EBSU School Fees 2023/2024| Freshers and Returning Students

EBSU School Fees: School fee payment is a very important factor in the university environment. When a student fails to pay the school fee, such a student is not allowed to sit for any examination.

Students are therefore advised to make their payment as soon as the school management publishes the school fees on their official site.

I will clearly give you the school fees paid by the students of the Ebonyi State University (EBSU) for all the EBSU courses.

If you are a fresher who just checked your name on the EBSU admission list or an aspirant who wants to know how much the students of EBSU pay per session, read on.

The management of EBSU has released the amount of school fees payable by the students for 2021/2022 academic session.

The tables below will give you a breakdown of the school fees for both indigenes and non-indigenes of EBSU.

EBSU School Fees 2023/2024 Session

Animal Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Agric Economics and Extension88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Soil Science and Environmental Management88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Fishery and Aqua Culture88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
English Language and Literature88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
History and International Relation88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Philosophy and Religion88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Language and Linguistic88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
School of Basic Medical Sciences88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Medicine and Surgery88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Applied Microbiology88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Applied Biology88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
School of Clinical Sciences88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Art and Social Education88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Business Education88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Educational Foundation88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Guidance and Counselling88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Home Economic Education88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Political Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Mass Communication88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Sociology and Anthropology88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Banking and Finance88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Business Management88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Public Administration88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Geology and Exploration88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Computer Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Industrial Chemistry88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Industrial Mathematics88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Medical Science and Laboratory88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Nursing Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000

Students are advised to make the payment on time and directly to the school portal. As a newly admitted student, be careful while making the payment.

Do not give your school fees to anybody for payment as there are fraudsters around the school environment.

Print the school fee receipt after making the payment. Make sure you keep it in a safe place because it will be needed before the registration of courses.

Complete List of Courses Offered in EBSU for 2022/2023 Session


EBSU Courses. We shall uncover all the courses offered by the Ebonyi State University as approved by the National University Commission, NUC on this page.

Are you interested in becoming a student of EBSU? If yes, read on to get the information you need about the EBSU admission.

Be we list the courses/programmes available in the Ebonyi State University, take a look at the EBSU cutoff mark and how to apply for EBSU Post Utme Form.

All the faculties and departments in EBSU, admission requirements, and JAMB subject combination for each course will be presented here.

Faculty of Administration

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Economics
  3. Mathematics
  4. Any Social Science Subject



Banking & Finance



Public Administration

Faculty of Agriculture

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics/Mathematics
  4. Biology




Food Science and Technology

Faculty of Arts

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Any three (3) relevant Art Subjects


English Language and Literature


History and International Relations




Religious Studies

Faculty of Basic Medicals

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Biology



Medical Laboratory Science


Faculty of Education

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. And Any three (3) relevant Art Subjects


Agricultural Education

Business Education

Building/Woodwork Technology Education

Education Administration and Planning

Education Biology

Education Chemistry

Education Computer Science

Education Economics

Education English

Educational Management

Education Mathematics

Education Religious Studies

Electrical & Electronic Technology Education

Education Physics

Guidance & Counseling

Health Education

Home Economics

Human Kinetics

Integrated Science

Mechanical Metal Work Technology Education

Social Studies

Faculty of Law

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Government
  3. Literature in English
  4. Any relevant Art or social science subject


Faculty of Medicine

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Biology


Medicine and Surgery

Faculty of Science

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Biology/Mathematics


Applied Biology

Applied Microbiology

Applied Statistics



Computer Science


Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Mathematics

Industrial Physics

Faculty of Social Sciences

JAMB (UTME) Subject Combination:

  1. Use of English.
  2. Any relevant three (3) Art Subjects



Mass Communication

Political Science


Sociology and Anthropology

Having seen the approved courses to be offered by Ebonyi State University, we wish you make it to the EBSU admission list.

Admission Requirements

Candidates are expected to have at least five credit passes in their relevant subjects including English Language and Mathematics.

For you to be considered for admission, you must make EBSU your first choice institution as the school does not offer admission to second choice candidates.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us about the EBSU school fees, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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