Habits for Jamb Candidates That wants to score 300+

Habits for Jamb

Habits for Jamb: It is really funny how so many people can become successful failures when it comes to examinations. Some people virtually fail every exam they have ever written in their lives.

I used to have a friend who literally wrote and failed JAMB 9 (nine) times, and believe me it was not funny then. I mean it got to a point where JAMB officials took good notice of him (as a regular customer) and they started sending him seasonal greeting cards every Xmas (believe it or leave it!).

Writing 7 Habits for Jamb exams is something of great interest to me. In my years of partaking in various examinations, I have come to realize that there is a big difference between your state of mind and your IQ.

Habits for Jamb
Habits for Jamb

Your intelligence becomes very useful when you are in a stable state of mind, but when the human mind goes gaga, and there is no external hard disk or back up around the examination room (some sharp guys are on point), JAMB may likely send you a car or a jet in their next promo-‘write JAMB 15 times and win a CAR!’

First Habits for Jamb: to have before dreaming of becoming a student of any tertiary institution in Nigeria is to have good self-esteem. Do not judge me wrongly here. I am not going to tell you to read until we discover another source of electricity from your brains. I already assume your parents, uncles, aunties and even your oga’s and madams ‘at the top’ have lectured (or should I say bored you) on that already.

I am just here to fix your brain to fit into an examination environment. So what is self-esteem? Mind you it is not about dressing like P-Square or Wiz-Kid or looking prettier than Omotola. It is all about how you see yourself (very important!).

It might amaze you that majority of people who think that they cannot pass an examination actually end up not passing that exam. If you stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are ugly, then JAMB paper will have the courage to tell you worse( believe me). So from today, as you study for your upcoming examinations, start whispering sweet things to yourself, network with sound-minded people who also share your goals and belief.

Number 2: Never get intimidated by what others are studying or reading. Very funny right? My first experience as a JAMB candidate was very intimidating. I once entered a JAMB class thinking I have read enough only to discover that I was still a learner. The questions two girls were throwing at one another made me wonder if it was the same JAMB I was about to write. If not for God, I was already imagining the type of bike that would be very suitable for my new found Okada business in my imagination world. In practice, be a master of the few you have studied, learn them very well and if you want to add to your knowledge, feel free to join other study groups you might find, be part of them and never feel intimidated. After all, you might discover that you know more than them.

Number 3: Do not think negative about others. Girls this one mostly applies to you people. Just like self-esteem, what you think of others greatly affects you directly or indirectly, subconsciously or even consciously. You might not know this, but all the time you spend gossiping, jealousy and holding grudges against your friend, makes your friend even better than you. This state of mind makes your studying process more difficult and painful. So free up your mind before you pick up a book today and most importantly do not keep malice with friends.

Habits for Jamb
Habits for Jamb

Number 4: Overcome Fear! Just like intimidation, fear has a way of getting back at us. No matter what you read, that fear in you will always tell you that you will fail. Let me break it down for you like this: F-False, E-Evidence, A-Appearing, R-Real. False Evidence Appearing Real. Overcoming examination fears can be achieved by studying with more confident students for that particular examination. Studying with close friends may also help overcome fear over time.

Number 5
: Choose a strategy! A strategy is a means you want to use and achieve your goals. Since your goal is to pass JAMB and get admission into a university or polytechnic, you have to decide on a good strategy to adopt. If you are a good listener, you might try listening more often from your friends in group discussions. Like-wise, if you are a slow learner, you might as well try reading and attempting past questions to allow it to stick faster to your brains. Choosing a strategy you are comfortable with will not only make you pass exams, but it will boost confidence and reduce fear in you. So which examination strategy is adopting for your April exams?

Number 6: Bring in the God factor. If you have read to this point and you do not have a place in your heart for God, I rather suggest you walk around your area and look for a hug-able transformer, so that we will understand what M.I meant in his song ‘beef’. So in essence, fear and love God. Pray before you study and before your exams, and every other success factor will be easier for you to apply.

Finally 7: As an Habits for Jamb, Always visit ddomiscum. I have never seen a site so devoted to students! Always keep in touch with this site and JAMB will never out-smart you!

Here are some other Habits for Jamb:

  • Many students have experienced the wobbly, nauseating feeling that comes with entering an exam room. However, there are some things you can do to help yourself feel better. Tell yourself, “Chill a bit, be calm,” and try to relax your breathing. You’ll find that the nervousness diminishes quickly, allowing you to focus on the questions.
  • Although it might be tempting to interact with other candidates as you begin to approach the examination hall, it isn’t always the best idea. On the day of the exam, avoid reviewing the syllabus with other pupils. You may learn that you did not cover specific topics, causing you to fret unnecessarily before the exam.
  • If you have the opportunity, revising in a group may be really beneficial and will reassure you that you are not alone in your exam preparation. Instead of studying alone, gather a group of friends together to do so. Try to meet once a week and create goals for the next week, such as choosing two subjects to study. After that, you can put everyone to the test by trying past paper problems on those topics. This boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel more confident.

As you has finish reading our Key Habits for Jamb, good luck in your 2022 Jamb Examination. Please share

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