How to Start Yogurt Business in Nigeria

Tomato Paste: Generally, most businesses that offer food and drinks as products thrive well and never really run out of business. This is because there is always demand for their products since people will always need these products for survival. Yogurt is one of such products, it is sold on the streets of every city in Nigeria, whether large or small, metropolitan or growing. Several demographic groups patronize yoghurt hawkers, from the young school children, to the young graduate in traffic, to the old woman who is getting scorched by the Nigerian blazing sun.

Yoghurt business is always in demand, not just because of its satisfying cooling effect in the hot tropical weather of Nigeria, but also because of its tremendous benefits. Before I continue, I will like to briefly describe to you what yogurt is because a lot of people make a mistake of calling blocked flavored drinks or shakes yoghurt.

What is yoghurt? Yoghurt is a drink produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Yoghurt is a mixture of milk fermented by the action of added bacterial culture. Yoghurt is very rich in nutrient content and thus very healthy for consumption. Some of the nutrients contained in this drink include protein, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamins B6 and B12, etc.

Health benefits of consuming yoghurt

Consuming yoghurt asides from the satisfying benefits also has huge health benefits, some of them are stated below:

  • The high mineral content, majorly calcium, phosphorus and selenium, help with building strong bones and teeth.
  • The moderate protein content is perfect for body building.
  • The bacterial content helps in digestion and keeping the intestinal tract healthy.
  • Low fat protein can be used as a good diet supplement for those seeking weight loss.
  • It is argued that yoghurt consumption boosts the immunity of the human body.

With all the above stated points, it is obvious that going into yoghurt business promises to be very lucrative and continuously booming. The next question to answer is, how do you start up the business?

Step by step How to Start Yogurt Business in Nigeria

  • Get necessary training: If you are not previously furnished with this information, you should endeavor to acquire some training as to how the processing of yoghurt is done. You can apply for specialized training or you can decide to visit a local company around your state of residence and ask necessary questions as to how the process is carried out. This is needed to your capital does not go down the drain. You can however decide to skip this process if all you want to do is market the yoghurt and not manufacture your own brand.
  • Run a market survey: The details from your market survey empowers you with enough information to decide on what aspect of the yoghurt business you should engage in based on your present financial capacity. You can thus decide to be a reseller for a well-known yoghurt company, or you can decide to start your own yoghurt company. Furthermore, the market survey tells you more about your surrounding market, what flavor people like the most, which group of people consume the product the most, the activities of your competitors and how best to outsmart them to gain the market. It will also educate you on which area of town to set up your business, whether in your present residence or seeking a new location in town to site the business.
  • Write a business plan: Your business plan is a write up showing how your business will be run from start up till grows to become a household name. It carries details like product to focus on, the business structure, the management structure, the required capital, the equipment needed for the business to thrive, etc. This helps you to make financial projections into the future of your business and helps for proper planning of the business. For any business to thrive, it is imperative that a detailed business plan is written and strictly adhered to. Get our yogurt factory business plan for just N10000 only. This business plan for yoghurt production in Nigeria has its sample feasibility study include and can be used to collect bank loans, get investors, grants, etc.
  • Determine your business location: The location of a business can determine to a large extent how well the business will grow. The location should be a place close in proximity to the source of the raw material needed for the business. It should also depend on the proximity to the ready market for the product. The location should be an area that has the capacity to fetch a great amount of cash in terms of daily sales. The place should also satisfy conditions like neatness, security, customer friendliness, regular power supply, etc. if you will be producing your own yoghurt, there several conditions laid out by NAFDAC and SON which must be met and adhered to by any producer of consumables, you must ensure you meet up with these as the bodies are very strict about their rules and breaking them could mean total closure of the business.
  • Raising capital for the Yogurt Business: You might have a great idea as to how to run the business but with physical cash the idea will just remain an idea. It is capital that makes an idea materialize into a source of revenue. As stated earlier, being involved in the yoghurt business can be done in two ways, reselling (acting as a marketer for and established company) or starting up your own production company. Starting up your own yoghurt production company is quite capital intensive as you will need a lot of money get a large space for production, equipment for production, staff salaries, distribution vehicle, etc. If you just want to resell on behalf of another company, you do not really need a huge source of capital, all you need is money to buy from the parent company and a refrigerator to cool the product till you sell. Obviously you are sure to make more money as a producer than a reseller if you get your acts right. There are several ways you can raise capital, getting money from family members or friends, applying for loans from banks or other corporate bodies, etc.
  • Registering your Yogurt Business name: If you will be operating the business as a marketer for a parent company, you really do not need to register a business name. However, if you will be manufacturing your own product, one of the requirements by the Nigerian law is that you are registered as a business before you commence production. You can do this by learning how to register with CAC visiting the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) via CAC official site and with a meagre amount of money and a few days, you will be a fully registered business.
  • Small scale Yoghurt production equipment in Nigeria: Whether you will run your own production outfit or you will be a marketer, there are several equipment you must have in your possession for your business to be fully functional and yield reasonable amount of profit. Some of these equipment include yoghurt dispensers, refrigerators, sealing machines, freezers, chairs, tables, containers for toppings, rotary cup fillings, etc. Make sure you take time to study you line of business intently before making any equipment purchases so that you do not end up buying what is not necessary and thus waste money that could have been put into other productive use.
  • Arrange for raw materials: After you have sorted out equipment, it is important that seek out a source to satisfy your need for raw materials. It is expedient that you get a source is not too expensive and very reliable at the same time. If possible get acquainted with more than one source to avoid disappointments.
  • Hire staff: If you will be producing your own yoghurt or you will be running the business on a large scale, you will need to hire a few staff. While doing that, make sure you carry out the proper training for your staff to ensure they are fully efficient to grow your business.
  • Aggressive marketing: Due to the nature of this product, it is not one of those products that people cannot do without, you need aggressive marketing to ensure that people are interested in patronizing your business. You can utilize several means of publicity like flyers, social media, run promos and give freebies, etc.

Challenges of running yogurt business in Nigeria

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Tomato Paste

As lucrative as the yogurt business can be, there are several challenges associated with the business especially in Nigeria. Some of these challenges are stated below:

  • Erratic power supply. The situation of power in the country is not so constant and this can be a major pitfall in this business as the product needs to be sold to the consumers in a frozen form. To overcome this challenge you can get an alternative source of power supply like a generating set.
  • The weather can be hot at times and this might affect the product if you are distributing outside of your base office. To overcome this challenge you can get a cooling van to make distribution and delivery easier.

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