence measure with this organization to strive for two difference goals. in this post you will to enlighten on how to take advantage of the opportunity

These organization will admit candidates with a minimum of basic education certificate and cover multidisciplinary areas that will prepare you for jobs in most industries.

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Masterpiece Aid
Masterpiece Aid

List of Programmes in MAI

In masterpiece AID intl foundation you will be taught:

  1. Web design
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Basic computer operation
  4. Video coverage
  5. Hair dressing
  6. Makeup
  7. Nail fixing
  8. Fashion design
  9. Soap and disinfectant production
  10. Bead and Ankara making
  11. Facial and skincare treatment
  12. Shoe making
  13. Bag making

Other benefits

Masterpiece Aid
Masterpiece Aid

 Aside from the afore mentioned skills, MAI also offer

  1. Scholarship award
  2. Free health service
  3. Financial support
  4. Humanitarian service
Masterpiece Aid
Masterpiece Product

How to get enrolled

Masterpiece AID Intl Foundation is going town to town to educate and enlighten young Nigerian. I advise you to contact the organization and find out their nearest location to you.

These Vocational Schools are recommended for:

  1. Those who wish to acquire demonstrable practical skills to secure employment or generate employment
  2. Those seeking for career paths that do not need university degrees
  3. People who do not have time for full-time study but want to enhance their skills
  4. Those who wish to go into self-employment
  5. University graduates seeking employable skills and
  6. Adults seeking opportunities to re-skill themselves

Contact Information

Masterpiece Aid class
The class

Location; #50 Ekpo Abasi by Yellow Duke, Calabar, CRS, Nig.

Phone: 08034170394, 08020332105, 07051091397

Facebook: masterpieceaid

Instagram: @ Masterpieceaid

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