How to make money on Facebook (Updated)

How to make money on Facebook is one of the most asked questions by people looking forward to making money online. In this post, we will help unravel ways in which you can make money from Facebook. With over 2 billion users, Facebook is a very big platform, thankfully, there are direct and many indirect ways to make money on Facebook. Keep reading!

Why is Facebook so important?

Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly activeusers. That is huge considering the world population is put at 7.6 billion. That means over 33% of the world population are on Facebook. There is no place that has it bigger on the internet. Just imagine you are in a place with over 2 billion people, one thing will be certain, with such huge number of people in one place, there will be massive opportunity to get rich! Even if you sell chewing gums and managed to get just 0.1% of them to buy from you, you are rich!.

Unlike most social media, Facebook offers individuals and companies opportunity to partner with it and make money. We have noticed that many people who write about “how to make money on Facebook” don’t usually include this but not us! We give you everything you need to know! Facebook also opens up the opportunity to make money indirectly from its platform. You can make big money from Facebook. It gets more serious, you can build a whole company based on facebook and make money. You can make passive income too. It all depends on what you want and your level of motivation.

Here is how to make money on Facebook

You can follow these steps to make money on Facebook.

1. Join Facebook Audience Network

If you are looking at how to make money on Facebook in a big way then you should consider joining Facebook Audience Network. The Facebook Audience Network is an in-house Facebook project that helps publishers monetize their works on Facebook. It is similar to Google Adsense. This is a direct way to make money from Facebook.

For instance, let’s say you create videos and post on your Facebook page. Gradually, you have a large audience and views. But one problem will be that there is no way to make money from the videos you are posting. That is where Facebook Audience Network comes in. Through it you can show ads and monetize your videos. Facebook have advertisers that will want to promote their brands and pay you for it.

If you are a blogger that share your posts via Facebook instant articles. People are reading but you want to make money from it. Then the Facebook Audience Network is your answer. You can make money as people read your articles on Facebook.

It also offer app developers opportunity to make money. You must have seen those apps that tells you how you will look 20 years from now? What you will look like if you are a man or woman? You can make such apps and make money from it through the Facebook Audience Network.

It is as easy as that.

If you already have a Facebook page that you share lots of videos (original videos) then consider joining the Facebook Audience Network and start making money. Do you have a blog? Then apply for Facebook Instant Articles, after approval you can join the Facebook audience network and start making money as people read your articles.  Click here to apply for Facebook Instant articles. If you have an app that attracts audience on Facebook, join and start marking money.

The most attractive in all this is videos. People love videos. This is considered a competitor to YouTube. You can decide to start making videos and share on your Facebook page. Then as you grow you join the Facebook audience network.

You must have seen those viral videos on Facebook? Well, the publishers are making big money from it! And you can too.

Please note: You have a public page not a profile to be able to join the audience network.

Go here to join the Facebook Audience Network, once you get to the page, you can read up and then scroll down till you see start now, click on it to get started.

Additional resources: Click here to learn more about implementing In-stream ad on your videos to make money on Facebook

2. Become a Facebook Partner

Facebook offers the opportunity to become a partner. This is big. Imagine becoming a partner with the world’s largest social media network with over 2 billion users? That is massive! But it is very possible. This is a direct way to make money from Facebook.

The fist partnership is Marketing partner. Yes, Facebook offers the opportunity to become a marketing partner. This is very easy. If you are a marketing guru helping clients match with customers, managing business pages and so on. You should consider becoming a Facebook marketing partner. If you run a marketing agency, then consider this partnership too. The advantage is, Facebook will work with you and help you succeed and make money on its platform as a marketing partner. To become a Facebook Marketing partner, click here. People build companies around this! It is a very lucrative partnership. It has huge potentials. Just consider this: with over 2 billion users every month on Facebook, businesses are looking to drive sales and more on Facebook, you can partner with Facebook and help them reach their goal, you make money too.

The marketing partner offer from Facebook is split into many category:

  1. Ad Technology
  2. Community Management
  3. Creative Platforms
  4. Small Business Solutions
  5. Advanced Onboarding
  6. Measurement

The previous link will take you to information page where you read the requirement. If you will rather apply directly without reading the basic requirements, click here

If you are looking at how to make money on Facebook ads, then this is for you.

The second partnership Facebook offers is the Audience Network Partnership. If you are good in tech or you have a team of people good in tech, then you can apply and become a partner with Facebook in finding solution for its publishers and advertisers. To become a Facebook audience network partner click here. People build companies around this. Just consider the number of publisher, advertisers and people targeting Facebook for growth, this opens up massive opportunities.

