List of Top 15 Insurance Companies in Nigeria you need to know

Insurance companies are companies that assist with safeguarding individuals’ cash and properties from unexpected occasions. In Nigeria, there are numerous Insurance companies that people can apply, and get their cash and properties. Since no one can foresee the future, Insurance helps and fill in as a gatekeeper for people and their companies against inescapable risks. Almost certainly, the advantage of insurance agencies couldn’t possibly be more significant. That in any case, there are numerous you should think about when looking for an insurance agency.

Insurance Companies in Nigeria
Insurance Companies in Nigeria

In this article, I will show you the components to think about when looking for an insurance agency, and furthermore the best 10 insurance agencies in Nigeria, that you could browse. Variables To Consider When Choosing an Insurance Companies in Nigeria There are numerous life coverage companies in Nigeria. Consequently, you could get befuddled with regards to which to browse. Choosing the best insurance agency is something significant you need to do. You would prefer not to commit errors in it. Consequently, it is smarter to require some investment and pick the right insurance agency. In doing this, there are a few variables you should consider.

Factors to be considered when choosing insurance company

The following are a portion of the components you should think about while picking a life coverage organization.

Lawful Accreditation

While choosing an insurance agency, you need to guarantee the organization has Government accreditation. An organization without government accreditation may not be limited by rules, strategies and Insurance rules.

Monetary Strength

Guarantee you get some answers concerning the organization’s monetary strength before you engage with the organization. Keep in mind, you certainly don’t have any desire to focus on an organization that has no monetary soundness.

Organization Reputation

Try not to rush to focus on any insurance agency except if you have painstakingly examined them. You need to verify that the organization you need to engage with has no issues, particularly with regards to pay. One of the spots to pay special mind to such data is on the net. You could essentially look into the organization on Google, and see singular surveys concerning the organization. If it’s not too much trouble, keep away from any organization with negative surveys.


One factor you can’t ignore as you continued looking for an insurance agency is the value factor. It makes a difference a ton to verify that the organization you are going for offers moderate valuing that consummately supplements your monetary arrangement. While that is said, you should likewise take note of that multiple occasions, the evaluating decides the Insurance inclusion. For example, lower evaluating could mean lesser inclusion and the other way around. Additionally, that may not be the situation. Thus, you should likewise inspect this cautiously.


You should likewise have a decent information on what the insurance agency you need to resolve to offers. Most Insurance offers different sorts of Insurance inclusion, nonetheless, they may not be reasonable for your requirements. Thus, it is profoundly significant you consider the insurance agency inclusion prior to focusing on them.


List of Top 15 Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Insurance Companies in Nigeria
Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Caretaker and Allied Insurance

Caretaker and Allied Insurance organization is an insurance agency that is worried about fulfilling their clients with the best creative Insurance items and administrations. The organization has numerous Insurance plans to clients can look over.

LEAD WAY Assurance organization.

The LEAD way is another incredible Life insurance agency in Nigeria. The organization is established in 1970. The organization offers both life and benefits and general business.

Aiico Insurance Plc

Alico Insurance Plc is set up in 1963 is a Insurance, annuities, and resource the board bunch in Nigeria. The organization works in Life affirmation and annuity, General Insurance, and unique danger, and so on

Foundation Insurance plc

Foundation insurance agency is an authorized insurance agency by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to take part in both general and life coverage administrations. Foundation insurance agency which was fused in July 1991 as a private responsibility organization is a client centered organization with incredible qualities.

AXA MANSARD insurance agency

On the off chance that you know a little about Insurance, you should have about Axa Mansard insurance agency. The organization is an individual from the AXA Group. Axa bunch which is an overall forerunner in Insurance and resource the executives offers life and non-extra security items and administrations to people and establishments across Nigeria. It additionally offers resource/venture the executives administrations, wellbeing the board administrations, and annuity reserve organization through its three auxiliaries AXA Mansard Investments Limited, AXA Mansard Health Limited, and AXA Mansard Pensions Limited.

Goldlink Insurance plc

Goldlink Insurance plc is an organization whose administrations incorporate yet not restricted to life confirmation, fire and exceptional hazards, engine, life and benefits, oil and gas Insurances, and so forth The organization which was consolidated in April 1992 as a Private Limited Liability Company, has great strategies that address the issues of every Mainland Insurance

Mainland insurance agency take part in administrations that incorporate both life and non-life Insurances. Their approaches will address their client’s issues. Mainland Insurance was fused in Nigeria in1985.

Lasaco Assurance Plc

Lasaco Assurance Plc is a composite Insurance and monetary administrations organization consolidated on the twentieth of December 1979 under the Companies Decree of 1968. The Company, then, at that point known as Lagos State Assurance Company Limited got it’s anything but an Insurer on seventh July 1980 and started business procedure on the first of August 1980.

African Alliance Insurance Plc

African Alliance Insurance plc is another top life coverage organization in Nigeria that was consolidated on May 6, 1960. The organization is an all around perceived organization for its proficiency and dependability in Insurance. The organization has a customized Insurance administration that is appropriate for every one of its clients.

Mechanical and General Insurance Plc

Mechanical And General Insurance Plc which was enlisted as a Public Limited risk organization in 2007, was first consolidated as a private restricted responsibility organization in October 1991. This organization offers customized Insurance answers for its clients, to address the issue of their clients.

Guinea Insurance PLC

Guinea Insurance PLC, which started activities in 1958, set up itself as a danger the executives arrangement supplier for both non-life and extraordinary dangers. The organization fostered an early standing for greatness in client relationship, quality and imaginative reasoning.

Global Energy Insurance

The organization started tasks as Nigeria’s first energy-centered Insurance supplier with mastery in Insurance administrations for oceanic and inland dangers, and furthermore broad Insurance. The organization was dispatched in 1969 in a joint effort with Nigeria Exchange Insurance Company Limited. The organization has gone through a few changes throughout the long term.

Shared Benefits Assurance

Over the long run, Mutual Benefits Assurance has developed into a worldwide combination that is comprised of various worth added firms with different business interests in the Nigerian monetary areas. In the present quickly changing Insurance industry, MUTUAL BENEFITS has gotten one of the market chiefs. As of now, it has more than 3,000 representatives and showcasing chiefs. the organization brags a staff experienced and gifted people, a set up Board, and a suitable spot in the worldwide Insurance industry.

Niger Insurance

Niger Insurance is a significant power in the Insurance market in Nigeria and arrangements in a wide range of Insurance items, from extra security to non-life coverage. The organization’s supervisory group involves exceptionally prepared, prepared, and educated experts who are very knowledgeable in administration and specialized issue.

Sovereign Trust Insurance

In January 1995, following the rearrangement and recapitalization of the old Grand Union confirmations Limited, Sovereign Trust Insurance started tasks. The organization has branch workplaces situated around the country, with the administrative center situated along Adetokunbo Ademola Street, VI, Lagos. The Federal Government has authorized the Sovereign Trust Insurance as a safety net provider, enabling it to endorse a wide range of non-life coverage.

Insurance Companies in Nigeria

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