How To Pass JAMB Examination in one attempt

How to pass JAMB examination: JAMB examination is one of the most difficult examinations Nigerian students take every year. Recently, JAMB recorded that about 25,000 students failed the just concluded 2021 UTME examination. Frankly speaking, this is nothing to write about. The worst part of the whole story is that, those 25,000 students who failed the examination scored less than 130 in their results.

It is evident that Nigerian students often prepare better for JAMB examination than every other examination, but even after preparing, they still fail it. What then is the cause of this incessant failure? It seems to me that there are some indispensable guides for passing CBT examinations that students do not know yet.

In this article, I will comprehensively and explicitly discuss everything that is needed for passing JAMB examination in 2022. By mentioning some of the materials needed for passing JAMB, tips necessary for passing JAMB UTME examination, causes of the massive failure in JAMB examination and other secrets guides about JAMB examination, I believe you will do excellently well in the impending JAMB UTME examination (2022/2023).

On this note, if you have been asking the question, “How can I pass JAMB examination” or “what are the secrets for passing JAMB examination”, your questions are answered clearly here.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is an examination body in Nigeria that was promulgated in Act (No. 2 of 1978) of the Federal Military Government on 13th February, 1978. After its establishment in 1978, the examination board was given the responsibility of conducting UTME examination for candidates seeking to gain admission into tertiary institutions through UTME.

JAMB examination was initially a handwritten examination when it was introduced. However, the examination board started a computer based test (CBT) recently to curb the problem of examination malpractice, which was one of the biggest problems that JAMB was seriously facing at that time.

Today, JAMB UTME is probably the most recognized way for gaining admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, even though there are still other ways for gaining admission in Nigeria without JAMB. As a matter of fact, JAMB usually have about 3million applicants every year with about 500 examination center nationwide.

It is imperative to also note that JAMB UTME is one of the major examinations that is aimed at assessing the ability of candidate before gaining admission in Nigeria. In light of that, it is wise to conclude that the JAMB UTME is not going to be scrapped out anytime soon. This is actually why students are usually advised to start preparing for JAMB examination immediately they begin their secondary education.

Structure of JAMB UTME

Currently JAMB is a CBT examination (computer based test) and only objective questions are asked during the examination. Candidates will be required to select 4 subjects (also known as subject combination).

40 questions will be asked in all subjects except Use of English, which has 60 questions. In total, candidates will be required to answer 180 questions.

For Use Of English, JAMB usually give out a particular textbook for candidates to study and prepare with. 10 out of the 60 questions will be asked directly from JAMB recommended textbook for the year.

Duration for JAMB Examination

In total, candidates will be given 2 hours to answer all the 180 questions given to them. That means, no candidate is expected to spend more than 1 minutes in any JAMB question.

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During the examination, candidates can navigate to any part of their questions or, make use of the material like online calculators.

JAMB 2022 Grading System

JAMB grading system now depends on the subject in question. Thus, the grading system for Chemistry, Biology, physics etc, are not the same. If you wish to know JAMB grading system for any particular subject, i enjoin you to check JAMB syllabus for that subject. You will find almost everything you need there.

Below is a clear example of JAMB grading system for Use of English in 2020:

SECTION A: Comprehension/Summary

(a) 2 comprehension passages – 10 questions, 3 marks each = 30 marks

(b) I cloze passage – 10 questions, 2 marks each = 20 marks

(c) 1 reading text – 15 questions, 1 mark each = 15 marks = 65 marks

SECTION B: Lexis Structure

(a) Sentence interpretation – 10 questions 2 marks each = 20 marks

(b) Antonyms – 10 questions, 2 marks each = 20 marks

(c) Synonyms – 10 questions, 1 mark each = 10 marks

(d) Sentence completion – 20 questions, 1 mark each = 20 marks = 70 marks

SECTION C: Oral Forms

15 questions, 1 mark each = 15 marks

Total: 100 questions 65 + 70 + 15 = 150 marks                                             

Material needed to prepare for JAMB examination

Below are the materials you will need to prepare and pass JAMB examination:

1. JAMB 2022 syllabus: JAMB syllabus is a book that contains all the topics and subtopics of every topic JAMB will be extracting their questions. This book always expires after every 4years; after which JAMB will release another one. The latest JAMB syllabus was released in 2016. Thus, it is most probable that JAMB will release another one this 2022.

