List of African Countries and their GDP Per Capita (updated)

Africa, the 2nd largest continent in the world in terms of landmass. An extremely colorful place, full of wildlife and endowed with so many natural resources. Africa is green but incomplete without the desert to the north. Full of many cultures, traditions, and interesting languages, Africa is home to the majority of black people in the world. But Africa is not so awesome in every other way, being home to some of the poorest people, races, and nations of the world. This post is bout African Countries and their GDP Per Capita

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An interesting fact about Africa, in one of the countries in Africa we have the world 5th richest man, richest woman in the world, best players just to mention in few. Africa is not entirely backward because of the presence of some countries. Follow me as I take you on a tour through the top 50 richest African countries, based on GDP per capita.

Richest Countries In Africa GDP (PPP) Per Capita 2021

 S/N African Countries GDP Per Capita (Int$)
 1. Seychelles26,120
 2. Mauritius22,030
 3. Equatorial Guinea18,236
 4. Botswana18,113
 5. Gabon16,244
 6. Libya13,724
 7. Egypt13,084
 8. South Africa12,442
 9. Algeria11,433
 10. Tunisia10,594
 11. Namibia9,542
 12. Eswatini9,152
 13. Morocco8,027
 14. Angola6,878
 15. Cabo Verde6,837
 16. Mauritania 5,993
 17. Ghana5,968
 18.Côte d’Ivoire5,642
 19. Djibouti5,300
 20. Nigeria5,280
 21. Kenya5,275
 22. Republic Of Congo4,169
 23. Sudan4,082
 24. Sao Tome and Principe3,926
 25. Cameroon3,745
 26. Senegal3,625
 27. Benin3,573
 28. Zambia3,322
 29. Comoros3,022
 30. Ethiopia2,973
 31. Tanzania2,863
 32. Lesotho2,829
 33. Guinea2,731
 34. Uganda2,706
 35. Zimbabwe 2,698
 36. Mali2,469
 37. Rwanda2,458
 38. Guinea-Bissau 2,409
 39. The Gambia2,385
 40.Burkina Faso2,334
 41. Togo2,262
 42. Eritrea1,862
 43. Sierra Leone1,772
 44. Madagascar1,639
 45. Chad1,621
 46. Liberia1,602
 47. Niger1,320
 48. Mozambique1,293
 49. Democratic Republic of the Congo1,132
 50.Central African Republic1,013

Details of top 50 richest countries in Africa.

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