FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking: Everything you need to know

FCMB here means Nigeria’s First City Monument Bank. Looking for how to get started with FCMB Internet And Mobile Banking, this guide will help.

If you have an account with FCMB, you can now leverage their Internet banking platform to carry out all forms of transaction from the comfort of your home, without having to spend hours on the queue in the banking hall.

With the FCMB Internet Banking, you can pay various bills like NEPA Or PHCN, DSTV/GOTV Subscription and also Transfer of funds within and outside FCMB Accounts.

This post seeks to explain how you can get started and utilize FCMB Internet Banking Platform.

How to Register and Activate Your FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking Platform

Step 1. Go to FCMB website on www.fcmb.com, click on Internet Banking at the top right corner (or top left if using phone or tablet), and then click ‘Personal’ from the drop-down list.

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Step 2. Click on ‘Register Now’. It’s found just below the line under the space for user name. Read and accept the terms and conditions

Step 3. Click on the “I Agree” button to agree to the terms and conditions after reading through it.
Enter account name and 10 digit account number.

Step 4. Enter mobile number and email address as registered with the bank (these must be exactly the same as provided to the bank. Include 234 only if this is contained in phone number provided to the bank )

Step 5. Select a new login name.

Step 6. (FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking) Select ATM card Preference (Click Yes, if you have one that is not expired. No if you don’t) If yes, enter card PIN (16 or 19 digit number), if no, continue without card PIN

Step 7. Click On ‘Submit’ to register the form.

Step 8. At the completion of your registration, a confirmation email would be sent to your registered email address to confirm your registration.

How to Change FCMB Internet Banking Password

FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking
FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking
  • Click on this link FCMB website, then select Internet Banking at the top right corner (or top left if using phone or tablet), and then click ‘Personal’ from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the ‘Forget Your Password?’ link (below the space for password)
  • Provide User ID and one secret answer, Click on ‘Reset Password’ to receive a default password
  • Default Password is sent to the registered email address
  • Copy Default Password from registered email address and Login
  • Change ‘default password’ to your ‘preferred password’

How to Download and Use the FCMB Online Internet Banking Token App for FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking

  • Visit the App Store for your respective devices (i.e. Android and iOS). This app is available on Google Playstore and Apple store.
  • On the Search bar, type ‘FCMBonline Token App’ download and install. On successful installation, the phone IMEI or Unique number is displayed on the mobile token App. This also confirms that the app was successfully installed.
  • Go to the FCMB website HERE, click on Internet Banking at the top right corner (or top left if using phone or tablet), and then click ‘Personal’ from the drop-down list.
  • Log in with your user name and password and click on the ‘Mobile Phone Token’ menu.
  • Select ‘Mobile Token Registration’.
  • Input the DISPLAYED IMEI or Unique number from the installed FCMB online Token App into the required Device IMEI/Unique number field on the platform. (FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking)
  • kindly Select Phone type (AndroidBlackberryWindows and iOS) from drop-down list.
  • Select the account to be debited.
  • Select authentication code type (SMS/Email or Token Code) and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Input transaction your password and the authentication code sent to your phone then click ‘Register’.
  • If Successful, the platform displays ‘Registration Successful’, an activation code is instantly sent to your registered phone number and email while the token fee is debited from the customer’s account.
  • On the FCMBonline Token App, input the 4 digit activation code received as an SMS and Email that was sent to your registered phone number and Email. Select and confirm your preferred app password, accept Terms and Conditions then select ‘Save Data’.
  • Registration is completed and the FCMBonline Token App is ready for use.

These are all you need to leverage or utilize FCMB Online and Mobile banking.

FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking
FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking


  • Visit your local FCMB branch and obtain the application form. Or get the form online by clicking here
  • Fill the application form and submit to the Customer Service desk at your chosen FCMB Branch.
  • Request and install the FCMB Mobile app file.  You can download online here

. You may also send “D FCMB” to any of these codes (4045 for MTN, 310030 for Glo)

  • Complete the installation on your phone
  • Check your e-mail for registration details (a virtual card, expiration date, and pin) and register the details of your application on your phone. You will receive a text notification confirming that your profile has successfully synchronized.
  • Download FCMB Mobile App for Android

NOTE: You need to change your initial pin to conduct a successful transaction.

For further FCMB Internet and Mobile Banking Activation steps, you can go through this link FCMB Mobile Activation process.

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