Easy way to Hide Last Active Time or Last Seen Facebook Chat

Do you know how to hide last active time or last seen on Facebook Chat? Facebook is the most popular platform for sharing photos, videos, stories, advertising, Marketplace, and chatting with family, friends, and beloved abroad. You can chat with your friends and users sending a text, photos, GIFs, voice messages, and video on Facebook Chat window or Facebook Messenger. Once you offline on Facebook and come online again then your users can see your last seen or active time stamp on the FB Chat window.

If someone sends you a message when you read it then the sender will receive seen status like “Seen icon with Time AM/PM”. It will reveal your availability on Facebook. So, if you want to hide this option from Facebook, then you have to remove Hide yourself from both Last Active & Last Seen timestamp.

What to do to hide Last Seen on Facebook?

There is no specific feature on Facebook to hide your from others except Turn off Chat function. But when you are doing so the message sender will get the Last seen timestamp for the sent text. We have found out some of the tricks for this for both smartphones and Desktop users. So here are how the tricks which enable you to seen FB Chat without appearing online or hide your last active or last seen timestamps

How to Hide Last Active & Last Seen Time on Facebook Chat

there is no in-built function available in the settings to hide last active or last seen status timestamp on Facebook. But we are going to use Extension/Add on for Chrome/Firefox web browsers and our Mobile device a free App. Let’s start with step by step way for all methods:

How to Hide Last Active Time or Last Seen on Facebook on Desktop

Here we will show you how to hide last seen or last active time on the Facebook chat window on your computer in the below-given ways. If you are using Extension or Add on for both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers:

Use Unseen-Chat Privacy on Google Chrome Extension 

If you want to add unseen chat privacy extension to your Chrome browser from the Google web tools in the following steps:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and click on Unseen Chat Privacy Extension to download  and install it
  2. Once the Installation finished than an Eye icon will get appear it the top right corner of your browser
  3. Go to the top right side and click on the Eye icon next to the URL bar to get more options
    1. Delivery Receipts Block option
    1. Block the Seen option
    1. To Block the Last active indicator
    1. Next Block Typing indicator and two more
  4. Just click to select all the Four Features as well as Last Active it will hide your Last seen time indicator on Facebook
  5. To this extension on your Facebook Messenger.com then click to select the Last option

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