Dog meat: Consumption rate and Health Benefits

About Dog meat

Dog meat is the tissues and other palatable parts got from dogs. By and large, human utilization of dog meat has been kept in many regions of the planet. Welcome to Ddomiscum. We are going to talk about Dog meats. During the nineteenth century toward the west development in the United States, mountain-men, local Americans, and the U.S. Armed force at times needed to support themselves on dog meats; first to be consumed would be the ponies, then the donkeys, and ultimately the dogs. In the 21st 100 years, dog meats is consumed in China, Nigeria, Switzerland, and Vietnam, and it is eaten or is lawful to be eaten in different nations all through the world. A few societies view the utilization of dog meat as a component of their customary, formal, or everyday cooking, and different societies consider utilization of dog meat an untouchable, even where it had been consumed before. Assessments likewise shift definitely across various areas inside various nations. It was assessed in 2014 that around the world, 27 million dogs are eaten every year by people.

Nigeria is country with third highest dog consumption rate in the world – Report

Numerous countries, including Nigeria, have a long history of dog-eating and consider it part of their culinary tradition.

Did you had at least some idea that South Korea, Vietnam and Nigeria are the main three nations with the most noteworthy dog utilization on the planet? These are the discoveries of a new report by Matthew Nash, a lead specialist of an inside and out Dog-Friendly Country Index, featuring the best and most awful country to claim a dog or be a dog in 2023.

Various nations, including Nigeria, have a long history of dog eating and think of it as a feature of their culinary custom.

In China, a few celebrations energize the utilization of dog meat.

These variables incorporate basic entitlements, pet-accommodating lodgings, veterinarian accessibility, creature assurance, chance of rabies, acknowledgment of creature awareness and creature friendship.

The countries sampled in the report titled ’51 Most & Least Dog-Friendly Countries in 2022,’ released on March 25, 2022, were selected based on available data.

Because many countries lack rudimentary information about treating animals, specifically dogs, the researchers used a mixed-methods approach.

Unfortunately, Nigeria was ranked number 45 out of the 51 countries on the list, earning 44.41.

On the other hand, countries like Italy, New Zealand, France, the U.K, and Germany were ranked as the top five friendliest countries for dogs, each scoring above three hundred points.

Worst countries for dog ownership

The best countries for dogs

Each of these countries demonstrated a commitment to legislation for protecting animals and a wide variety of factors that can prevent the risk of harm to your faithful companion. These countries scored well on factors such as low instances of rabies, available veterinary clinics and services, as well as pet-friendly accommodations, and they do not have a high prevalence of dog meats consumption.

The top 15 countries for dog ownership are:

  1. Italy (377.52)
  2. New Zealand (359.96)
  3. France (351.86)
  4. United Kingdom (339.15)
  5. Germany (330.99)
  6. Australia (321.51)
  7. Sweden (304.24)
  8. Spain (300.72)
  9. Austria (296.63)
  10. Poland (296.39)
  11. Denmark (294.70)
  12. Netherlands (289.09)
  13. United States (271.75)
  14. Switzerland (269.27)
  15. Romania (257.44)
dog meat
dog meat

Italy, New Zealand, and France rounded out the top 3 countries for their environment of care for animals. None of these countries have a recorded modern practice of dog consumption. All of them have high rates of veterinary care per capita, and all three countries have exceptional legislation for the protection of animals. 

The worst countries for dogs

Dogs destined for dog meats slaughterhouse in Vietnam

Based on our study, the top 10 worst countries for dog ownership are:

  1.  Vietnam (-49.98)
  2.  China (-41.23)
  3.  Azerbaijan (0.40)
  4.  Iran (0.45 points)
  5.  Belarus (32.42 points)
  6.  Indonesia (35.54 points)
  7.  Nigeria (44.41 points)
  8.  Algeria (51.26 points)
  9.  Philippines (62.16 points)
  10.  Ethiopia (75.06 points)
  11. Egypt (75.61)
  12. South Korea (76.40)
  13. Morocco (79.28)
  14. Niger (106.64)
  15. Myanmar (112.72)

All fifteen countries have a high risk for rabies infection (except for South Korea), lack comprehensive legislation for animal welfare, and have very few veterinarians per capita. Additionally, six of these countries have a current, documented practice of eating dog meats. While it may still be possible to have a happy, healthy pet dog within these countries, our findings indicate they are not ideal for the dogs themselves or the owners.

The researchers say all fifteen countries have a high risk for rabies infection (except for South Korea), lack comprehensive legislation for animal welfare, and have very few veterinarians per capita.

Additionally, six of these countries have a current, documented practice of eating dog meat. While it may still be possible to have a happy, healthy pet dog within these countries, their findings indicate they are not ideal for the dogs themselves or the owners.

Dog meat consumption in Nigeria

A significant disputable feature of this report is the high dog utilization rate in Nigeria. While Nigerians are no aliens to the fresh insight about dog eating in the country, it comes as a shock that it’s pervasive regardless of the endeavors of creature activists.

In July 2021, right around 18000 individuals marked an internet based appeal encouraging the Nigerian government and President Muhammadu Buhari to boycott the offer of dog meat in Nigeria.

Dog meat, prevalently called 404, is a delicacy savored the south-eastern piece of the country. In Akwa-Ibom and Cross River states, dog meat is frequently ready with ‘Kaikai’ (local gin) and Ntong (scent leaves) and sold at drinking joints.