That is not all, if you make vidoes or you publish contents like blog, you can also join the Audience network and make money from your work. Click here to join.

This one is for you, if you are looking at how to make money on Facebook videos.

3. Sell your products

Facebook offers you the opportunity to open a shop on its platform and sell products. This is a very big opportunity to reach a good size of the over 2 billion platform on Facebook with your products. Facebook users spend 20 minutes on average everyday on the social network. This is a big opportunity to grab and start selling your products.

If you have cloths, shoes, bags, cars, makeups, beauty products, games, phones, electronics or whatever it you want to sell. You can do that right on Facebook. There is a shop where you can set prizes, people can see your products and order for it.

The first step you have to take is to open a business page for your business. This is very easy. Go to facebook, login, click on the arrow button at the top right of Facebook, then click on create page. See screenshot below: 

Then from there follow the screen instructions. Upload profile picture of page, the cover photo and fill in all information about your business.

Once you have successfully created your business page, the next step will involve setting up your shop, uploading products and all the details.

Facebook offers you a step by step guide to do this. Because Facebook may change the way it is done at any point in time, you can go to Facebook see a step by step guide how to add shop to your page. Click here to see how to add shop to your page. This page contains lots of guides.

Once you have added your shop, you will need to manage orders manually. Facbook has a guide on this. Click here to learn how to manage orders.

You will also need to manually mark orders as ship and request payment. Click here to learn how to mark orders as shipped and request payment

If you are tired of all the details and will rather have a professional do it for you. You can find big professionals on Fiver to help you do this from $5. That is very small. Click here to go to Fiverr and find professionals to help you set up Facebook shop.

Alternatively, you can use eCommerce platforms to sell on Facebook

Instead of using Facebook only option. You can consider using eCommerce platform like Shopify to list products on your Facebook stores.

This offers more advantage. You wont have to enter products manually.

The biggest benefit is that, even if you do not have products, you can open a shop with shopify, copy products from major suppliers such as Amazon, Ebay, Ali-express and others into your shop, whenever anyone orders, the product is shipped to them and you get paid. As easy as that. If you will like to open an online shop with shopify,

Once you have created the store. There are free apps in Shopify that will help you auto link your shopify store to Facebook shop free. Click here to auto link your shopify shop to facebook shop.

If you are looking at how to earn money from Facebook page likes the consider this option.

So far we have covered how to make money on Facebook the direct ways. Now, we will focus on how to make money on Facebook indirect way.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very effective way to make money on Facebook. The process is very simple. First, affiliate marketing simply means referring people to buy product or services and getting a commission from it. That simple.

But how does this work with Facebook? First, you create Facebook profile or page where you write about a particular topic. It is always good to have focus niche you concentrate on. You can write about different niches but have a primary one that you are known for, that people trust your judgement on on.

You can make a Facebook page talking about Fashion? Make-Up? Cars? Travelling? Health? Properties? Insurance? Phones? Computers? Books? Movies? and more. Keep building audience.

All you need to do next is go to an affiliate network. Sign up with them. Once you are accepted into the network, look for products or services that relates to what you write about on your Facebook page. Copy the link and share it with your Facebook Audience.

You can write a review on your profile or page about the product or service, and describe how good and useful it is. If any of your audience clicks to buy, you get a commission. Now imagine if you have a profile or page with 50, 000 engaged followers. And you promote a product worth $50 with a 50% commission. And about 2000 of your audience click to buy. That will make you $50, 000! Just from a post!

When you make such posts, you can boost it with Facebook ads to reach more people.

This is a lucrative way of making money on Facebook and you can be sure, lots of people are doing that.

The most important and challenging factor will be building up follower-ship that comes to trust you as an authority in the topics you write about or talk about via videos. If your audience trust your judgement and are engaged, that is good. That will make it easy for them to accept your recommendations.

Example of ads network you can register to and find products or services to promote on your Facebook page are:  Commission JunctionLinkshareImpact RadiusAmazon AffiliateJumia AffiliatesKonga Affiliates

If you are looking how to make money on Facebook with big income in mind, affiliate marketing has what it takes depending on your approach.

5. Drive Traffic

This is probably the most explored way when it comes to making money on Facebook.  As I have mentioned numerous times,  Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users. This method involves using your Facebook page or profile to drive traffic to blog, business website, your shop or email list and from there, you make money.

