Full list of Accredited Schools of Nursing in Nigeria (updated)

The school of nursing is one of the major institutions that has greatly enhanced the production of adequate and competent nurses throughout Nigeria. Our main aim and goal are to provide you with a detailed list that constitutes the full list of Accredited schools of nursing in Nigeria. Apart from the federal universities that educate and train students for have been offered admission to study nursing, the school of nursing is also the owner of the major institutions that have stood out in the training of students into competent nurses. Through the Accredited schools of nursing in Nigeria, there has been a great increase in the number of nurses available for medical issues.

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Full List Of Accredited Schools Of Nursing In Nigeria

If you are interested in studying nursing and you have found a need to apply for the course in a school of nursing in Nigeria, the full list of Accredited schools of nursing in Nigeria below would be of great use for you;

1.Abia State School of NursingAbiaTo be updated later
2.School of Nursing Federal Medical CentreAbia1956
3.School of Nursing Amaracha AbiaAbiaTo be updated later
4.Adamawa School of NursingAdamawaTo be updated later
5.Akwa Ibom School of NursingAkwa IbomTo be updated later
6.School of Nursing Iket Emmanuel General HospitalAwa IbomTo be updated later
7.School of Nursing General Hospital Ikot Ekpene Akwa ibomAkwa IbomTo be updated later
8.Anambra School of Nursing IhialaAnambraTo be updated later
9.School of Nursing General Hospital Nkpor AnambraAnambraTo be updated later
10.School of Nursing NAUTH AnambraAnambraTo be updated later
11.Bauchi State School of Nursing General HospitalBauchi1969
12.Bayelsa State School of Nursing TambiaBayelsaTo be updated later
13.School of Nursing Iyi Enu Hospital AnambraAnambra1999
14.Benue State School of Nursing General Hospital MarkudiBenue1992
15.School of Nursing Christian Hospital BenueBenue1925
16.Borno State School of Nursing General HospitalBornoTo be updated later
17.School of Nursing UMTH BornoBornoTo be updated later
18.Cross River School of Nursing CalabarRiversTo be updated later
19.School of Nursing General Hospital Ogoja Cross RiverRiversTo be updated later
20.School of Nursing Eja Memorial Hospital cross RiverRiversTo be updated later
21.Delta State School of Nursing Baptist HospitalDeltaTo be updated later
22.School of Nursing Hospital DeltaDeltaTo be updated later
23.School of Nursing General Hospital DeltaDeltaTo be updated later
24.Ebonyi State School of NursingEbonyi1952
25.Edo State School of NursingEdoTo be updated later
26.School of Nursing University Teaching Hospital EdoEdoTo be updated later
27.Ekiti State School of NursingEkitiTo be updated later
28.State School of Nursing University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital EnuguEnugu1973
29.School of Nursing Bishop Shanahan EnuguEnuguTo be updated later
30.School of Nursing Hospital EnuguEnugu1952
31.FCT School of Nursing Gwagwalada Special Hospital AbujaAbujaTo be updated later
32.Imo State School of Nursing St Mary HospitalImoTo be updated later
33.School of Nursing Joint Hospital ImoImoTo be updated later
34.School of Nursing Umulogho ImoImoTo be updated later
35.School of Nursing General Hospital ImoImoTo be updated later
36.School of Nursing Holy Mary Hospital ImoImoTo be updated later
37.Jigawa State School of NursingJigawaTo be updated later
38.Kaduna State school of Nursing Ahamdu Bello University Teaching Hospital KadunaKaduna1967
39.School of Nursing St Luke Anglican Hospital KadunaKadunaTo be updated later
40.School of Nursing Gerard Catholic Hospital KadunaKaduna1965
41.Kano State School of Nursing Muritala Mohammed KanoKanoTo be updated later
42.School of Nursing KafanchanKadunaTo be updated later
43.Kastina School of Nursing General Hospital KastinaKastinaTo be updated later
44.Kogi State School of Nursing ECWA KogiKogi1955
45.School of Nursing Hospital KogiKogiTo be updated later
46.Kwara School of NursingKwaraTo be updated later
47.Lagos State School of Nursing Military HouseLagosTo be updated later
48.School of Nursing Lagos State University Teaching HospitalLagos1962
49.School of Nursing Awolowo Road LagosLagoaTo be updated later
50.Niger School of Nursing BidaNiger1976
51.Ogun State School of Nursing Sacred  Heart HospitalOgun1895
52.School of Nursing Hospital Ijebu Ode OgunOgunTo be updated later
53.School of Nursing General Hospital OgunOgunTo be updated later
54.Ondo State School of Nursing General HospitalOndoTo be updated later
55.Osun State School of Nursing Faculty of Health Science OAUOsunTo be updated later
56.School of Nursing Seventh Day Adventist Hospital OsunOsunTo be updated later
57.School of Nursing OAUTH OsunOsunTo be updated later
58.School of Nursing OAUTH Ilesha OsunOsunTo be updated later
59.School of Nursing State Hospital OsunOsunTo be updated later
60.Oyo State School of Nursing Baptist Medical Centre saki OyoOyoTo be updated later
61.School of Nursing Baptist Medical Centre OyoOyoTo be updated later
62.School of Nursing Eleyele Ibadan OyoOyoTo be updated later
63.School of Nursing University College Hospital OyoOyoTo be updated later
64.School of Nursing Muritala Mohammed Jos PlateauPlateauTo be updated later
65.Plateau School Of Nursing Christian Hospital Vom VomPlateauTo be updated later
66.Rivers State General HospitalRiversTo be updated later
67.Sokoto School of Nursing Usman Danfodo Teaching HospitalSokotoTo be updated later
68.School of Nursing General Hospital SokotoSokotoTo be updated later
69.Taraba School Of NursingTaraba1992
70.Yobe School of Nursing General Hospital YobeYobeTo be updated later
71.School of Perioperative Nursing Federal Medical Center YolaAdamawaTo be updated later
72.School of Nursing Anua UyoAkwa IbomTo be updated later
73.School of Nursing Ituk MbangAkwa IbomTo be updated later
74.School of Mental Health NursingEnugu1978
75.School of Nursing Adazi NnukwuAnambraTo be updated later
76.College of Nursing Diocese hospital AmichiAnambra1982
77.College of Nursing St. Charles Borromeo Hospital OnitshaEnuguTo be updated later
78.School of Nursing St. Margaret HospitalRiversTo be updated later
79.School of Nursing EkuDeltaTo be updated later
80.School of Nursing MMH AfikpoEbonyi1952
81.School of Nursing FETHA AbakalikiEbonyiTo be updated later
82.College of Nursing science UburuEbonyiTo be updated later
83.School of Nursing EmekukuImo1953
84.School of Nursing our Lady of Mercy Hospital UmuloghobowoImo1962
85.School of nursing WusasaKadunaTo be updated later
86.College of Nursing ObangedeKwara1980
87.College of Nursing OchedamaKogi1946
88.School of nursing LantoroOyo1950
89.School of Nursing Bowen University Teaching HospitalOyo1907
90.School of Nursing IlaroOgunTo be updated later