Natasha Choolun, a UK-based global basic entitlements dissident, began the appeal in 2020.

The mission facilitated on is named “Stop Nigeria’s Barbaric Dog Meat Industry”.

Like nations like Niger, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Tanzania, Nigeria is accounted for to have not many veterinarians to regulate clinical medicines for dogs.

This acquired her the rating of 0.4 for veterinarians per capita, adversely influencing her impression of being a country that welcomes dogs.

13 Unknown Health Benefits of Dog Meat (Pros and Cons)

There are many health benefits of eating dog meat, but no many people know about it. Today, dog meat is still became pro and contra because some people won’t to consume it.

Behind that pro and cons, dog meat has many health benefits for our body. But not at all people know about that, so that it make people go far away from it.

Characteristics of dog meat

If you did not buy dog meat in its slaughterhouse, of course you have to know special tricks about differences between dog meat or not. These are tips that you can use for determining where dog meat and not :

  1. The colour is maroon. If you looked deeply, the colour of dog meat is as same as beef.
  2. Soft fiber. One of characteristics dog meat is it has soft fibers, it is not like beef that beef has big fibers.

Today, The health benefits of dog meats still controversial. Not only that, many people still feel taboo to consume it. But in Batak and Tapanuli people, dog meats and pork have been considered as commonly foods everyday and they can be found easily in there.

That is as same as in non Muslim majority societies. For Muslim majority societies, dog meat is became jamu or tongseng jamu. These are health benefits of eating dog meats :

  1. Increase Energy

One of health benefits that we ca be got from eat and consume dog meat is it can increase energy especially for man. This is caused high protein content in dog meats. High protein in dog meats can be useful for resurecting energy. Especially for man who do hardwork. This thing is not suprise, if dog meats was became as jamu of resurecting energy. The high chalories is believed that can increase man’s stamina. You may also read incredible ways to increase your stamina.

  • Prevent from weak and tire out

Proteins and chalories in dog meat is useful as source of energy. So that, a person who feel weak and tire out easily can consume this meat for his body healthiness.

  • Increase Blood Pressure

For a person who has low blood pressure, can increase his blood pressure with consume dog meat. Although it is looked like beef, dog meat has same function with goat meat. It can increase blood pressure. You may also read symptoms of low blood pressure.

  • Make Body Warm

When a person get cold, hewill feel cool in all of his body. The high chalories in dog meat can be useful for making his body become warm. This is caused by dog meat that its character is hot as same as goat meat.

  • Increase Libido

Dog satay and horse satay are believed that they can increase libido. At home, sometimes, libido will increase or decrease. For man who feel his libido less, he can consume jamu satay or tongseng jamu.

  • Making Bloodstream Fluently

Bloodstream that is not fluent, can make many diseases in our body. Because of that, we need to take care bloodstream. So we can use or consume jamu satay or tongseng jamu.

  • Repair Spinal Cord

Spinal cord is a very important organ for our body. If your spinal cord broke, it can cause your backbones disorder. For example, Backbones will be crooked. For repairing it, you can use dog meat because it contains high proteins. This proteins can build and repair worn out cells. 

  • Energy Source

High chalories in dog meats have benefits as energy source or backup energy. So a person who eat dog meats will not feel hungry and weak easily.

  • Repair Nutritions

Dog meat is believed to repair nutritions in our body. The reason is proteins and chalories in dog meat are higher than chicken meats or beef.

  1. Develop body’s tissues

High proteins in dog meats can be influence with body’s tissues development. So if you ate dog meast, you can make cells development or body’s tissues more blow up.

  1. Strengthen Immune Systems

Amino acids essential in dog meat is a kind of protein sources. That is useful for icreasing immune systems. You may also read health benefits of dark chocolate for immune system.

  1. Avoid from many infections

Amino acids essential in dog meats also have benefit in building up of antibody that can avoid many diseases like infections.

  1. Increase Erythrocyte

When you consume dog meats, erythrocytes will be increase. This is caused of iron in dog meats. The iron benefit is repairing erythrocytes, so that it can avoid anemia. For more information about anemia, you may also read anemia treatments, symptoms of anemia and health benefits of bathua leaves.

The Pros and Cons about Eating Dog Meats

As indicated by buyer guideline, each customer has right to get data about food sources and beverages that they are devouring. Shopper should get assurance from food varieties and beverages that can harm physic, mental and profound. So that, some division reprimanded guideline plan about dog exchanging.

Dog meat isn’t just circling in Jakarta, dog moving likewise far and wide in Central Java. Dog meat is accepted it has medical advantages like increment man imperativeness, mitigating and body hotter. In any case, each of that advantages doesn’t have science confirmations or it simply a legend. Though, assuming that you consume dog meat, it will gamble with your strength. Other than that, dog meat additionally can contaminate genuine sicknesses that can compromise your strength.

The Cautions of Eating Dog Meats

Dog meat has high proteins and low fats. Yet, in light of the examination, dog meat can be middle person of contamination sicknesses like cholera, trikinelosis and rabies. The terrible treatment of dog meat can make it hazardous for consuming. The butcher metode is different in each space. However, generally, dog meat is sell from rancher or take dog on street that it has chance of rabies.

The medical advantages of eating dog meat are enough questionable on the grounds that a few religions stay away from to consume this meat. So satisfy saw that it is only for references, it isn’t prescribe you to consume dog meat assuming there is a terrible impacts with sicknesses.

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