List of Clans in Uruan: The Ancentral Extraction of Uruan People

Historical Review

Clans in Uruan: As it not occur to you that before the emergent of English language that describe uruan subsections as clans there was a name that our foreparent called them? In this post we will be looking at the original names that these places called southern, nothern and central Uruan was called, Clans in Uruan, so that the younger generation may know. Uruan people are found mostly in Uruan Local Government Area in Akwa-Abasi Ibom State.In addition,Uruan people can also be found in Okobo , Eket , Oron & Opobo ( Ikot Abasi ). This are those who ,during Geographical & Ecological problems migrated but strayed to found those communities,where they settled with people of other tribes.

Uruan people have continued to maintain a good relationship with their neighbors; and have fervently clung to their heritage. Their seven clan structure is still being maintained. This is the structure depicted during the coronation and burial of the Edidem Atakpor, the Nsomm of Uruan, by the presence of seven traditional bow-men, seven spear-men, seven sword-men, and seven royal staff-men each of which represent Essien Uruan.

Clans in Uruan
Clans in Uruan

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The principal deity of Uruan people is Atakpor, which was brought from Southern Cameroun, and believed to be a Great Mother deity that associates with water. The Atakpor was regarded as female deity and as an intermediary through which Uruan people could communicate with Abasi (God). Today Uruan people believe that this Great Mother deity lives in that body of water now known as Akwa Akpa Uruan (The Mighty Sea of Uruan).

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The former 12 Clans in Uruan

History and Tradition has it that Uruan people settled in Aqua Obio Uruan in about 8th Century A.D, having 12 Traditional Clans in Uruan. Namely:-

1) Bulanki

2) Etongo Mkpe

3) Ntem-Ntem

4) Ikiba

5) Odiodio

6) Mutaka

7) Ekondo

8) Mbawa

9) Mosongo

10) Akpe Iboku

11) Aqua

12) Ibonda Uruan

They all had a traditional religion, government and ways of life.

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In the 13th Century: Iboku people of the Ebrutu tribe came & they were hosted by Uruan. Trading businesses , inter-marriages and Cultural borrowing took place between them. Both groups regarded themselves as brothers, thus became closely related. After a long period, there came an economic, Ecological & geographical disorder of which many properties and Livestock were destroyed by floods,hence,the need for Migration to the mainland.

Ufak Effiong, Issiet, Esuk Odu, Ikpa, Esuk Ikot Etuong are villages were Uruan people settled and together with other places,made up the ESSIEN URUAN ITIABA.

Moreover, some moved to other parts of the Mainland of what is today Akwa-Abasi Ibom State.

In addition, The Iboku families in Efik migrated from Uruan country to Creek Town. Duke Town,. Akpabuyo etc.Some families in Uruan villages ( Mbiaya, Ibiaku Uruan, Ndon Ebom, Adiadia…..) have connections with Efik families in Duke & Creek Town

The remaining sevan clans in Uruan

Clans in Uruan
Clans in Uruan

Of original twelve traditional clans, only seven largely unrecognized clans remain today. Others are believed to have settled among the Ibibios such as Ekpene Ukim village in Nsit Ubium and Ikpa village in Eket. To date, these villages still maintain strong bond with their Uruan kindreds.

The remaining sevan Clans in Uruan are:

(1) Akwa Uruan, which is made up of: Nturukpum, Esuk Odu, Ibuno Issiet, Issiet Inua Akpa, Use Uruan, Issiet Ekim, Ekim Enen, Afaha Ikot, Ikot Nkanga, Ama Odung, Ikot Owot, Esuk Issiet and Obio Nkan.

(2) Etongko Mkpe Uruan, made up of: Ifiayong Obot, Obio Obot Osong, Osong, Akpa Utong, Ibikpe, Ikot Udo, and Mbiaya.

(3) Mutaka Uruan, comprised of: Ekpene Ibia, Ikot Edung, Ibiaku Issiet, Obio Ndobo, Ikot Akpa Ekang, Ikot Akan and Adadia.

(4) Ekondo Uruan, comprised of: Ibiaku Ikot Ese, Ndon Uruan, Ituk Mbang, Ekpene Ukim, Ndon Ebom, Esuk Inyang, Nung Ikono Ufok, and Nung Ikono Obio.

(5) Mosongko Uruan, made up of: Akpa Mfri Ukim, Esuk Anakpa, Ufak Obio Uruan, Akani Obio Uruan, Obio Akwa Akpa Uruan, Esuk Idu, Ikot Etuong, Ifiayong Esuk, Nwaniba, Mbiakong, Ifiayong Usuk, Eman Ikot Udo and Idu.

(6) Ibonda Uruan, comprised of: Edik Ikpa, Eman Ukpa, Anakpa, Nna Enin, Ikot Inyang Esuk, Nung Oku and Ikot Oto Inyie.

(7) Akpe Iboku Uruan, made up of: Ibiaku, Eman, Utit, Ita, Ikpa, Ikot Oku and Esuk Ikpa.

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