List Of Currencies Of Africa – Updated 2022

The West African CFA franc used by 8 independent countries and the Central African franc used by 6 different countries are the two notable ones amongst the different national currencies that are circulated across the African continent. The fixed exchange rate guarantees the relative stability of the currency and at present both of these have been pegged to the Euro. Placed at the end in the list of top 20 most traded currencies of the world is the South African rand which is the only local currency of Africa to be placed in the list. Over the years the African currency system has evolved to the currencies in the form of paper money from the barter system.

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Prior to the colonization of Africa, there were multiple forms of currencies used within the continent and these involved some or the other materials, animals and even the people. However, the European colonists introduced a new form of the monetary system in the very beginning of the 17th century. After Africa got its independence in the 20th century, the majority of the countries retained the same currency that the colonial powers had brought here or introduced whilst others had renamed it. By the end of the year 2013, the currency Zambian Kwacha or ZMW was identified as the strongest of all the currencies in Africa.

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CountryCapital CityName of Currencies
AlgeriaAlgiersAlgerian Dinar
AngolaLuandaAngolan Kwanza
BeninPorto-NovoWest African CFA franc 
BotswanaGaboronePula (BWP)
Burkina FasoOuagadougouWest African CFA franc 
BurundiBujumburaBurundi Franc
CameroonYaoundeWest African CFA francs 
Cape VerdePraiaCape Verdean Escudo 
Central African Rep.BanguiCentral African CFA franc 
ChadN’DjamenaCentral African CFA franc 
ComorosMoroniComorian franc (KMF) 
Congo (DRC)KinshasaCongolese Franc (CDF) 
Cote d’IvoireYamoussoukroWest African CFA franc 
DjiboutiDjiboutiFranc (DJF) 
EgyptCairoEgyptian pound (EGP) 
Equatorial GuineaMalabo Central African CFA franc 
EritreaAsmaraNakfa (ERN) 
EthiopiaAddis AbabaBirr (ETB) 
Gabon LibrevilleCentral African CFA franc 
GambiaBanjul Dalasi (GMD) 
GhanaAccraGhana cedi
GuineaConakryGuinea Franc 
Guinea-BissauBissau West African CFA franc 
KenyaNairobiKenyan shilling 
LesothoMaseruLesotho loti 
LiberiaMonroviaLiberian Dollar 
LibyaTripoliLibyan Dinar 
MadagascarAntananarivoMalagasy ariary 
MaliBamakoWest African CFA franc 
MauritaniaNouakchott Ouguiya 
MauritiusMauritiusMauritian rupee
MoroccoRabat Moroccan Dirham 
MozambiqueMaputoMozambican metical 
NamibiaWindhoekNamibian dollar 
NigerNiameyWest African CFA franc 
RwandaKigaliRwanda Franc 
Sao Tome & PrincipeSao TomeDobra
SenegalDakarCFA franc 
SeychellesVictoriaSeychellois rupee (SCR) 
Sierra LeoneFreetownSierra Leonean leone (SLL) 
SomaliaMogadishuSomali Shilling 
South AfricaPretoriaSouth African Rand (ZAR) 
South SudanJubaSouth Sudanese pound (SSP)
SudanKhartoumSudanese pound (SDG) 
TanzaniaDodomaTanzanian Schilling 
TogoLomé Central African CFA franc 
TunisiaTunisTunisian Dinar 
UgandaKampalaUganda Shilling 
Western SaharaLaayouneMoroccan Dirham  (The majority of the territory of Western Sahara is currently administered by the Kingdom of Morocco.)
ZambiaLusakaZambian Kwacha (ZMK) 
ZimbabweHarareZimbabwean Dollar (ZWD) 

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