Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal: How to perform it

Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal

One of the features of Fidelity bank Digital banking is Cardless withdrawal, getting cash from ATM Without Naira debit Card. Customers only need to generate token from their registered mobile phone with the bank

Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal: The cardless cash service is easy, seamless, and secure. To withdraw cash without using your debit card. The processes steps listed below will guide you on How to get cash from your Fidelity Bank account without an ATM Card Using USSD Code

some of the benefit of Cardless withdrawal include the following

1.You can send the (PAYCODE) to a third party, without compromising your account or debit card details.
2.You can also collect cash from any ATM nationwide.
3.The entire transaction process takes approximately 10-20 seconds
3.Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Below are the features of Fidelity bank

Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal
Fidelity bank

1.Single transaction limit is N20,000.
2.Works with phone numbers registered with Fidelity Bank
3.Dependent on full network signal from your telecom provider
4.Money is deducted directly from your Fidelity Bank account
5.The PAYCODE (11 digit code) is valid for 24hours from date of initiation

Steps to generate Paycode/Token that will enable withdraw cash from ATMs without debit cards is listed below.

1. Dial *770*8*AMOUNT# from your registered Mobile phone with the bank
2. Follow the on-screen prompts
3. Create a one-time PIN (OTP)
4.Enter your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account to withdraw cash.
5. Visit any fidelity bank ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash

Getting cash at ATMs steps to follow

Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal
Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal

Locate any First Bank ATM
2 Press “Enter” button on the ATM
3 Select the “Cardless Withdrawal option
4 Enter “Reference Code” received on your mobile phone
5 Enter “ Amount” (This should be same selected when initiating request on Internet Banking, USSD, Mobile Banking)
6 Press “Enter “ button to proceed
7 Collect your Cash

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