List of Good NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom State

If you are hoping to serve in Akwa Ibom state but don’t know whether you can get a good NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom State, then this article is for you.

Your NYSC service is a one year exercise which every graduate that is a Nigerian must undergo. 

In the course of your NYSC service year, you will be posted to different primary places of assignment (PPA) to discharge your duties. 

So, if after your NYSC application, you find yourself in Akwa Ibom state, I know you would only like to serve in the best PPA in the state.

As a result, this article presents you a comprehensive list of some of the best NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom state.

Also, you will learn a lot about the state – security issues, how much Akwa Ibom state pays corpers and so on.

Let’s start with knowing the condition of Akwa Ibom state for NYSC service.

FAQs on NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom State

 NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom
NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom

1. Is Akwa Ibom state good for NYSC service?

To judge whether Akwa Ibom state is a good state for NYSC, there are a lot of factors we need to consider. 

This is because different people have their tastes ans criteria for judging whether a state is nice for service or not.

As a result, you will not expect my judgement to be the same as yours.

With that in mind, let’s begin our judgement from the camp.

2.    What is the nature of Akwa Ibom state NYSC Orientation camp?

The Akwa Ibom state NYSC Orientation is located at Ikon Itie Idung Nsit Attai, Uyo-Oron Rd, Ikot Akpabio.

This place is one of those places you really wish you were posted to for your NYSC Service. 

The camp is not as stressful at all and it is very easy to locate from Uyo. 

Akwa Ibom NYSC Orientation camp has very beautiful toilets.

The toilets are cleaned regularly, and there is constant water supply.

Besides, there is constant electricity in the camp, and when there is no supply from the grid, they turn on the supplementary generator. 

Also, there are varieties of food in the mami market.

However, the camp will still provide you with good food from the government.

The only challenge you may face is network connection issues and this may vary depending on the location of your hostel in the camp.

3. What is the state of infrastructures in Akwa Ibom state

Akwa Ibom state has one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria if not the No 1 on the list.

The state capital, Uyo is truly a sight to behold and that’s why it has the nickname “Small London.”

The environment is very conducive and the roads are well tarred.

Akwa Ibom state is home to the most beautiful stadium in Nigeria and it has a lot of recreational areas.

The state gets an ample supply electricity from the grid.

Although, this may not be the case in all the NYSC PPA and villages across the state.

Water is not an issue as there are many private owned boreholes in the state.

As for Internet connection, that will vary largely depending on your location.

4.   What is the cost of living in Akwa Ibom state as an NYSC corps member?

The cost of living in Akwa Ibom is as a serving NYSC corps member is really cheap.

The only thing that may be expensive is the cost of housing.

Besides that, the cost of transportation is very affordable. 

Also, food is very cheap in the state, especially palm oil and vegetables. 

You can also afford many hotels ans recreation centres in the state.

5. How much does Akwa Ibom state government pay NYSC corps members

Akwa Ibom state government pays serving corpers in the state N5,000 only.

They pay corps members N5,000 monthly aside their Federal government allawee.

And considering that the cost of living in the state is affordable, this money will go a long way in the month.

6. Is Akwa Ibom state safe for NYSC corps members?

This state is located in the South-South region of the country and has been known to be one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria where a youth corper can serve without security threat. 

As long as you don’t cause trouble for yourself by indulging in incriminating activities, you have nothing to fear.

Akwa Ibom state is very safe for your NYSC service.

List of companies that accept NYSC corps members in Akwa Ibomstate

Now that we know so much about Akwa Ibom state,  let’s see the different companies that accept corpers in the state.

There are many good places for your NYSC primary assignment (PPA) in Akwa Ibom state,  and they cut across several industries. 

However, most of the best and government NYSC PPA is located in Akwa Ibom state capital, Uyo.

Depending on your field, you can also research on Google for a good PPA in Akwa Ibom state. 

To help you get started with your research, here is the list of the best NYSC PPA that you can find in Akwa Ibom state. 

