Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide: How to Marry Ibibio Woman

Have you ever wondered about the colourful traditional wedding ceremony of people from Akwa Ibom? Like all other cultures, there are some special rites so if you are planning on getting married soon and you are of this tribe, or marrying a beautiful Ibibio woman, prepare yourself to take these steps. We will take you thorugh the steps to follow and what to expect as a young man willing to marry from Ibibio land: Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide

Ndidiong Ufok: To know the house

Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide
Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide

This is commonly known as the introduction or “knowing the in-laws”. The groom to-be visits his future bride’s family house to state his intention of marrying her. He normally makes this trip alongside a few men and wine/special drinks. The father of the bride may choose to accept or reject his proposal; if it is accepted, a second meeting is arranged to proceed with the marriage process.

Nkong Udok/Usong: Knocking on the door

Next, the man visits the future bride’s family again to formally express his readiness to marry their daughter and get that bride price checklist! This stage is common amongst different traditional groups such as the Yoruba and Igbo people but the bride price may differ. The man normally makes this journey with elder men in his family and a few alcoholic drinks; the specific bride price is negotiated and given to him to deliver on the day of the wedding or any agreed time in order to take his wife. The bride price list usually has items which will be useful to the bride’s immediate and extended family.

Uno Eno: To give something

marriage list
marriage list

This is the day set aside for the husband and his people to visit the wife’s parent with items according to the marriage list, and deliver the items to them pending the marriage ceremony.

Usoro Ndo: Traditional Marriage

Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide
Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide

This is the most significant stage of the ceremony as the villagers get involved. The women and children in the vicinity openly make requests to the groom and his family which they are expected to comply with before they gain entrance to their in-law’s compound.

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A fake bride may be presented to the groom and his family and they are to reject or accept the person that is unveiled. Finally, the real bride dances to meet her husband and this part ends with a dance which is the first activity they should engage in immediately after the ceremony. The bride may change into the traditional attire of the husband’s tribe if they are not of the same culture. In the recent time the use of fake bride is suspended in many cases due to metaphysical later effect, but the actual money for bringing the bride is still paid.

Udiong Ndo: Marriage Blessing

The young couple will be ushered by the master of the ceremony to both parents canopy one after the other with a bottle of soft drink and a glass. In the past they normally used palm wine but with the recent civilization wine is use. The couple as the parents share a drink in the glass as a symbol of unity and love. After which the parents bless them.

Udian Ndo: Couple Declaration and Blessing

After the both parent acknowledgement, the chairman of the occasion and the leading religious figure bless them and declare them husband and wife.

Then dance follows.

Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide
Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide

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Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide: We love our culture-rich African traditional weddings!