How to discharge petrol from truck tanker in filling station

I had the experience of issues arising in the fillling station concerning incomplete supply of fuel, stolen product by truck drivers and that has raise so many problems in that business. will discuss How to discharge petrol from truck tanker in filling station in detail and I hope this will be of help.

Positioning of the truck

 Assuming the truck has just arrived from the depot, as a station manager or a supervisor, you need to direct the truck to an appropriate position suitable for the proper draining of trucks in your filling station. The position is differ for different filling station, but in all cases it is as to enhance recovery of fuel.

Recording of truck Details

 Immediate after the truck is set at the proper position, the personnel in charge of the discharging process has to record some data of the truck. The information include, but not limited to;

  1. Date and time of arrival
  2. Driver’s name
  3. Truck plate number
  4. Truck tank size
  5. Type of fuel (PMS or AGO or DPK)
  6. Waybill details
  7. Depot ullage details
  8. Truck tank ullage chart

After getting the required information from the truck driver, this information is communicated to the senior authority of the company/filling station to confirm if that is the expected truck and if it carries the desire fuel.

Station Test and Measure

After obtain the information that comes with the truck, there is a great need and in fact it is a must to run your own test and measurement to see if it correspond with the one that came with the driver. Prior to this, there is one term in filling station business in Nigeria called “Asorock”, this is pronounce just like the state house is Nigeria, but it has a different meaning in this line of business. Asorock is an hidden compartment in the truck were drivers store fuel and is invisible to the person discharging the truck. They hide the fuel there and remove it and sell to people on the road side after leaving your station. I believe that you cannot detect Asorock truck, but from my experience, I can teach you how to do that, just contact me.

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Now that you has checked for Asorock, you next is to carry out

  1. Station ullage
  2. Water paste test
  3. Sample collection and analysis

The result of the above procedure will be recorded, analyzed and compare with what the driver came with. This is where you know if your truck has been tempered with or not. But don’t for get, there may be slight different.

Station underground tank dipping

 Before discharging fuel into the station tank, the person in charge of the operation in the station need to dip the underground tank in the present of the truck driver, and interpret the reading in the DPR approved chart and record the stock in that tank before the discharge is done.

Safety Measures

  1. Before entering the plant, be sure you have the fire arrester in position. 
  2. Position the bulk vehicle, apply hand brake and place chokes under the vehicle. 
  3. Switch off the engine and turn off the master switch. 
  4. Place fire extinguishers on either side of the vehicle. 
  5. Place warning notice to restrict vehicular or person movement. 
  6. Connect earth/bonding cables to receiving facilities. 
  7. Ensure all valves are closed. 
  8. Open valves slowly and in sequence, working towards the vehicle before starting the pump. 
  9. Check for leaks
  10.  Check receiving tank and pipelines continually to ensure that discharge is in progress. If product is not flowing, stop the pump and start the operations again.
  11.  After discharge, stop the pump then close all valves.
  12. Disconnect bonding cable. 
  13. Remove fire extinguishers, notice board and chokes. 
  14. Never leave the vehicle unattended. 
  15. All personnel must be in appropriate safety clothing (Boot and gloves).

Commencing of discharge

discharge petrol from truck
discharge petrol from truck

Wow lets stop here for today and continue later, keep loading for complete guide on How to discharge petrol from the truck tanker in filling station

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