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PDP membership: PDP is an acronym that stands for People’s Democratic Party. PDP was founded by its then chairman, Jeremiah Useni, in August 1998 during the Sani Abacha-led military administration in Nigeria.

PDP is a significant stakeholder in the Nigerian political sector and a prominent political party in Nigeria with their slogan “Power to the people” reaching the hearts of so many Nigerians. This slogan portrays how democratically inclined the People’s Democratic Party is and their submission and readiness in serving their followers.

The PDP’s symbol, the umbrella, is another factor that has endeared this political party to the heart of the masses. The common man believes that an umbrella protects him from unfriendly weather conditions; the same way he believes that PDP is most fit to rescue him from unbearable living conditions.

Over the years, PDP remained Nigeria’s most successful political party, winning all the presidential elections, from 1999 until 2011. The party has also won as many gubernatorial elections and won as many as 15 states in Nigeria. Currently, there is another closely successful political party in Nigeria which almost makes Nigeria an unofficial bilateral state.

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There are so many political parties in Nigeria that any legitimate citizen of Nigeria (without social/ legal binding restrictions) may choose to be identified with.

By choosing to be identified with a particular political party, it means you must fulfill all the party registration requirements to be considered a member of such a political party.

If you have read up to this point, I’d be safe to assume that you are interested in getting a certified membership in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

So, how do you become a PDP member? Read further:

PDP Membership Card

pdp membership card
pdp membership card

A membership card is issued to a registered member of the Peoples Democratic Party, which bears the photograph of the member.

The Membership cards are produced by the National Headquarters and authenticated by the National Chairman and National Secretary.

When you join the PDP – the largest political party in Africa, your membership card qualifies you to enjoy the privileges of the party.

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Why Become a PDP Member?

pdp membership card
pdp membership
  • PDP is the most successful political party in Nigeria and has been responsible for the little success and achievement Nigeria has garnered in the area of communication and infrastructure.
  • In Nigeria, an individual cannot become a political official or run for an election without becoming a member of a political party. Being a PDP member would make you eligible to become an election candidate.
  • PDP has a lot of grassroots support and strength. It is known as the party of the masses. Apart from rival party APC (All Progressives Congress), it is the only party that has a wide geographical and nationwide spread. To be a PDP member is to be part of a grassroots movement.
  • If you are interested in politics and want to have a say in who gets a particular candidacy in the country, then becoming a PDP member is one of the ways.
  • The country is in shambles and a deteriorating state, and if you feel necessary reforms need to be done, then you need to be a party member.

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Tips on how to Register for PDP Membership

According to the PDP website, every Nigerian, from eighteen years and above, is eligible to register for PDP membership. The prospective member must also agree to obey the party rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are simple for any law-abiding citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to follow.

PDP membership
PDP membership

The following tips will give you a simple method of becoming a PDP member :

  • PDP keeps its membership register at every ward chapter of the party. It is believed that the Ward chapter is the most primary stage of the party structure. To become a PDP member, you must register at the nearest ward chapter around you and pay the required registration fee.
  • There’s the Ward Executive committee, that is responsible for your PDP membership application. If your membership application is accepted, you will be given a membership card.
  • The National Chairman and secretary will then validate your PDP membership application.

PDP e-membership Online Registration.

All Nigerians can register online from the comfort of their homes and become official PDP members. Simply visit

You will be required to only provide your name and other personal details, your Local Government information and voting information (including your VIN – Voters Identification Number).

After successful registration, you will be issued with a proof of registration pending the approval and issuance of your PDP membership card duly signed by the PDP National Chairman and Secretary.

You will be notified by SMS when your official PDP membership card is ready.

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