How to Pass JAMB 2022 in One Sitting: Simple guide

First of all, let’s start by discussing some important things that will help you pass JAMB 2022 before teaching you how to prepare for the exam.

We have come across JAMB candidates asking several questions like; is it possible to pass JAMB in one sitting? How can a candidate study and pass JAMB in one sitting? Is JAMB difficult?

Is it possible to pass JAMB in one sitting? It is very possible and even simple to write and pass the JAMB exam in one sitting.

Is JAMB hard/difficult to pass? Well, it will interest us to inform you that JAMB is not hard or difficult to pass even in one sitting. It is only when you don’t know what to do that JAMB will appear to be difficult to you. You will pass JAMB 2022.

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How a candidate Can pass JAMB in one sitting

  1. Choose a course that is simple for you
  2. Select only subjects that you know
  3. Use JAMB recommended textbooks for each of the subjects you will write
  4. Check and study the JAMB recommended topics for each of your subjects
  5. Download and use the JAMB syllabus for each of your subjects
  6. Attain JAMB CBT training
  7. Attempt JAMB past questions for your subjects
  8. Read, Summarize and Answer questions on the JAMB 2022 Novel
  9. Summarize all your SS1, SS2, and SS3 schemes of work on the subjects you will write
  10. Have a positive mindset towards the exam
  11. Finally, pray to God and believe in yourself that you can pass JAMB

How to Prepare for JAMB Weeks Before the Exam

When you have a few weeks to your JAMB exam day, follow these tips to enhance your preparation for the exam as shown in the image below.

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1. Declare Past Questions and Answers Week: Engage in CBT Training: At this stage of your preparation, you need to engage both in reading your books and learning how to use the JAMB computer.

It might take you just a day or a few days to complete the training. The CBT training is very simple. All you need to do is to learn how to log in, interact and navigate the CBT interface, monitor time, etc.

2. Link up with candidates: Link up with other JAMBites to share knowledge, ask questions and engage in revision. There are two outcomes from this, meeting them might help reduce your tension or may increase it more.

Therefore, we advise you to be careful of the kind of candidates you link up to and remember that JAMB is very simple and easy to pass. It is just like WAEC, NECO, or any other SSCE exam.

3. Print Your Exam Slip: This is very important because you need to know your exam date, exam time, exam center, and the town you are posted to.

Printing your JAMB slip and knowing your exam date and venue early enough will help you to prepare ahead of time to avoid unnecessary delays and rushing.

How to Prepare for JAMB Days Before the Exam

As your exam day draws closer, you will begin to develop more tension. Fear might want to set in and you may become more restless, but in all, don’t panic. You can pass JAMB 2022

If you are left with some days (let’s say 3 to 7days) to your JAMB exam day, then here are some tips on how to prepare for JAMB 2022 when you have a few days to the exam.

1. Treat Your Self: We fully understand that some candidates are not used to stress. As such, some candidates may start developing symptoms of sicknesses such as malaria, headache, fever, etc.

So if you wouldn’t want to break down on the day of your exam or inside the exam hall, then consider taking care of all the symptoms of sicknesses that you have by treating yourself properly.

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2. Gather Your Exam Materials: When going for JAMB, you will need some materials like your exam slip, pencil, and a plain sheet (this is for candidates that will write subjects that involve calculation but nothing should be written on the sheet). You can package them into one bag.

3. Plan Your Journey to Your Exam Center: we believe before a few days to your exam, you must have printed your exam slip and have known the town you will be writing your exam.

Now, it is time for you to plan your journey by tracing where the center is located, and how much you have to pay as transport fare to there.

More importantly, you should make sure you keep the money for miscellaneous like, eating and so on. Also, make sure you go there with a phone that you can easily be reached in cases of emergency (but you may not be allowed to enter the exam hall with it).

How to Prepare for JAMB the Night Before the Exam

Finally, these are helpful things to do and how to prepare for your JAMB exam the night before your exam day.

1. Do Final Revision: in your final revision, it is better you revise your revision notes (the important things you jotted down while studying). But if you still have enough time, you should revise more than that.

In your revision, try to figure out some of those things that you have learned which were confusing to you at first and test if they have been stored in your memory. This should be done throughout your day.

Eat Light Food: After enough revision, it is advisable to take your bath, and eat. At this point, we recommend you to eat light food only on the night and day of your exam.

Avoid heavy food that could make you get lost in deep sleep and avoid food that might make you feel heavy and lazy. Also, avoid food that may cause a running stomach.

Some of the food to avoid on the night and day of your exam include:

  • Fufu or any other heavy swallow
  • Pap (akamu, ogi, or custard)
  • Food with too much pepper
  • Beans (especially porish beans)
  • Garlic (because of bad breathe), etc.

Sleep Early: it is not advisable to have a sleepless night on the day before your exam. If tomorrow is your exam, then you have to rest your brain as much as possible (8 hours is recommendable).

At this point, we recommend that you sleep well at least on the night of your exam day because that will help you to escape dozing in the exam hall, or having headache due to brain stress.

7 Golden Rules on How to study for JAMB 2022?

Finally, below are 7 golden rules on how to study for JAMB 2022 and come out with flying colors. Make sure you apply them if you want an outstanding result in the 2022 exam.

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Rule 1: Arrange Your Study Space: Keep it clean and out of a noisy environment

Rule 2: Practice Past JAMB Exams’ Questions:

Rule 3: Explain Anything You Study With Others

Rule 4: Join Study Group(s)

Rule 5: Plan Ahead of Your Exam

Rule 6: Start Studying Early Even Before Registering JAMB

Rule 7: Study with JAMB Recommended Materials.

We believe after reading this, you have learned how to prepare and pass JAMB 2022 using all our tips and the 7 rules listed above? Please do well so share.