Marriage List in Akwa Ibom State

My guy you see as a bachelor intending to get marry, you may have browse through the internet searching the web for the information concerning the cost of marriage. I had earlier publish on how to marry a typical annang girl and how to marry a first daughter in ibibio land I enlist rituals and steps to follow. So now I will be discussing the general marriage list that is expected when going for Akwa Ibom state girl.


N.B: The cost of this list is Three Thousand Naira(#3000.00) only and one bottle of Original Schnapps


These are items you give to the youth that took care of the street prior to the time of you marriage to the lady whose father’s house is there.
2 cartons of beer(Star and Gulder)
2 crates of mineral
1 packet of cigarette (St Morris)
1 packet of cigarette (Benson)
2 bottles of Schnapps
1 bottle of illicit gin(kai-kai)
1 head of tobacco
1 leather ball
Cash of Five thousand five hundred naira (#5500.00) only 

Step 2 Nkong Udok

This is the introductory part of the event and is known to be the most important aspect of it. The item required are:
6 cartons of Star beer
6 crates of mineral
2 crates of small stout
2 crates of Maltina
4 liters of illicit gin(kai-kai)
2 heads of tobacco and limestone
2 rubbers of palm wine (40 liters)
2 bottles of grinded snuff
4 bunches of cola nut
6 bottles of schnapps
6 bottles of Eva wine
Physical cash of forty thousand naira (#40,000.00) only


Now the family, usually extended, the father of the girls has no hand in the content of this list. The item there include:
1 big native she goat
5 tubers of yam
5 cartons of Star beer
I cartons of small stout
1 cartons of assorted gin
3 crates of mineral
2 Rubbers of palm wine (40 liters)
2 bunches of cola nut
2 heads of tobacco and limestone
2 bottles of grinded snuff
Physical cash of five thousand naira (#5,000.00) only.

STEP 4: FATHER’ Marriage list

This is exclusively for the father and in some cases the thing is comparatively low. The items there include:
1 carton of whisky
1 bottle of three in 1 whisky
1 carton of schnapps
10 cartons of beer, (small stout)
10 crates of mineral
10 bottles of English wine
4 litres of hot drink (kai-kai)
5 head of tobacco with limestone and snuff water
5 rubbers of palm wine
5 bud of kola-nut
5 packet of St. Morris cigarette/benson
1 piece of president rapper (English made)
Complete suit with reading eye glass
1 fine chieftaincy dress
1 black hat
1 English long sleeve shirt
1 wrist watch
1 fine walking stick
1 pair of cover shoe with sucks
1 hot pant
1 nice tie
1 fine English portfolio
Envelope of #50,000.00


1 Raleigh Bicycle
10 cartons of beer
10 crates of minerals
5 bottles of whisky
1 piece of English Damask
Blouses (lace) and head tie canopy (Damask)
A pair of women shoe and wrist watch (Gold)
1 set of Earring (Gold), Bleazer and pant (dozen)
1 under skirt (dozen) and hand Bangoles (Gold)
1 Frying Garri pot
1 Toronto Basin with cover
1 Umbrella and Hand bag
1 set of eating plate with spoons (dozen)
1 Palm Oil milling machine
1 English house knife
2 cooking pot big and small (English made)
1 big rubber of kerosene
2 bags of salt
2 bags of pepper
2 bags of crayfish
2 rubbers of palm wine
2 bags of rice
1 bag of beans
1 big cooking stand for palm oil
1 big bathing towel, soap, pomade oil, washing hand towel and English basin (big one)
1 carton of key soap
1 crate of mineral and #1,000.00 for cooker
1 piece of English wax to cover on the ground for wife to match on
1 three in one whisky to show the husband
#5,000.00 to open the whisky
Envelope of #40,000.00 only


1 piece of English wax
5 bottle of schnapps
2 three in 1 whisky
5 bottle of English wine
5 big bottles Gordien Dry gin
4 litres of hot drink (kai-kai)
5 cartons of beer
5 crates of mineral
1 carton of whisky
5 head of tobacco with limestone with snuff water
1 bottle of Granded snuff
2 rubbers of palm wine
Envelope of #10,000.00 only


1 piece of wax
1 carton of beer
1 crate of mineral
1 bottle of illicit gin
1 bottle of whisky


1 carton of beer
1 crates of minerals
1 bottle of schnapps
1 bottle of illicit gin
3 Key Bar soap
Cash of #1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred naira only)

Okay guy hope that the article has help you in the quest for the idea about the marriage list. so just share