Local Beers in Nigeria: Beer you should find in Nigerian Market

Local Beers in Nigeria -Nigerians are so much in love with beer, and beers parlous where people go to drink and relax are a pretty common sight. Nigerians consume close to 18 million Hectoliters of beer every year. There are a lot of locally produced beers available to satisfy Nigerians’ thirst. These beer brands are seen in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Every beer has a story with its taste, design, and uniqueness all over the world, but in Nigeria, the beer story is not different.

Beer is like football in Nigeria, no fan of a beer brand would admit that the other brands are better than his or her preference.

1. Star Lager

Star Lager is a very popular beer in Nigeria. It was first made in June 1946 and has since been an exceptional beer brand.

Star Lager is Nigeria’s first-ever brewed beer and is growing to be the country’s favorite beer in its 600 ml bottle size and has 5.10 percent alcohol.

This has an ever-rich foam head. Its taste is crispy and has this great clean finish when it is taken.

Star Beer
Star Beer

The bear is rich and very satisfying for a cold evening. The appearance is attractive with its clear gold body that is brewed with the finest ingredient.

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The bitterness is medium-light and has this sweetness in between that makes it an enjoyable product.

2. 33 Export

33 Export has been breeding friendships among Nigerians since the year 1979. The basic ingredients of 33 Export are hops, malted barley, sucrose, water, and sorghum.

This Nigerian product is produced by Consolidated Breweries who describe 33 Export as “crisp tasting, sparkling and refreshing”. 33.

“33” Export is one of the quality beer brands loved by a lot of Nigerians.  This has been brewed in Nigeria since late 1979 and you can only enjoy it in any cool atmosphere. It has a unique crisp taste, sparkling and refreshing.

It contains 5% alcohol. “33” Export gives a tender feeling.

3. Legend Extra Stout

Nigeria has one of the largest markets for a stout in the world and Legend Extra Stout is an exceptional stout made by the Nigerian Breweries.

It was first made in the year 1992. The drink is quite popular, and this has earned it the tag ‘the real deal.

It contains 7.5 percent alcohol and a flavor that is mixed with roasted malts, some dried fruits, and chocolate.

The size of the bottle is 60 cl and is popular in different drinking beer parlors in the country. It is a kind of beer that both males and females love.

4. Gulder Lager

Gulder Lager dates back to 1970 and is another offering by Nigerian Breweries. This is very strong-flavored and comes with a colorful history.

Gulder Lager is a brand with much history and one of the top beers in Nigeria. Gulder has become one of the oldest beers in the country, designed with a unique label design.

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Its bottle size is 600ml and has a 5.20 percent alcohol. It has a bitter taste and is drinkable.

The beer has a creamy texture and the bottle is attractive. It is brewed for luxury and relaxation with a refreshing aftertaste.

5. Hero Lager

Hero Lager is produced by International brewer SAB Miller. The Hero Lager bottles bear the rising sun that appeared on the Biafra flag.

Hero Beer
Hero Beer

Hero Lager is less bitter than other beers due to the relatively low hop content. The bear is mostly loved by the Igbo’s.

6. Harp

The Harp is mild and soothing with its low bitterness brewed. It has 5.15 percent alcohol and triples filtered to give a smooth, crisp, and a taste that one can never forget.

This beer brings freshness with a sorghum flavor that brings out the tropical fruits and canned pears aroma.

The bear stands out when it is placed on a table filled with other local beers in its bottle shape and size.

7. Orijin

These are new school drinks. The drink is made up of a mild spirit, fruits, and herbs made for people who have light brains. This beer is usually for people between the ages of 20 to 29.

A lot of Nigerians also drink this beer to drown their problems, drinking can never be a coping mechanism for problems, but Nigerians still drink.

8. Heineken

This is an exotic beer; the product is both for the rich people the average and also the poor. It is smooth and velvety on the tongue and gentle on the throat.

It is one of the best local beers Nigerians love.

9. Trophy

People that drink this bear are likely to have multi-syllabic, jaw-breaking. TROPHY belongs to the lower spectrum of the pricing prism of beer in Nigeria, yet it cannot be concretely used as an indicator of someone’s class because of its sheer ubiquity in Yoruba lands. It is a product for all.

10. Life

Just like HERO, LIFE is another Igbo-centric product. Unlike HERO, this one is much lighter on the tongue and milder on the throat.

11. Budweiser

Budweiser, popularly known as “the King of Beers, King of Football or Smooth King, is one of the top beer brands in the world, and it is competing in Nigeria’s premium segment of the market with the likes of Heineken. The top quality lager beer and official sponsor of the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga made a triumphant entry into Nigeria 3 years ago. Its arrival into the Nigerian premium lager beer market was described as a revolution that was imminent in Nigeria’s alcoholic beverage industry. Budweiser’s journey into Nigeria started in 2018, as part of its drive to achieve long-term investment

12. Tiger Lager

Tiger lager beer was introduced into the Nigerian beer market in 2018 by Nigerian Breweries Plc, following the introduction of Budweiser by AB InBev. The brand, which is an International Premium Asian beer, was reportedly paired up with Heineken lager beer, as Nigerian Breweries assembled the big beers to defend its turf in what appeared to be a beer war. According to NB, Tiger Beer has an 86-year history, dating back to 1932 in Singapore and is made with only the finest ingredients through a precise brewing process.

13. Goldberg

Described by its loyalists as “a befitting beer that truly celebrates the values and culture of the befitting man, Goldberg is a lager beer brewed to golden, unique nature of its own by Nigerian Breweries Plc.

It was established in 2011, and having gone through an extensive reformulation and repackaging processes resulting in the rich quality and smooth-tasting recipe, Goldberg was re-launched in 2012.

Goldberg’s acceptance cuts across the geo-political zones of the country, there is no tribal affinity with the brand, as it transcends the south western part of Nigeria.

In summary, these are the 10 Nigerian best local beers for the year 2022. You can always chill with your best beer.

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