How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria (Latest Update)

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria – How to Import Goods Online

Mini Importation: If you are currently unemployed and tired of trying to make ends meet by borrowing from friends and family or employed and looking for a side hustle to buttress your income. Congratulations because in this article you will be shown how you can start a Mini Importation business without breaking the bank, you will be smiling to the bank in time. Importation just means the process of bringing in good or services from foreign countries into your home country for sale. You might have been talked into believing that only the rich or government workers are likely to engage in the business of importation, or the closest to importation you can get is by getting these group of people to act as middlemen between you and the foreign company. Times have changed now because with just few personal gadgets, you can import right from the comfort of your room.

You can import about anything from foreign countries as long as they are not contrabands, from laptops, watches, dresses, weaves, household gadgets, children toys, bags, cars, phones etc. and have them delivered to you anywhere around the country. You do not need to be an internet whizkid, millions of naira nor an office to start this business of importation. Gone are those days when you need to have a family friend abroad that can help in sending down goods before you engage in importation.

So many entrepreneurs are out there who engage in importation but most of them do not want to be found out so as not to lose customers, but I am here to tell you, you really do not have to but that phone for seventy thousand naira (N70,000) when you can get it for as low as twenty thousand naira (#20,000). To put this to test compare products from online shops to those on Aliexpress and Amazon you will be amazed at the large difference in price. You can also read our simple guide on how to start exportation business in Nigeria

Things you need to put in place before you can start Mini Importation

  • A laptop or phone that has an internet connection
  • A funded bank account because it is from this account you would be debited for whatever goods you would be purchasing.
  • A mastercard, depending on your bank or type of account, few banks give out mastercards to specific account, banks like Guaranty trust bank, First city monument bank give out mastercards even to customers with savings current.
  • A valid email address, personally I would advise a gmail account
  • An account with the prospective company’s website, before you can order for goods on these websites, you have to create an account with them, this is very important.
  • A valid address where you can be reached

Steps to Starting Mini Importation in Nigeria

Mini Importation
Mini Importation

  1. Have a Particular Product in Mind: Before you delve into importing goods you ought to be able to provide answers to the following questions:
  • How well is this particular good in demand
  • How do I get buyers?
  • Is this particular good cheaper or more costly in Nigeria shops?

If you can answer these questions then you are one step ahead to starting your importation business. Even if the goods are not in demand, you can always create it, for example there was a time the Bluetooth speaker was not common not to talk of being in demand, an individual must have created the demand for it.

  1. Choice of Online Shop: There are so many online shops at the moment, the likes of aliexpress, Amazon, Asos,Ebay,Ipmart, dhgate etc. each of these shops have their peculiarity from gadgest, bags, household items. I have gotten few things from aliespress, and they delivered within the time speculated, this is not to say other shops are not popular. While choosing your preferred online shop. Be on the lookout for return policy, most provide these services but just to be sure , look for this on their site. The importance of this is that, if by any reason you get delivered to a faulty good, or a product not as described by the seller, you can always return it within a speculated time while the company returns your money.
  2. Mode of Payment: Mode of payment is always online, and there is never a pay on delivery package, incase you are hoping to hold on to the money pending the goods gets to you. It does not work like that. And payment is usually done using your mastercard, and sometimes a token device to authorize the payment.
  3. Choice of Goods or Products: Choosing the products you want is dependent on your target market, but for those who have no idea, when you visit these sites you will be sure of seeing links such as “most popular” “ hot deals” “lowest price” and more, these would enhance and help towards what you would be looking for.
  4. Place an Order: After you must have made your choice of product (s) you can go ahead and place your order. At this point you will be shown the time duration your goods will be delivered, it ranges from fifteen to sixty days (15-60). This depends on if you opted for paid delivery or free delivery, free delivered business tends to take longer tim, but this is more cost conserving , all you need to be is patient and your goods will be delivered
  5. Marketing of the Products: Pending when the goods will arrive in Nigeria, you can start informing interested buyers about it just to prepare their mind, and as time goes on, some would pay you even before such goods gets to Nigeria
  6. Tracking of Your Product: By doing this, you would be well informed on where your goods have gotten to, this would placate your mind to an extent, for those of us that are skeptical about online buying of goods.

Advantages of Online Importation

  • This saves you from stress of running from one place or another just to make sure the goods gets delivered
  • The probability of being scammed is low compared to person to person
  • Your goods will be delivered to a specific address
  • You have the chance of choosing the particular product you want from a pool of products
  • You can buy any worth you need
  • High rate of profit

Top Shipping Companies In Nigeria and their help line

Without further ado, we shall be listing out all the shipping companies in Nigeria recognised by Government, their locations and active phone number in case you’ll be dealing with any of them anytime soon.

1. Tiger Shipping

Address: 9, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

Help line: +234-1-8975040.

2. Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited

Address: No. 4, Hinderer Rd., and 34, Wharf Rd., Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 01-2645201, 01-2645594, 01-2634284, 01-5453214, 08172241769 and 08172241765.

3. Safmarine Nigeria

Address: 6th Floor, Kazuma Plaza, 2-4 Ede St., Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 08022931042, 08132278681 and 08174664016.

4. Admiral Marine Shipping Nigeria Limited

Address: 29 Burma Road, Nasco House 2nd Floor, Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 01 5453472.

5. Zenith Shipping Company Limited

Address: Ikeja Lagos.

6. Express Cargo (Liners) Shipping

Address: No. 5, Bombay Crescent, Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 01-5450769 and 01-5878832.

