How To Become a DSTV agent in Nigeria (updated)

This post will give you all the details on how to become a DSTV agent. DSTV has emerged as the biggest satellite TV service in Africa. DSTV’s huge customer base can be found in countries in Southern Africa like Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland and South Africa; Eastern Africa like Kenya, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Botswana and Namibia; Eastern African countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Gabon.

As at 2017, DSTV had a near-total of 14 million subscribers and about 400 million dollars of income. Becoming a DSTV agent is a significant way to key into this wealth.

Where you can locate your DSTV Agency business

The business can be sited in both urban areas and towns, due to their high population and income. MultiChoice agents usually live in cities or big cities that accommodate a lot of businesses.

Any training before one becomes a DSTV agent?

There is basic technical training. If one performs effectively in their duty as an agent, he must have undergone training by MultiChoice.

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Requirement on How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria

DSTV agent
DSTV agent
  • Becoming a agent does not need any demanding training. A bit of technical training may be ideal because the duty of a DSTV agent involves installations and repairs.
  • Capital is required to run this business. As an intending Agent, then you will need a considerable amount of money to run the business because the DSTV franchise is what you are acquiring.
  • Your ability to relate with persons will be useful in business as this. You are representing the company in the area your company is located in. A lot of questions, enquiries and complaints from potential customers will be asked from time to time.

Why Become a DSTV Agent

If you are considering to become a DSTV agent. The following reasons will convince you that it is the right choice for you.

  • As a DSTV agent, you are guaranteed job security. DSTV needs people who will always market and sell their product, make installation and repairs and engage in ‘grassroots’ customer service duties. They have a huge customer base and will always need agents to attend to them.
  • A lot of persons find a career as DSTV sales agent rewarding because of the high income. According to Glassdoor, A DSTV agent earns up to 145,000 Naira monthly as salary minus the bonuses. If you are more experienced as an or you have mastered the arts of good salesmanship, you can earn a lot more.
  • Every career person wants to build his/her network and become a name to reckon with. If you deal with a multinational product like DSTV. Then you are indirectly the brand ambassador of the product. Then you would have created the impression that you work for a high-quality company like Multichoice.

A secure method to Register For DStv Agent Training

  • From the DSTV website, make sure you register and download the form.
  • After registration, send the downloaded, filled form to the company via email.

Payment of franchise fee to the company is a prerequisite to becoming a DSTV agent. MultiChoice will guide and furnish you with the methods and resources to help you start your business.

DSTV agent
DSTV agent

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To qualify as an agent, you will have to:

  • take part in the training course from MultiChoice
  • have a minimum pass mark in the assessment examination.

Skills Every DSTV agent must have

  • DSTV agents must have good communication skills. Good vocabulary, ability to be friendly and approachable is paramount. Once your customer enters your store to get a decoder, make introductions, be concise and relevant in your conversations.
  • DSTV agents must also show empathy. Empathy relates to reassuring and showing concern for the plights of your customer. For instance, if a customer shows up to complain about a technical issue that his decoder is having, you have to attend to him and try to calm him down even when he is frustrated. Showing respect for customers in this way will cement your relationship with them.
  • Another important skill a DSTV agent should have is knowledgeability about the latest products, services and offers. An must strive to update his knowledge about the latest DSTV offers and should be aware of the latest promo and sales slash.
  • Social media as dramatically improving the job of DSTV salesmanship. A great number of DSTV agents now have social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to market their products, which is very good. If you are advertising on the internet or specifically, on social media. It will be helpful to try to engage your customers socially. Thank them for their patronage and interact with them.
  • It’s necessary to demonstrate active listening abilities as a DSTV sales agent. This is particularly essential when conversing on the phone because the customer can’t see your body language or eye contact. Active listening, which requires identifying your clients’ needs and showing that you actually care about them, will also facilitate rapport.
  • Cultivating friendships with your customers is a vital quality as a DSTV sales agent. Consumers will be more willing to buy from you if you have a good relationship with them.
  • In your work as a DSTV sales agent, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential. You must be able to adapt to a variety of occurrences or challenges as they arise without sacrificing the quality of your job. Make sure you’re receptive to fresh ideas and ready to apply them when the time comes.

As a DSTV agent, you’ll need to be comfortable with a variety of technological tools. You must keep up with the software and technology that DSTV employs in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

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