Hope Alive Bible Institute in Nigeria

You may have seen the notice on the street showing you a description of an institution that is offering a free biblical training and you wonder if that is true. In this post I will be taking you through aim and objectives of hope alive bible institute.

First of all I will be making a general review of the institution from the global point of view down to their lesson center in my neighborhood. Okay let us begin.


Hope alive bible institute is the one of the fastest growing Bible Colleges in the nation. Hope alive bible institute  are an accredited bible college dedicated to preparing the next generation to be agents of change

Degrees offered

As an accredited institution of higher learning, Hope alive bible institute offer the following degrees:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies
  2. Master Degree in Theology and Religious Studies
  3. Doctoral Degree in Biblical Psychology

Upon graduation of the Doctorate Program graduates are licensed as PROFESSIONAL CHRISTIAN THERAPIST by THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN THERAPIST, (a nationally recognized licensing board for Christian Counselors)

Bachelor Program

Theology And Religious Studies

  • The dynamics of man
  • The foundation of faith
  • Righteousness 101
  • Divine healing
  • Understanding the holy spirit
  • The gifts and ministries of the holy spirit
  • ​kingdom history 101

Master Program

Theology And Religious Studies

  • Understanding the kingdom of god
  • Embracing the kingdom of god
  • Kingdom application
  • Kingdom colonization (evangelism)
  • Prayer 201
  • ​kingdom history 201

Doctorate Program

Biblical Psychology

  • Leadership 301
  • Stewardship (faith and finances)
  • Kingdom history 301
  • Christian counseling

You see in the wide spread of the institute across the globe, they have their study center in different places.

Is hope alive bible institute in Nigeria?

Yes: They have their study centers in Nigeria.

What you must know about Uruan study center

Hope Alive Bible Institute is in conjunction with Firstmark bible institute (FBI) Nigeria to have a study center in Idu the Headquater of Uruan.


It is located at Mount Zion Gospel Church Inc.

Idu Sectional Headquater

Uruan local government

Akwa Ibom state

Administrative office

11 Nung Akpa Ime

Uyo Local Government

Akwa Ibom state

Mobile number