Though some educationalists contend that there is no need to read JAMB syllabus since they ask virtually everything taught in Nigerian secondary schools. I personally recommend that students should read their syllabus very well before preparing for JAMB examination.

The reason is because, JAMB often change the texts used for asking question every 4years. For instance, in 2015 JAMB asked questions from the book “Animal farm”. However, since 2016 till 2019, JAMB has not asked any question from that text again.

So you see, going through your JAMB syllabus for the year. It will be so bad that after preparing for JAMB, you find out that you have been studying the wrong textbooks.

2. JAMB recommended textbooks on all you four subjects: JAMB recommended textbooks are also very important. If you must pass JAMB examination, you must study the recommended textbooks given by JAMB.

Now the question is, “how will you know the textbooks recommended by JAMB?” JAMB recommended textbooks after every topic in her syllabus. So you cannot get JAMB recommended textbooks if you do not have JAMB syllabus.

3. Official JAMB 2022 brochure: Do you know that many students fail JAMB examination not because they did not prepare for the examination, but because they did not choose the right course for their course?

Yes! It happens. I have seen a student who applied for medicine in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), but added economics as part of his subject combination in JAMB examination. Obviously that student is going nowhere. This is why I always recommend all my students to go though the official JAMB brochure before registering for JAMB.

More so, JAMB brochure always states some things that candidates are expected of in JAMB examination. That is where you will need it to prepare for your examination.

JAMB Examination
JAMB Examination

The importance of this material cannot be overemphasized. Trust me; you really need your JAMB 2022 brochure to pass JAMB examination very well.

4. JAMB Recent Past Questions and Answers: There is no gainsaying that JAMB past questions and answers are the key to passing JMAB examination. If you can practice all the previous questions asked by JAMB, there is no reason why you won’t score above 250.

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The truth is that, JAMB repeats questions (even though they change the structure of the questions sometimes). In facts, in 2016 it was recorded that JAMB asked questions picked expressly from the previous year (2015). That year’s examination was a walk-over for students who studied their JAMB past questions and answers.

I am not saying that in 2022 JAMB will ask question picked word-to-word from their questions in 2019. I just want you to know that JAMB no longer manufactures questions. What they do now, is to ask you questions from the once they have asked the past years.

So it will really help if you read and study your JAMB past questions very well. Nevertheless, make sure you read them very along with your textbooks, syllabus and other materials. All these will contribute to your chance of success in the impending JAMB examination

5. A JAMB CBT application: Another important tool that is very essential for passing JAMB examination today is “a CBT application”. These days, there are thousands of CBT applications that can help you to prepare assiduously for JAMB exam.

Frankly speaking, when I wrote JAMB examination in 2017, I did not make use of any CBT application. But one of the problems I had in the exam was time. I was unable to manage my time very well so I did not pass excellently.

This is basically the reason why I recommend JAMB CBT application for every JAMBITE. It you really want to pass JAMB examination, you must practice with a CBT app. You may not understand how helpful it is now; but I with time, you will be able to attest to the fact JAMB CBT apps are indispensible.

6. A notebook or jotter: Yes, you also need a jotter to pass JAMB examination. Apparently, JAMB examination is a CBT examination; and by this, you are supposed to know that the way questions are asked in a CBT examination is quite different from the way questions are asked in a normal theory examination. In most cases where students are given CBT examinations to write, questions normally comes from Key points between the lines of the textbook.

Now! That is actually why you need a notebook or a jotter when preparing for your examination. If you find any significant key point when reading, all you have to do is to jot it down in your notebook or jotter. That will save you if by chance, you forget the point.

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