Hard and Soft Tokens: Everything you must know

Hard and Soft Tokens

Post Overview Learn about the advantages and disadvantages with both hard and soft tokens to make the best choice for your protection. In the modern cybersecurity environment, passwords alone are insufficient. Passwords are simply too easily leaked, stolen, or guessed. That’s why two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication are gaining popularity. Using multiple factors to authenticate a user’s … Read more

5 Amazing Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria (Apps and Providers)

Virtual Dollar Cards

When shopping online, whether it’s shopping on some of the cheapest shopping websites, or the best shopping websites for clothes, after adding products to your shopping cart and proceeding to place an order, there’ll always be an issue with our payments because our debit card has been declined. And this often happens when we shop on foreign … Read more

Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal: How to perform it

Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal

Overview One of the features of Fidelity bank Digital banking is Cardless withdrawal, getting cash from ATM Without Naira debit Card. Customers only need to generate token from their registered mobile phone with the bank The cardless cash service is easy, seamless, and secure. To withdraw cash without using your debit card. The processes steps … Read more