How to Start a Videography Business in Nigeria (Updated)

How to Start a Videography Business in Nigeria

Videography: If you are always the first person to break out the camcorder or your smart phone when family and friends gather for special events, it might be natural for you to turn your videography hobby into a full-time career. Not only does this business allow you to improve your technical skills with the variety of video, sound and post-production equipment available in today’s market but also to express your creative side by crafting well-structured storylines that bring all the elements together into a memorable finished product and earn yourself some cool memorable cash as well. Videography business involves recording a particular event on the request of a customer and charging

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a fee for your services. After recording the event for the client, you will proceed to edit the video recorded to suit the client’s needs as well as transfer the recorded event to a format for your customer so that they can easily watch the video. Though it looks like this business is dominated by men but in reality anyone can do this business regardless of the individual’s gender. The demand for the services of a videographer is considerably high as there are a lot of people in Nigeria who are want to record their birthdays, weddings, seminars, campaigns, launchings, anniversaries, Naming ceremonies, burial, graduation so that they can either reminisce on those events that happened in their lives in the past or for future referencing. Another good thing about this business is that it can be started on a small scale with proper planning, dedication and patience

How to Start

  • Identify the type and scope of videography services you want your new business to provide. A few examples of this include wedding videos, movies and music videos, live events, corporate training materials, school events, sports coverage, freelance news reporting, video conversion/duplication services, leasing of video equipment, etc. being specific about the services your business will render will help you determine who your targeted audience are, setting competitive rates and establishing your niche in the industry.
  • Learn the business. To familiarize yourself with the demands inherent in this line of work, you will need to attend a training school where you will be taught the basics in video production and the technicalities of how to record as well as handle and use a video camera. If you cannot afford to take classes and attend workshops, go and work for a seasoned videographer who will use his experience to teach you the intricacies of the business. You can also volunteer at a local news station for exposure to a larger range of filming challenges and working with different personalities as well as gaining more hands -on experience with the video camera.
  • Things Needed in Videography
  • High-Definition Video Camera.
  • Desktop /Laptop Computer.
  • Editing Software.
  • Tapes or CD’s.
  • Business License.
  • Business Cards.
  • Business Website.
  • Chose a good business location. As this business is one that can be started on a small scale, you can save yourself a lot of money on rent by kick starting your business in your home. You can create a work space in your home where you can store your equipment as well as edit and apply finishing touches to your work. As your business becomes profitable and expands, rent a shop that will accommodate your equipment, your staff and clients.

11 Key Tips to Becoming a Successful Videography

  • One of the simplest sources of landing new business is getting referrals from your existing clients. When you provide services your customers are excited about they begin to see you as a very valued resource. Consequently, these clients will naturally begin to talk to their friends and family about your excellent services and products. However, for customer referrals to work for you, you must consistently deliver great service across your client base.
  • Advertise your video business by distributing your business cards and flyers to local companies, event places, NGO’s, schools and print shops, placing ads in local newspapers, and using social media networking channels. Let’s say wedding videography is your niche, you should talk to as many wedding planners and photographers as possible so that they will refer your services to their clients. The same applies for other niches in video production.
  • Keep up with technology. Keeping up with technology is an important part of the success equation in this business. As new technology and techniques are released and discovered on a daily basis, I suggest that you read books and watch videos that will help you to keep up with the trends. Because the more information and knowledge you have, the more you will be able to wow your clients; this will consequently translate to more business and more money.
  • Go the extra mile. Always give the customer more than what they expect.
  • Build a great team.
  • In the videography business, “Quality = Money”. “Good Quality = Good Money” and “Poor Quality = Poor Money”. Produce the best possible videos and charge whatever it takes to make a good profit. But do not be greedy as it will always backfire. Videography is a very quality-sensitive industry and those who make the best videos make the most money.
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