How to Register for APC Membership – APC Membership Registration Portal

APC Membership: Do you want to join the All Progressive Congress, APC? Do you have a strong interest in politics?

Are you forward-thinking? Are you interested in governance and the state of the nation as a whole?

You may want to be a member of the All Progressives Congress. This post is for you.

The APC was formed in February 2013 and is currently the ruling party in Nigeria.

All Nigerians who are desirous of joining the All Progressive Congress are to take advantage of this information and register as members of the APC.

You can register physically in your ward or online. I will simplify the process for you.

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Read on.

APC Membership Registration Contact Info, Enquiries and Complaints

APC Membership
APC Membership

For enquiries and complaints, please contact:

Whatsapp: 09138385714

Phone Numbers

South East (Igbo, Pidgin and English Languages)

08167341917 | 09136880970

South West (Yoruba, Pidgin and English Languages)

09133183972 | 09136880970

North West (Hausa and English Languages)

09137593110 | 09135862856 | 08170565139

North East (Hausa and English Languages)

09137505657 | 09133512380 | 09133908005

South-South (Pidgin and English Languages)

09133604323 | 09136058916 | 09135926164

North Central (Hausa, Pidgin and English Languages)

09137505657 | 09137290627 | 09136941063

APC Membership Registration

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You can register for APC membership:

  1. Physically in your ward, or
  2. Online.

The physical APC membership registration exercise is coordinated at various levels by trained officers.

These officers are:

  • Polling Unit Registration Officers
  • Ward Registration Supervisors
  • L.G.A. Registration Supervisors
  • State Registration Supervisory Committee.

The Polling Unit Registration Officers PUROs (3 in each Polling Unit) are responsible for registering all members at the Polling Units by issuing Membership Registration Forms to prospective applicants.

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They are also responsible for entering registrants’ details into the Party Membership Register and issuing temporary Membership slips to successful registrants.

Furthermore, each ward has two Ward Registration Supervisors responsible for supervising the process at the Polling Unit level.

At the end of the exercise, they collate all forms from their wards and hand them over to the LGA Registration Supervisors.

APC Membership
APC Membership

Also, the LGA Registration Supervisors (2 for each LGA) ensure successful and efficient membership registration in their respective LGA of influence.

The LGA supervisors report to the State Registration Supervisory Committee.

The State Committee comprises five (5) members, including a Chairman and Secretary. They are responsible for the overall conduct of the registration exercise. They monitor and supervise the process within their state of influence.

How to Register for APC Membership

It is important to note that the APC membership registration exercise takes place as scheduled by the Registration Officials (ROs) ward-wide.

The RO is responsible for collecting and distributing forms, registers, and other materials for use at the Party Membership Registration stations.

Records of the distribution must be captured and reported accordingly.

The newly registered member is given a duplicate membership card to serve as a temporary card until the issuance of the permanent membership card.

Covid 19 protocols are adhered to in the registration exercise.

What is necessary for APC membership registration?

Those to be registered must provide two passport photographs to be affixed to the registration form.

Registrants are to supply personal contact(s) of a reliable contact person within their respective wards.

Also important are the registrants’ National Identification Number, NIN, PVC number, proper names, age and address.

Use BLACK BIRO to fill out the registration form. Also, fill out the form with CAPITAL LETTERS.

For the form to be valid, applicants must SIGN or THUMBPRINT their forms accordingly.

Finally, the authorised RO must officially sign all forms.

APC Membership Online Registration

You can now register online to be an official APC member.

Nigerians at home and abroad can register as APC members using the online portal.

You can register and receive a membership confirmation in less than 2 minutes.

Your information is secure and safe on the online portal.

How to Register Online to Become an APC Member

APC membership online registration is straightforward, simple and convenient.

Take the following steps to register today:

  1. Go to the registration portal
  2. Click on “Become a Member”
  3. Take a passport photo with your camera-enabled device or update an image.
  4. Fill in the required information – your personal info.
  5.  Click on Join APC to submit.
  6. Save your temporary membership card.
  7. You are now an APC member. That simple.

For more information, click here.

Join the unity party for all Nigerians today!

Please, share this information with your family and friends.

If you have any questions about APC Membership registration, drop them in the comment section. Thank you.

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