List of Air Hostess Schools in Nigeria

Air Hostess Schools, otherwise known as a flight attendant, is part of the aircrew. Air hostess is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the comfort and of passengers. To be an air hostess, you must be trained to become qualified air hostess personnel. To achieve this fit, you have to enroll in a school where air hostess has been taught. If you are in Nigeria and desire to be prepared to enroll in an air hostess school, we have compiled the list of air hostess schools in Nigeria where you can enroll in.
Air hostess schools are meant to equip persons interested to become an air hostess on the rudiment and all that is required concerning the job. There are only but a handful of Air Hostess Schools in Nigeria that you can enroll in and become a trained air hostess. These schools are highlighted below.

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List of Air Hostess Schools in Nigeria

S/NAir Hostess SchoolsLocation
1.      Anis International School of Aviation & Transportation StudiesLagos
2.      Eagleair Flight Training CentreMinna
3.      Nigeria College Of Aviation Technology ZariaZaria
4.      Universal School of AviationLagos
5.      Yms Aviation SchoolLagos
Air Hostess Schools

Anis International School of Aviation & Transportation Studies

  • Location: 5 Kunle Akinosi Street By Gani-Kale Close Oshodi Express, Lagos, Nigeria

Anis Internationals School of Aviation and Transportation Studies, now known as Anis International School of Travel and Tourism, is an IATA authorized training center that trains Air Hostess.

Air Hostess Schools
Air Hostess Schools

This Air Hostess Schools offers training in travel and tourism as well as provide quality aviation training program in the area of travel and tourism so that individual or group of students can achieve their personal and professional goals.

YMS Aviation School 

  • Location: 82 Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

YMS Aviation School is also the right choice that you can enroll in and be trained to become a qualified flight attendant. The school offers various cabin crew training programs, which will give you the qualifications you need, and this training course is delivered by experts and professional trainers that are qualified and certified to provide you with the air hostess training and skills you need to stand out.

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These are the schools where you can attend to be trained as a certified air hostess in Nigeria. You sure will enjoy the best training experience ever when you enroll in any of this academy as they are well equipped and have experienced teachers and trainers that will prepare and provide you to become a formidable air hostess.
As earlier mentioned, air hostesses are trained to ensure passengers aboard the airplane are well attended to and ensure they are safe, especially demonstrating before the passengers how to use some of the safety equipment in the aircraft. More so, the air hostess is trained to meet passenger requests, serve food and beverages, and attend to sick passengers, if need be.

Nigeria College of Aviation Technology Zaria 

  • Location: Zaria Aerodrome, Samaru Zaria Kaduna State P.M.B 1031 Zaria, 234 Nigeria

Nigeria College of Aviation Technology, also known as NCAT, is one of the outstanding flight schools in Nigeria. The school was established by the Federal Government in 1964 and has since then trained numerous flight crews.

Air Hostess Schools
Air Hostess Schools

This Air Hostess Schools established as a result of the amalgamation of four schools, which are the Flying School, The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School, The Air Traffic Services/Communications School, and The Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering School. The school also trains air hostess, who is the reason why it is enlisted in this

Eagleair Flight Training Centre

  • Location: Minna Airport Terminal Building Minna, 00234 Nigeria

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Eagleair Flight Training Centre is a good flight training institute that provides excellent flight training to students who enroll in the institution. This Air Hostess School ensures that students are trained in a way that is comfortable and to guarantee the achievement of their current status and progress towards set goals.

Air Hostess Schools
Air Hostess Schools

The school makes use of a comprehensive syllabus and also adheres strictly to standards that will enhance students in their goals more quickly and cost-effectively. Classes are structured in such a way that student gets the best of learning and training experience.

Universal School of Aviation 

  • Location: Muritala Muhammed International Airport 136, Isolo-Ikotun Road, Cele-Egbe Bus Stop, Ikotun Lagos, 23401 Nigeria

Universal School of Aviation is a well-recognized Air Hostess Schools in Nigeria. The school was established with the aim of training well-trained staff for both domestic and international aviation-related organizations. This is made possible through its various flight programs that are targeted to train and equip students to become excellent in their various fields, including flight attendants. Aside from the theoretical aspect, the school also attaches students to diverse travel organization for Industrial Attachment programs so that they can apply their academic experience to real scenarios. Most often, this Industrial Attachment leads to permanent employment.


These are at present the air Hostess Schools accessible in Nigeria. You can settle on your decision and sign up for any of them. Whichever of these foundations that you decide to have confidence to appreciate ideal and quality preparation. In any case, these schools are expensive and monetary requesting, so you should be arranged monetarily to address every one of the issues and different necessities that might emerge during your review. All the more thus, at whatever point we have a clue on new licensed air hostess schools in Nigeria, we will give you an update.

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