How to Open Laundry Business in the Village

Laundry Business in the Village

Laundry Business in the Village: Laundry business popularly call dry cleaning business is one of the easiest and lucrative businesses to establish even when you are inexperienced, but with the determination to do the business. As a novice in this business you are to undergo on the job training of yourself and learn from your mistakes as mistakes are inevitable and unavoidable. As a kid in the line, you are prone to be afraid of competition so you need to set up competitive strategies to build up a good custom influx.

Feasibility study and business plan

The first thing that you need to do irrespective of the development level of your place is to think and research about the business. Here you have to conduct input/output analysis, consider the profitability and possible cost to me incur. In the rural settlement you must have at the back of your mind that the influx of customers will not be high because very few people are working class or better, doing with collar job. So you must plan your business such that you can make optimal profit. Write down the list of things that you will be needing and their cost, consider their availability. Some of these things are soap, detergent, appropriate bleach, proximity of water source, washing techniques (in the rural area you will not need washing machine because of the cost of operation where there is no good supply of electricity) and packaging (that is where will you be getting you nylon from). Make a comprehensive list of your prospective customers and how to reach them and communicate with them, consider your possible competitors and develop a strong strategy to compete. These strategies include but not limited to;

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  • location
  • punctuality
  • finishing up customer’s work on time
  • home delivery
  • bonus service
  • a good customer/businessman relationship

Choose a good location Laundry Business in the Village

Laundry Business in the Village
Laundry Business in the Village

The choice of location is a key thing in the establishment of any business, your location must closer and accessible by you target market. Also it must be secure enough since you are a custodian of peoples’ belongings. Let your location be far from another laundry shop in other to reduce competition. Let your shop be in an open place so that people can recognize it and patronize you. After discovery this kind of place, acquire it.

Purchase necessary equipment

In the rural area you need less equipment to set up your business and you do not need expensive things like washing machine and dryer. Nevertheless you need the following:

  • pressing iron(electric)
  • generator (SPG must not be less than 2900)
  • pressing board (at least a table)
  • buckets and basins
  • hanging lines and ropes
  • hangers and clips
  • fan
  • water sprayer
  • basket

those are the essential equipment needed to run a laundry in the rural places

Advertisements of you laundry Business in the Village

These are the system use to communicate to the world about your business, it has to do with finding a suitable name for your business and creating a notice (sign board) on the roadside. A great way of marketing your business is by advertising your business around where your prospected customers will likely see. Aside from the use of sign board, other method is to personally interact with people and tell them about the novel business that you have brought to the neighborhood.

Note that this point you are expected to be at your shop and attend to customers whenever they come and also learn a good customer-manager relationship.

Tips to Running Effective Laundry Business

Many times people ponder with the question on the tips the could be used to run a selling laundry business. If you are one of those such people, I will give you some basic guide to operate the business and have the expected income. It is a generally accepted fact that dry cleaning business is a lucrative business, even so some people miss the approach and regret venturing into the business line at first. The following guide will assist you in the success of your laundry business;

  • be sure to familiar with how to start laundry
  • get your on generator (in case of power failure)
  • be in a commercial location
  • be punctual
  • try finish up customer’s work on time
  • if possible make home delivery
  • render bonus service at some points

Okay that is it on how to Start Laundry Business in the Village. Please share your opinion in the comment box and don’t forget to share

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