Recommended: Sokoto state NYSC PPA

Some more companies that accept NYSC corps members in Akwa Ibom state

  • Ecobank Nigeria Plc
  • Eddymoore Nigeria Ltd
  • Edo Transport Service Ltd
  • Ekere Associates
  • Emmanuel Electronics Ltd
  • Equipment Business & Allied Services Ltd
  • Etteharo & Partners
  • Executive Guards Ltd
  • Fabros Group Of Companies
  • Felpet (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria (FMBN)
  • Fidelity Bank Plc
  • First Bank Of Nigeria Plc
  • First City Monument Bank Plc
  • Gani International Services & Trading Company Nigeria Ltd
  • Gersh Henshaw & Company
  • Goldllnk Insurance Plc
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  • Hull Blyth Nigeria Limited
  • Access Bank Plc
  • Seyang Limited
  • Siba Group
  • African General Insurance Brokers Ltd
  • Akrosamic Investments Ltd
  • Akwa Ibom Property & Investments Co. Ltd
  • Akwa Savings & Loans Ltd
  • Altrade Securities Ltd
  • Amana Consortium Ltd
  • Anchor Insurance Company Limited
  • Associated Bus Company Plc (Abc Transport)
  • Atlantic Meridean Co. Ltd
  • Avis Nigeria (Turtles Car Services Ltd)
  • Bank Of Industry Limited
  • Banksway International Ltd
  • Benek Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Bertola Machine-Tool Ltd
  • Betcy Group Of Companies
  • Bussdor & Company Ltd
  • Cakasa (Nigeria) Company Limited
  • Capital Express Insurance Company Limited
  • Capital Express Securities Ltd
  • Cashcraft Asset Management Ltd
  • Champion Breweries Plc
  • Champion Newspapers Ltd
  • Communication Trends Nig. Ltd
  • Consolex Legal Practitioners
  • Coscharis Motors Limited
  • Cost-Link Associates
  • Cradle Trust Finance & Securities Ltd
  • Darakon Resources Ltd
  • D-Polan Ltd
  • Diamond Bank Plc
  • Dsv Pipetronix Ltd
 NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom
NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom
  • Mutual Alliance Savings & Loans Ltd
  • Nautilus (Nig) Engineering & Const. Ltd
  • Newswatch Communications Ltd
  • Nigerian Agricultural Co-Operative & Rural Development Bank Ltd
  • Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation
  • Oil Related Ventures Ltd
  • Olusola Adekanola & Company Group
  • Options Securities Ltd
  • Panalpina World Transport (Nigeria) Limited
  • Paul Usoro & Company
  • Petrolog Ltd
  • Point Engineering Ltd
  • Prime Microfinance Bank Ltd
  • Progenics Corp Ltd
  • Rok Projects Ltd
  • Rosan Ventures Ltd
  • Sam Udo-Akagha & Partners
  • IHS Nigeria Plc
  • Index Brook (Nig.) Ltd
  • Industrial Ports Engineering Services (Nig.) Ltd
  • Isatong Ltd
  • Jkpeez Impex Co. Lt D
  • John Holt Distribution (Ventures)
  • Jullus Berger Nigeria Plc
  • Karis To Industrial Systems Ltd
  • Kofana Securitie S & Investments Ltd
  • Kundila Finance Services Ltd
  • Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc
  • Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort
  • Leadway Assurance Company Limited
  • Leadway Pensure Pfa Limited
  • Linkage Assurance Plc
  • Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Limited
  • Marlum Nigeria Ltd
  • Maven Kapital Ltd
  • Mega Equities Ltd
  • Megastar Technical & Construction Co. Ltd
  • Mingi Services Ltd
  • MIS Software Nigeria Ltd
  • Mothercat Ltd
  • Multimesh Communication Ltd
  • Samuel Ukpong & Company
  • Satec Engineering Ltd
  • Skye Bank Plc
  • Stanbic Ibtc Bank Plc
  • Sterling Bank Plc
  • Synapse Technologies Nigeria Ltd
  • System Metal Industries Ltd
  • TDI Communications Ltd
  • Teledom Group
  • Tornado International Associates Ltd
  • Tunnex Laboratory Engineering Ltd
  • Union Assurance Company Limited
  • Udoetuk & Associates
  • Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc
  • Union Express Ltd
  • United Bank For Africa Plc
  • Universal Energy Resources Ltd
  • Vigeo Holdings Limited
  • Wema Bank Plc
  • Xl Management Services Ltd
  • Yamaha/Almarine (Div. Of John Holt Plc)
  • Zenith Bank Plc

What do companies look for when accepting corpers serving in Akwa Ibomstate?

The process of hire for many companies does not change because you are a corps member. 

Although, they will cut you some slack, but that does not mean they will overlook everything else.

The first thing most companies look out for is your academic qualification.

With a first class or a second class upper result, you will automatically become a hot cake ready for hire.

But it will do you much good is your course of study tallies with what the available position in the company.

For instance, a person who studied financial accounting and graduated with a good result will be preferable in a bank or accounting department of a firm

There are other requirements, and they are mostly soft skills. They include;

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to use a computer well
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good morals

If you have any other certification or qualities that will be enticing to your employer, then add them in your application.

How to get the Best PPA to accept you during your NYSC service in Akwa Ibomstate

 NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom
NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom

First and foremost, Akwa Ibom state NYSC will give you a posting letter to a predetermined PPA within the state.

Although, I have witnessed cases where those who have issues may choose to relocate to a new PPA.

Normally, NYSC does not encourage relocations away from your PPA, so make sure you read the NYSC rules and regulations to make sure you do not default.

Some of the challenges for which NYSC will accept your request to relocate to another PPA or away from an LGA is if you have a physical disability, illness, security or accomodation problem.

If you have any of the aforementioned issues, they may honour your request to relocate.

To get through the best NYSC PPA of your choice in Akwa Ibom state,  you have to write an application letter to them.

In your letter, you have to state that you are a corper and then mention other reasons why they should hire you.

Make sure you submit your application alongside photocopies of necessary documents including your credentials, results and certificates.

If the company accepts you, you will have to collect a request letter from them which you will present to NYSC as an alternative for the previous PPA.

Note that the current PPA you are trying to move away from must reject you before you present the request letter.

It will take some days up to two weeks before your new PPA will reflect on your NYSC portal.


Your service year is an avenue to make good connections, gain exposure and learn from other cultures.

So, if you happen to be posted to Akwa Ibom state, it will do you good to explore the state as much as you can.

But the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you get a good PPA in Akwa Ibom state for your NYSC service.

Getting a good NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom will put you in a place where you will get better exposure and also make more money.

In the end, you may be retained in the company depending on your performance, and I believe you will like to be retained in a good company.

Remember not to limit yourself and explore all available options.

That is our take on List of Good NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom State. We hope it has help you as you are being posted to this state. Remember to share to your friends

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