Charity Foundation : List of Top Charity Organizations in Nigeria

charity foundation

With approximately 210 million people, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. Many of these people, however, experience hardship as a result of high poverty rates, limited employment, and social and political turbulence. Fortunately, charities are stepping in to compensate for the government’s lack of services and social protection for its inhabitants. In this post, we … Read more

List of States with Sharia Law in Nigeria

Sharia Law

Sharia Law States in Nigeria In this article, we will updating our readers with states in Nigeria with sharia law. Nigeria though a secular state has sharia law inculcated in its constitution and judicial system. A development which many critics has frowned at and described as violation of article 10 of Nigerian’s constitution which upholds … Read more

7 Interesting Facts about Third Mainland Bridge

Third Mainland Bridge

The longest bridge in West Africa, the Third Mainland Bridge, has many mysteries you don’t know yet. This article highlights the top interesting facts about the bridge. Third Mainland Bridge – An Introduction Being a seaside city, Lagos has some breathtaking designing designs that assist with making transportation more straightforward. One such design is the … Read more

10 Strongest Currencies In Africa (2022)

currencies in africa

Strongest Currencies In Africa: Despite the huge deposits of different natural cum human resources all over Africa, the continent remains the headquarter of poverty in the world. Most US and European aids end up in Africa. This keeps one wondering how the economy of African countries are faring. This post will contain African countries with … Read more

Geopolitical zones in Nigeria and their states

Geopolitical zones

Geopolitical zones The Federal Republic of Nigeria is divided into six geopolitical zones, commonly just called zones. They are a type of administrative division grouping the country’s states, created during the regime of president General Sani Abacha. Nigerian economic, political, and educational resources are often shared across the zones. See: How to Register for APC Membership The six zones were not entirely carved … Read more

List of Top 15 Insurance Companies in Nigeria you need to know

Insurance companies are companies that assist with safeguarding individuals’ cash and properties from unexpected occasions. In Nigeria, there are numerous Insurance companies that people can apply, and get their cash and properties. Since no one can foresee the future, Insurance helps and fill in as a gatekeeper for people and their companies against inescapable risks. … Read more

Motor Insurance Policy Terms In Nigeria

Do you wanna know some certain terms in your insurance policy document, be it motor insurance policy document or others are determinant factors as to if your claim will be paid or not. This post will highlight only four of such. Continue reading You have a Comprehensive Motor Policy and are so proud of yourself. … Read more