How to perform UBA Internet Banking in Nigeria

On the off chance that you have a bank account with UBA Nigeria, you can without much of a stretch register for the Uba web banking account in nigeria and deal with your exchanges online whenever the timing is ideal. This post is a simplify writing on HOW TO PERFORM UBA INTERNET BANKING IN NIGERIA with ease and at your comfort.


Follow the steps I am going to show you below to register for UBA online banking account:

Request for your internet banking details from your bank.

Before you can request your online banking credentials, you need to fill out the UBA self-registration form.

Note that you will need your UBA Bank Nigeria Debit Card details to start the internet banking registration.

You can also visit the nearest UBA branch in Nigeria to request for the information required to register for the internet banking service.

Another way to get the login credentials is to contact the UBA Nigeria customer care on this phone number: +234 700 2255.

If you have requested for the login credentials, then follow the steps below to register for UBA internet banking in Nigeria:

  1. Your UBA internet banking registration details will be sent to you via email.
  2. Next, open your browser and type and press enter.
  3. When the website opens, click on the “Internet Banking” button at the top left corner of the website.
  4. After that, select the “Personal tab” to register for the UBA internet banking account.
  5. Within the UBA internet banking tab, select your country, in this case, choose Nigeria.
  6. Next, select your language of choice, which in most cases, will be English.
  7. You can Enable the Virtual Keyboard if you want to use it.
  8. Enter your user ID that was included in the email sent by UBA Bank, Nigeria.
  9. After you have entered your username, click on the Login button.
  10. Another window will open.
  11. In the next section, enter your UBA Nigeria internet banking password.
  12. Once again, click on Login.
  13. Create an answer to your security question.
  14. When everything is correctly set up, click on the submit button.
  15. Select a keyphrase and image that you want to use for subsequent login to your UBA internet banking account.
  16. Change your password and then log in to your UBA Nigeria internet banking account.
  17. Type in your current password once in the first box.
  18. Next, enter your new password in the other text box.
  19. Finally, click on the submit button to complete the UBA internet banking registration.

That is how easy to register for UBA Bank Nigeria online banking account

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FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking (2021 update)

How can I enroll/register for UBA Internet Banking?

There are three ways you can register for UBA online banking: Instant self-enrollment; Registering via Virtual Enrollment Form; Applying at the local UBA branch.

There are flexible options for enrollment/registration. They include:

1. Instant Self-Registration – with your debit card, individual customers can start and finish enrollment from our Internet Banking login page by clicking Instant Self-Registration button. It takes about 40s to complete this process!

2. Enrollment with Virtual Enrollment Form – There is also another option for both individuals and corporates to enroll with the interactive online PDF forms. The link to the forms are pasted on their website.

3.Enrollment through  Business Offices – You can walk into any of UBA Business Offices to fill a form to be enrolled on Internet Banking. Corporate customers can also give instruction on their letterhead to RMs or Business Offices to enroll their desired users – there is no limit to the number of users who can be enrolled under a corporate user

Setting Up UBA Online Banking

Before you begin, please make sure you have the following close by as you will need them to
1.complete the Activation process:
2.Your Secure Device
3.Your Welcome letter ( contains your Internet Banking Password and User Id were sent by email & sms).You can get this by visiting any UBA branch to request for Internet Banking Password and User Id OR make use of the online Instant self-enrollment.

Once you receive your default login details from the bank, you are expected to visit to:

1.Input the user ID and password,
2.Set up your display image and phrase (this will show up each time you log in. Please ensure the image and phrase are correct before inputting your password))
3.Set up your security questions.

After registration, the page will show you homepage with DASHBOARD consisting a list of your Operative, Deposit and Loan account(s) with their balances. The hamburger menu (the three red horizontal lines) at the top left corner of the screen leads you to a list of menus with further selection of options:

2.Other Bank Account

When you click on account you can view your account balance and transaction details.
You can also download statements of account. To download statements, click on the menu and select the account number and also the duration you wish to download.

How to register for UBA Mobile banking.

UBA offer mobile app and ussd code for financial transaction both can be use for bills payment, transfer fund, buy airtime and check account balance,Quick Loans and many more from any location without visiting the banking hall.

Get access by downloading the UBA Mobile App from App store and Google playstore.

Click on New Mobile Banking Customer? tab. You will have the following options to sign up using:

UBA Debit Card
UBA Prepaid Card
UBA Account + Secure Pass
Note: If you already have a Secure Pass (token) for UBA Internet Banking, it can be used here.

To Continue with Branch SignUp visit any UBA Business Office visit for that.

List of Countries UBA USSD Code

Nigeria *919*20#
Benin *919#
CDI *919#
Ghana *822#
Uganda *822#
Liberia *919#
Kenya *386#
Tanzania *150*70*8#
Zambia *822#
Congo DR *494#
Chad *919#
Mozambique *822#
Cameroon *919#
Congo Brazzaville *494#

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