ECOWAS Recruitment 2022: Everything you need to know

ECOWAS Recruitment

Hi everyone, you are all welcome to our page, here on this portal we will be giving the full details on the ECOWAS Recruitment and how to apply for the Economic Community of West African States Recruitment do not forget that we will be helping to know the requirements that will assist you to know how to participate in this year recruitment summer.

ECOWAS Recruitment Positions

The Economic Community of West African States will be recruiting applicants who are looking forward to getting a job and work with ECOWAS. And in line with that, ECOWAS Recruitment and Available Vacancies 2020 have been listed below.

  1. Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources, Health, Animal Health
  2. Education, Science and Culture, Youth and Sport Development
  3. General Administration, Conferences, Finance; Human Resources Management,
  4. Internal audit
  5. International Relations, Diplomacy, Legal Affairs
  6. Macroeconomic policies, Economic Research, Infrastructure,
  7. Mining, Energy, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency
  8. Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
  9. Monitoring and evaluation, Strategic management, Strategic planning
  10. Political Affairs, Peace, Security, Social Affairs and Gender
  11. Telecommunications and Information Technologies
  12. Trade, Customs, Free Movement, Industry, and Promotion of the Private Sector.

Before applying for this job you must know and decide the position you are applying for knowing full well that you will do all you can to magnify the job positions you are applying for, see the requirement below.

Important Information About the ECOWAS Recruitment List for 2022

When applying for the ECOWAS Recruitment 2022, there are a number of factors to remember. It’s important to have the right details at the right time, which means you can check the ECOWAS recruitment portal on a regular basis.

If you want to work for the ECOWAS, you should pay attention to the following details.

Fill out the application form correctly by clicking on the connection in parentheses (JOB APPLICATION FORM). Please include a curriculum vitae (CV) and a motivation letter with your application. Send all of the documents mentioned above to the appropriate e-mail addresses.

What is the Strength of the ECOWAS?

ECOWAS institutions draws strength from its main body-The Authority of Heads of States and Government. The others are Council of Ministers, the Commission, the Community Parliament, the Community Court of Justice, Specialised Technical Committees as well as the ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID).
What is the Primary Role of the ECOWAS?

The primary role of the Economic Community of West African States is to promote a collective political and economic self-reliance. The ECOWAS also serves as the West African region peacekeeping force. It is also saddled with the responsibility of relevant policies implementation which is done through two major institutions namely;

  1. ECOWAS Bank for Investment Development (EBID).
  2. ECOWAS Commission.

ECOWAS Structure and Decision-making procedures

ECOWAS consists of the Authority of Heads of State and Government, the Council of Ministers, the Community Tribunal, Community Court of Justice, the Executive Secretariat the ECOWAS Parliament, and the Specialised Commissions.

Conference of Heads of State and Government

The Authority of Heads of State and Government of Member States is the supreme institution of the Community and is composed of Heads of State and/or Government of Member States. The Authority is responsible for the general direction and control of the Community and take all measures to ensure its progressive development and the realization of its objectives.

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The Authority determines the general policy and major guidelines of the Community and gives directives. It harmonizes and co-ordinates the economic, scientific, technical, cultural and social policies of Member States; oversees the functioning of Community institutions and follow-up implementation of Community objectives; prepares and adopts its Rules of Procedure; appoints the Executive Secretary in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty;

appoints on the recommendation of Council, the External Auditors; delegates to the Council, where necessary, the authority to take such decisions as stipulated in the Treaty; refers where it deems necessary any matter to the Community Court of Justice when it confirms, that a Member State or institution of the Community has failed to honour any of its obligations or an institution of the Community has acted beyond the limits of its authority or has abused the powers conferred on it by the provisions of the Treaty, by a decision of the Authority or a regulation of the Council; requests the Community Court of Justice as, and when necessary, to give advisory opinion on any legal questions; and exercises any other powers conferred on it under the Treaty.

General Requirement for ECOWAS Recruitment

  1. If you want to apply then by a Nigerian Citizen
  2. No applicant is allowed to be below 25 years or more than 35 Years of Age to be eligible to apply
  3. Your Medical fitness certificate is required; get it from your state government or any approved health sector.
  4. An applicant with a mental disability is not accepted.
  5. If you have Sight Problem you are not allowed to apply for this recruitment
  6. If you apply as a deaf, your application when screened in real-time will be rejected
  7. You are expected to be free from all kinds of financial embarrassment.
  8. You need at least two passport photographs
  9. Applicants with WAEC/NECO certificates are permitted to apply
  10. Those applicants who have graduated from either the National Diploma or Higher National Diploma Course can apply as well.
  11. C, Ph.D., and degree holders are expected to apply alongside.

How to Apply for ECOWAS recruitment :

What are the functions of the ECOWAS?

The Economic Community of West African States’ functions is embedded in the fundamental principles of the community. These principles enshrined in the community doubles as a guide in dealing with member states. On this note, the principles include;

  1. To promote interdependence and equality between member states.
  2. To promote collective solidarity and self-reliance between member states.
  3. To promote between member states’ non-aggression.
  4. To promote harmonization of policies, interstate cooperation, and integration of programs among member states.
  5. To promote the peaceful settlement of disputes, a peaceful environment, and active co-operation among neighboring countries as a prerequisite for economic development.
  6. To maintain regional peace, security, and stability through the strengthening and promotion of neighborliness.
  7. To promote social justice, accountability, economic participation and popular participation in development among member countries.
  8. To recognize, protect, and promote human and people’s rights in full accordance with the African Charter on Human and People’s rights provisions among member states.
  9. To promote the just and equitable distribution of the cost and benefits of economic cooperation and integration among member states.
  10. To consolidate and promote a democratic system of government in every member state as stated in the Declaration of Political Principles adopted in Abuja on July 6, 1991.
  11. To promote the observance and recognition of the rules and regulation of the community among member states.

The deadline for ECOWAS registration.

The ECOWAS Recruitment/Registration closing date or deadline has yet to be announced. You will be informed once the deadline has been set.