Google Code Jam Competition for All Programmers

Hey guys, Here is an opportunity for all programmers to apply for the Google Code Jam Coding Competition in 2022 and stand a chance of winning a whopping sum of  $15,000 Prize.

Google Code Jam

This is an international programming competition hosted and administered by Google. The competition began in 2003. The competition consists of a set of algorithmic problems which must be solved in a fixed amount of time. Competitors may use any programming language and development environment to obtain their solutions. From 2003 to 2007, Google Code Jam was deployed on Topcoder’s platform. Since 2008 Google has developed their own dedicated infrastructure for the contest.

Between 2015 and 2018, Google also ran Distributed Code Jam, with the focus on distributed algorithms. This was run in parallel with the regular Code Jam, with its own qualification and final round, for a top prize of $10,000, but was only open for people who qualified to Round 2 of Code Jam (up to 3000 people).

Are you a web programmer living in any part of the world? If you are, then here is an opportunity for you to win a massive sum of $15,000 and the championship title.

I will show you how to apply for this competition and get the prize without making mistakes. Continue reading to learn more.

Google Code Jam Competition
Google Code Jam Competition

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Google Code Jam Coding Competition for Programmers

Do you have what it takes? If yes, join the Code Jam community and take on a series of challenging algorithmic puzzles designed by Google engineers. You’ll have a chance to earn the coveted title of Code Jam Champion and win USD 15,000 at the World Finals. 

Google’s longest-running global coding competition, Code Jam, call on programmers worldwide to solve challenging, algorithmic puzzles against the clock.

Contestants advance through four online-hosted rounds to compete at the annual Code Jam World Finals held at a different international Google office each year. Each round brings new challenges, and in the end, 25 contestants will have the ultimate chance to put their skills to the test, vying for cash prizes and the coveted championship title at the World Finals.

Google Code Jam Coding Competition Prizes

  • Participants compete for the championship title and a cash prize of $15,000.

Cost/funding for participants

The Programme is fully funded.

Google Code Jam Coding Competition Eligibility

  • Open to programmers around the world
  • You understand and acknowledge the age requirements specified in the Coding Competitions Terms. You understand and acknowledge that you must be at least the Minimum Age to be eligible to attend the onsite Final Round of the CJ Contest. If your age is not at least the Minimum Age, you are only eligible to win a t-shirt.

How to Enter Google Code Jam Coding Competition

Register and compete in Code Jam’s Online Qualification Round. It lasts 27 hours, but you won’t need that long to earn the round’s qualifying point minimum. Once you do, you’ll advance to Online Round 1.

They offer three sub-rounds for Round 1, and you can compete in as many as it takes for you to finish in the top 1,500 of any of these rounds.

The top 1,500 from each sub-round move on to compete for a spot in the top 1,000 contestants of Code Jam Online Round 2. These top 1,000 contestants advance to Online Round 3 and earn a limited edition Code Jam t-shirt.

They will bring the top 25 contestants from Code Jam Online Round 3 to our onsite World Finals, where they’ll compete for the championship title and a cash prize of $15,000.

How to register for the Google Code Jam Coding Competition

Click the Register Here tab below to register for the 2022 Google Code Jam Coding competition:


Google Code Jam Coding Competition Key Dates

Google Code Jam Competition
Google Code Jam Competition

1. Registration

Registration opens on Mar 1 2022, 19:00 (UTC) and will remain open until Apr 3 2022, 02:00 (UTC).

2. Qualification Round 2022

Start (UTC): Apr 1 2022, 23:00

End (UTC): Apr 3 2022, 02:00

Duration: 27 hrs

3. Deadline: Apr 3 2022

4. Program starts: Apr 9 2022

5. Program ends: Aug 6 2022

Winning Prices

1. Code Jam T-Shirt.

The top 1,000 ranked contestants from Code Jam Round 2 are eligible to receive a Code Jam T-shirt.

2. Code Jam Cash Prizes.

For advancing to and making at least one submission in the Final Round of Code Jam; you are eligible to receive one of the following cash prizes:

1st Place: $15,000.

2nd Place: $2,000.

3rd Place: $1,000.

4th—25th Place: $100.

3. Goodies.

At its sole discretion, Google may occasionally give away Google or Code Jam-branded objects, Google-related products, or other goodies (“Goodies​”) to Final Round participants as part of their participation in the CJ Contest.

These Goodies are not prizes and must not be treated as prizes by participants.

Click the OFFICIAL LINK HERE to learn more.

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