How To Start A Beauty Salon in Nigeria (Updated)

In this article on how to Start A Beauty Salon, you will learn how to start a professional beauty salon in Nigeria. A very pleasant way to use your talent and sense of aesthetic value is opening and running a beauty salon. With it you get the opportunity to put your talent to great use and you also make profit from it, since profitability is the key.

Consider your capital requirements

An amazing fact is that starting up the business doesn’t require much capital. Therefore, with a capital of N500,000 you will have your beauty salon up and running in good condition for your targeted clients. How? Getting to that

Below are the basic capital requirements;

•          A shop space

•          An electric generator set

•          Salon decor

Start A Beauty Salon
Start A Beauty Salon

•          Hairdressing tools like; combs, scissors, hair cream, gel, needles, thread, hair brush and others

•          Grooming tools like pedicure machine, artificial nails, nail kit etc

•          Blow dryer

•          Straightener/ tonging machine

•          Mirror

•          Cabinets

•          Furniture etc

These are necessary equipment for you to start up, other equipment will definitely be needed along the line but those mentioned above are basics therefore they will keep the salon running before others are needed. these things can be purchase online here

Choose a perfect location

It is important to carefully select the location for your business as that decision can either make or mar your business.

Stated below are some important factors to consider when choosing a suitable place for your business:

•          Pick a high traffic area, busy streets, mall, or space next to places people often visits (such as eateries, grocery stores, markets, etc)

•          Ensure there is easy access otherwise people might not consider the place worth the effort.

•          Avoid places with high competition. It is advisable to not stay directly next to a bigger salon. Instead try to make out a place for yourself where you will be distinct.

•          An area with constant power supply should be a prerequisite for choosing your salon shop.

•          There should be a good source of water supply to facilitate a smoother running of your business.

•          The intended salon shop should be a place with good traffic, high visibility and is located close to your targeted customers.

Be familiar with the area

After making sure that your shop is located in the right place and among the right people, it is essential to know all about the area. This involves knowing the demographics, the local competitors, and also knowing how customers will get to the salon. Is there ample packing space available? Is a construction project planned on your block? Are there any security threats? These are questions you have to know the answer to before you can consider picking the place.

Employ qualified and trained personnel

It is essential to note that hiring only qualified, well-trained and highly skilled beauticians, stylists and other personnel to your shop is indispensable to ensure the success of your salon. It is also your duty as the salon owner to make sure that your personnel are well trained and that they have total understanding of each service offered. Professionalism must be a yardstick of your salon business and of your staff. (How To Start A Beauty Salon in Nigeria)

Important tips needed to launch your salon:

Prepare your business plan

Start A Beauty Salon
Start A Beauty Salon

it is strongly advised that you have an adequately written business plan in place as it is considered indispensable as the proper implementation of your business can ensure the successful running of your beauty salon. If you don’t know how to put one together you can easily consult professionals to have it drawn up for you.

In designing your salon always put your clients in mind

Consider your targeted customers before you start painting the walls and picking out furniture, Ensure that your design goes in line with the type of clients that you will like to attract. To make customers feel comfortable in your salon you have to make it a place they will want to visit often. If your target customers are the youth then go for bold colours and furniture. You can also go for a modern, classy and sophisticated look. Generally, you should adhere to shaping your design around your targeted customer base.

Maintain a clean and safe environment

Professional beauty salons blossom in an environment that is clean, safe and relaxing, where customers are sure to receive prompt and professional service. Always make sure your towels, foot baths, and other equipment are washed, cleaned and odor-free. Make sure that your sharp objects are duly disinfected regularly. Keep the atmosphere relaxing, play soft music and keep loud continuous chatter between your employees at a minimum.

Offer a wide range of services

This will definitely give you a distinct advantage over those who offer only one or two services. For instance, your services can include hairdressing, fixing hair, braiding hair, washing and relaxing hair, hair treatment, pedicure, manicure, fixing of nails, fixing of eyelashes, home service, among others. Many clients prefer to have their hair, nails, and face done in one place instead of going to different places.

Always Keep your clients satisfied

It is essential to create and maintain a business atmosphere that has a reputation for providing topnotch hair and beauty operations that will keep your clients coming back for more. Ensure that you go out of your way to make your clients feel valued and appreciated. And focus on giving them the best experience each time.

Tip: Reach out to your clients by collecting contact information of your clients e.g, a WhatsApp number so that you can easily send them updates on new products/services, and any special offers you have.


One of the signs of a successful salon business is customers, and promoting your business is a sure way to getting customers. Facebook and Instagram are one of the best advertising platforms due to the enormous traffic. Your marketing campaign should cover a maximum of a target audience. So always ensure to ask for your client’s contact information.

Okay guys that is how far we can go on how you can Start A Beauty Salon in Nigeria.

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