7. Golden Shipping Company Nigeria Limited

Address: 7th Floor 2 Old Dock Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 01-5803370, 01-5452667 and 01-5452673.

8. Inter Global Shipping Company Limited

Address: Apapa, Lagos.

9. Ordia And Sons Cargo

Address: Block 200, FAAN Complex, NAHCO Shed M / M Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.

Help line: 01 4936502.

10. Ship Afrika International

Address: 7A, Oduduwa Road GRA, Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 0803 721 9766.

11. Cloverleaf Shipping Limited

Address: 1 Warehouse Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 01-5870333, 01-7740694, 01-5871303 and 01-5872979.

12. Aero Atlantic Limited

Address: 26, Wharf Road, Eleganza Plaza, Apapa, Lagos.

Help line: 0803 348 5475 and 0709 317 4702.

13. Ebentina International Limited

Address: 18 Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Help line: 0803 715 1923, 01-721 6176, 0802 3134792 and 01-493 0419.

14. Globe Shipping Line Nigeria Limited

Address: 21 / 22, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Phone numbers: 01-2632800 and 01-2631293.

15. Mas Global Express And Logistics

Address: 123 Osolo Way 7/8 Bus Stop, Off Int’l Airport Rd., Ajao Estate, Lagos.

Help line: 234-1-7617218 and 234-1-4522261.

16. Fortune Global Shipping And Logistics Limited

Address: 15, Fatai Irawo Street., Ajao Estate, Lagos State.

Phone numbers: 08100814497 or 01-761 7260.

17. Nigerdock Nigeria PLC

Address: Integrated Free Zone, Snake Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Phone number: 019084000.

18. Saeed Marine Services Limited

Address: 22, Calcutta Crescent, Apapa, Lagos.

Phone numbers: 0809 273 3399 or 0806 553 3730.

19. Saro Transcontinental Ltd

Address: 14, Rafiu Babatunde Road, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos.

Phone numbers: +234-8092000984 or +234-1-453-8000.

20. Value Handlers Int. Ltd

Address: No. 1, Akilo Close, Off Akilo Road, Cocoa Bus Stop, Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos State.

Help line: 08032241768 or 08182072412.

21. Blue Funnel Nigeria Lagos

Address: 34 Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Phone numbers: +234-1-587-1567, 08023191267 or 015876458.

22. Donab Maritime Limited

Address: Suite 53, Apapa Shopping Complex, Anjorin Street, Apapa, Lagos.

Phone numbers: 0805 624 0393 and 0806 913 5200.

23. Fijicrowd Technologies Ltd

Address: Apapa, Lagos Nigeria.

24. Chrismatel Shipping

Address: Plot 8, Akanbi Onitiri Street, off Eric Moore Road, Iganmu, Lagos

Help lines: 01-2646071, 01-2646748 or 234-1- 2646746.

25. Universal Shipping & Logistics Solutions Limited

Address: 45, Caulcrick Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Phone number: 07098715571 or 01-8105134.

26. Value Handlers Int. Ltd

Address: No. 1, Akilo Close, Off Akilo Road, Cocoa Bus Stop, Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Hot lines: 08032241768 or 08182072412.

27. Sifax Group

Address: No. 54 Warehouse Rd., Apapa, Lagos.

Phone number: 0808 718 1269, 0810 536 4016 or 0807 739 1739.

28. Shipping Limited

Address: No. 7, Bristol Rd., Oshodi, Isolo, Lagos State.

Telephone: 0806 1234 123 or 0802 3121 377.

29. Reliance Freight Services:

Address: No. 4, Adegbola Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo, Anifowoshe Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone numbers: +234 802 301 3893, +234 806 702 3397, +234 1 255 7801 and +234 805 291 2720.

30. Zeek Shipping Lines Limited

Address: No. 25 Rhodes Crescent, Apapa, Lagos.

Phone number: 01-5451472.

31. Vandyvah Shipping Logistics Services

Address: Plot 6, Kuti Olayiwola Diamond Estate, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Help line: 08175384648, 08175384648 and 08175384648.

32. Sharms Cargo Services Limited

Address: No.12, Sinatu Ayinke House, Idowu Lana, Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone number: 01 4965719.

33. Seawave Shipping Company Limited

Address: Oladipo Labinjo Cresent, No. 39, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria.

Phone numbers: 01-5875093, 01-4701985 or 01-5871067.

34. Interglobal Shipping Company Limited

Address: No. 34, Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Phone number: 01 870620

35. Oman Investment Ltd

Address: 3rd Floor, Tex Olawale Crescent, Coconut Bus Stop, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone number: 0818 709 6003 & 0701 274 9927.

36. Nedlink Logistics International Limited

Address: 13B, Methodist Church Str., Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone numbers: 0803 330 6273 or 0702 810 1011.

37. Imperial Blue Nigeria Limited

Address: Suite 1, Crystal Estate Shopping Centre, Mile 2 Diobu, Amuwo Odofiin, Lagos.

Phone numbers: 0803 847 0755 or 01 4377035.

38. Sailbond Shipping

Address: No. 26, Henry Carr Str., Oba Akran, Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone number: 08033132265 and 017375160.

39. Tokke Maritime Services Limited

Address: No. 25 Warehouse Rd., Apapa, Lagos.

Phone numbers: 08037093105 08026309646 and 08033562033.

40. Hamadah Shipping Services Limited

Address: No 1, Commercial Rd., Eleganza Plaza, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Phone number: 0802 223 9987 or 0806 345 4912.

For further inquiry go to custom website for verification

Mini Importation

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