For example, you can decide to start a blog. This work very well for bloggers and I will give you examples. You first build a Facebook page, post viral contents, promote it and get lots of follower-ship. If you can promote and push the page till you get up to  1 million or more followers then you are set to make BIG MONEY.  Now set up a blog for your Facebook page. Write the same engaging contents on your blog. Monetize your blog with Google Adsense and affiliate links. Now share your blog posts to your Facebook page and drive traffic to your site. You will be getting from thousands to millions of visitors everyday to your blog depending on the size of your page.

Examples of blogs that use this strategy and are now big players making big money are and among others.

For some smart bloggers who are not interested in running blogs but making constant money. They create like 3 blogs on different but closely related topics. Use their Facebook page to drive traffic. The blog become big and with many readers. They go to and sell the blog for big money. Then begin the process again. So the Facebook page becomes a big asset.  If you are looking to start a blog

Or if you sell products on your websites or anywhere else that is outside Facebook, you can use your Page to generate traffic and leads.

In summary, you use facebook as a medium to drive people to where your business interest is and from there convert to clients, customers or users.

This is a fantastic method but building the page up to get good follower-ship will be the toughest part.

In the long run, building a big Facebook page with engaged followers is a  big asset that can bring massive return on investment.

This is for you if you are looking at how to make money on Facebook with your blog.

6. Become a Facebook influencer

Social media Influencer are simply people with lots of follower-ship on social media who can influence people’s opinion on particular topics, products or events.

You can build large audience on your profile or page and become a Facebook influencer. Once you have lots of people following you and who listens to your recommendations on Facebook then there are companies willing to pay you to market and talk about them on your Facebook profile or page.

These companies can reach you directly but there are platforms that connects you with them. One of the most popular platform is Famebit. They will help you get sponsorship on your social media channel and through these sponsorship you make money.

Just sign up with them, connect your social media account and from there you can write proposals to brands that are interested in your kind of audience.

Apart from famebit, there are other influencers platform you can join and make money though your Facebook Influence, they include: IzeaDealspotrIfluenz and more.

If you are already an influencer then you don’t need to worry about how to make money on Facebook, just go ahead and join these platforms and put your influence to use.

7. Join a Pay Per Click (PPC) Network

Pay Per Click Networks is another way to make money on Facebook. The process is easy. You sign up with them. They give you contents or you select contents to share on your social media pages then you are paid for every click it generates.

Usually, PPC are very sensitive, you must not click on the links yourself or ask someone you know to click, if they track this, you will be banned!

So, you can sign up with them, share their content on your Facebook page and get paid for every clicks its generates. Example of PPC networks you can join are; Viral9, SharePop and more.

You can try this if you are looking for how to make money on Facebook posting links.

8. Short-links

This simply involves using a link Shortner service for every link you share on social media. You will likely not make big money through this method but if you will love the opportunity to make passive income, then good. If you regularly share news or any information on Facebook  then this is for you.

All you have to do is, before you share link to any news or information, go to a link shortner, past the link and shorten it. Copy the shorten one and share on your Facebook.

Whenever anyone clicks on it, the link will first show them an ad before redirecting them to the news or information. That is how the link shortners make money from which they will pay you.

Popular link Shorteners that pays include: Link ShrinkADF and OUO

if you have been wondering how to make money on Facebook by posting links, then this is it!

9. Sell your Facebook page

If you have lots of Facebook pages with good engagement, you can decide to sell some of it and make money. A good page with good engagement can fetch you upward of $5000. You can even sell for $20, 000, $100, 000 or more. It all depends on the niche, engagement and follower-ship.

Websites where you can sell your Facebook page includes: FameSwapViral Accounts and more.

This should be for you if you are looking for how to make money on Facebook by selling your account.

10. Become a Facebook Page manager

These days one of the most sort after jobs are social media managers. If you truly understand how to run a Facebook page, keep the audience engaged and run ads. Then you can make a good social media manager. Most are part time jobs, some are full time jobs and very rewarding. You can search for Facebook page manager jobs in websites like: Indeed, UpworkFreelancer and more.

Definitely for you, if you are looking for how to make money on Facebook working as a page manager.


If you seriously looking for how to make money on Facebook, the guide above should help. Remember, it is all about giving your best. There are options on this article that will make you a multi-millionaire if you follow through and invest your time and energy. Generally, Facebook has offered everyone, a good platform to make money, it is left for people to explore these opportunities. If you are looking for more ways to make money on line then read:

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