Lagos traffic: Five things you shouldn’t buy in Lagos traffic

A couple of years prior, a well known Nigerian comic jokingly said it was feasible to cook a pot of soup in a common place Lagos traffic.

As amusing as it sounded at that point, it is, truth be told, presently a reality. A run of the mill Lagos traffic can be compared to a market. Aside from shoes, belts, cloths, occasion, plantain chips and beverages, a great deal of unforeseen things are being sold in Lagos traffic.

This type of road exchanging has turned into significantly more refined with the presentation of numerous things generally found in shops and open business sectors. Assuming that you are a novice in Lagos, or a JJC, you would rather not succumb to deceitful traffic sellers who approach cheating clueless purchasers consistently . The following are five things you shouldn’t buy in Lagos traffic.

1. Telephones

The tales you catch wind of really paying for a telephone in rush hour gridlock and afterward figuring out that you purchased a bar of cleanser or a phony contraption isn’t restricted to PC town alone.

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Truth be told, it’s obviously true’s that the most costly telephones and devices are sold at giveaway costs in Lagos traffic. Try not to be astonished assuming that a merchant hangs an iPhone X to your face in rush hour gridlock for a pitiful amount of N50, 000. Previously, you are enticed to get it, mull over the way that it could be a taken telephone or a telephone customized to work for only 30 minutes. Who realizes you may simply be purchasing your telephone, which was grabbed in Lagos traffic!

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2. Dogs/Puppies

You don’t have the foggiest idea about the sort of illnesses these canines are presented to so you can’t confide in the merchant. For some purchasers, the type of the canine is the fascination. Furthermore, the venders know this. To this end they exploit their guilelessness by selling counterfeit types of young doggies at extremely mouth-watering costs. When you get to your veterinary specialist, you will be stunned to hear that the canine you only bought for N30, 000 in Lagos traffic is definitely not an Alsatian or even a crossbreed. So you cant trust a canine vender in rush hour gridlock.

3. Recharge Cards

Purchasing call units in rush hour gridlock calls for additional watchfulness. When you are finished punching the digits the dealer is gone and there is literally nothing you can do in the event that it doesn’t work. Also, there have been various reports of re-energize card merchants selling counterfeit units in rush hour gridlock. On the off chance that you can absolutely try not to purchase re-energize cards in rush hour gridlock kindly do else string with mindfulness and purchase in spite of the obvious danger.

4. Aux cords/ Ear phones/power bank/ car & phone chargers

But you are in desperate need of a charger, power bank or aux rope to control your telephone or contraption don’t gamble with it. Yet, assuming you truly do get it, remember that you may very well be purchasing an unacceptable item that might wind up hurting more than great to your gadget. The disadvantage of purchasing these things in rush hour gridlock is the way that there could be no after deal administration, guarantee and you nearly can’t distinguish the vender a subsequent time. You additionally can’t really take a look at its credibility so don’t go confiding in the merchant. Furthermore, assuming you are fortunate to detect him in rush hour gridlock once more, you have definitely no verification to nail him.

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5. Some food items

Presently, this class is very interesting on the grounds that the food things are the quickest moving merchandise in rush hour gridlock. Such countless individuals have purchased spoiled bubbled eggs, spoiled cakes, pecans and so on in rush hour gridlock. In the event that you should purchase canned drinks, water, bread rolls and so forth in rush hour gridlock generally check for the expiry date. It is so significant. As expected do string with alert,

since the person taking care of you could be an expected outfitted burglar or hijacker. So be careful in Lagos traffic

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